Sporadic everything update

Now that I’m not following the seasonal format anymore, time to dump all those movies I watched in theatre but couldn’t write about because the posts hadn’t caught up v:

Sporadic everything update

I realized I might as well talk about non-anime things here too 🤔 (by talking about recent games I can show that I’m not 2.5 years behind on EVERYTHING)

This will probably be the end of the seasonal format too (it’s clearly not working as far as catching up goes). Honestly I give up lol… it’ll be harder to organize, but for the sake of my Saitou Souma backlog, I’m just going to watch things in whatever order from now on.

The last post was in June, meaning that this one was written over the course of 9 months and there’s probably some outdated stuff I missed when doing the final pass. Honestly I’m just eager to finally be able to hit the Publish button on this post…

[Translation] FFXIV Yoshida Uncensored #107

Moved this post ahead since this week’s Famitsu contains an important announcement: Yoshida’s Famitsu column will be ending soon (around #139, I believe), because he has too much work and doesn’t have time to write it anymore. I’ll still translate all of them, of course! But it’ll be a shame to see the column go… (Understandable, though. Yoshida’s time must be extremely valuable at this point)

As for what comes next… well, I have 32 columns to think about it lol.

[Translation] FFXIV Yoshida Uncensored #105

In recent news, I’ve opened up a CuriousCat: https://curiouscat.me/Shini-tan
For the unaware, this is an anonymous Q&A platform. Feel free to ask anything, whether it be about translations, games, or anything else! I will try my best to answer all non-troll questions.

I feel like I had something else to announce here, but I can’t remember… hmm… oh well. Hopefully I can knock out a couple more posts before Shadowbringers drops (but no guarantees since I have to prep for AX).

(This column is not FFXIV-related. I’m starting to think that the non-related columns are going to outnumber the related columns soon)

Sporadic anime update

This was originally the Summer 2017 anime post, but it was way too embarrassing to post as-is, so I changed the title… I think this will be the norm from now on, because even writing the year is embarrassing… さすがに恥ずかしいよ…っていうかやっぱ投稿したくないよwww OTL

According to the notes I wrote for this post, I set a personal deadline to post this by the end of 2018. …Yeah.

For the record, not EVERYTHING was super late. The movies were watched in theatres and I think about half of these were at least watched within a year of airing. I realize I’m not making the best case for myself… (I had also totally postponed all of the 2-cour shows to the Fall 2017 post because I have no shame). But I guess if I watch some (even) older stuff too, I can get away with just making this a general “anime I watched” post instead of a seasonal. Although lowkey it’s kind of sad whenever I don’t recognize any recent song in AMQ u_u

The past couple of posts have been personal stuff, so I guess I’ll get some translations ready for next time? 🤔

…Wait, this is my personal blog, right? (I bet my friends wish I’d ramble here more often instead of spamming them with messages)

International Fan Festival Toronto 2019

For those who are unaware, IFFT is a new anime convention that ran for the first time this year (with a previous IFF event in Osaka) and completely upstaged Anime North as far as the more “hardcore” crowd goes. Now, I’ve never actually attended AN despite it being the local con… I went to offkais outside of it, but I’ve never purchased a pass or gone inside the actual venue, because there wasn’t enough incentive to. A few of the iM@S seiyuu guests were tempting, but still didn’t push me to drive alllll the way to the venue (which isn’t even in Toronto) and buy a pass for just one thing.

Meanwhile, IFFT’s Japanese guest list was: Kawasumi Ayako, Ueda Kana, Shitaya Noriko, Sugiyama Noriaki. TAM and Akai Ryuusei. DJ Kazu. Suzuki Konomi. NAKAJIMA MEGUMI!
I didn’t go to AX the year that Mamegu was there… so the moment they announced her, I knew I was going to do whatever it took to get those concert seats–and that ended up being the platinum pass at $400, which sounds like a lot at first, but it’s in CAD and it’s way cheaper than AX premier. It also ended up providing a LOT of value, but I’ll get into that later because I should probably talk about the actual events first.

Uh… I guess I will put the summary tag here lol, before I end up with a wall of text on the blog homepage.