428: Shibuya Scramble – Quiz Answers, Special Episodes, Mean Clean, and Conspiracy Scenarios

As this is post-game content, there will be no spoiler tags.

For some reason this still doesn’t exist on the internet yet for the English release, so for the sake of saving people a lot of effort, here is how to get those elusive last trophies. This assumes you’ve already gotten both the white bookmark (Normal End, 50+ bad endings seen) and the black bookmark (True End), which each unlock a bonus scenario.

The Mean Clean story is available after completing both Suzune and Canaan’s episodes. You must go to each of the following scenes and access the episodes via Tips:

  1. 15:30 Achi – That Guy. The new Tip is “shirt” at the scene with Canaan. Jump to “fellow”.
  2. 16:00 Maria – Taken By the Man with the Cane. The new Tip is “scene of the explosion”. Jump to “other individuals”.
  3. 16:40 Kano – To Nanpeidai. The new Tip is “South Hill”. Jump to “Mean Clean”.
  4. 16:40 Osawa – Pretty Honey’s Response. The new Tip is “mystery”. Jump to “these guys”.
  5. 17:05 Achi – To Endo Electronics. The new Tip is “side of the road”. Jump to “Mean Clean”.

Bonus Content – Quiz answers:

  1. 100
  2. Mii-chan
  3. 5000 yen
  4. Extreme
  5. Bombay
  6. Yamato Health Foods
  7. Au Revoir
  8. Pandemic
  9. Bomb and Arson Squad
  10. Canaan
  11. Side-channel

Special Episode 1-11 are unlocked via the quiz. The rest of them are unlocked using the hints gained from 1-11. This is for the PS4 version; I’m not quite sure what the controls are on PC but you can probably figure it out :) Basically at the noted scenes, the camera pans very slowly and eventually reveals the key combination.

  • 12:00 Minorikawa – Surveillance Cameras. Input →O→→O→ at “I realize I probably got you a bit riled up.”
  • 12:30 Osawa – Frustrations. Input →→→OO→ at “Oh my. Is that really all you have to say, sir?”
  • 12:35 Osawa – A Father Asking for Help. Select answer A, then go to 12:40 Kano – Pincer Attack. Input →→OOO→ at “Wait up!” Make sure to go back to Osawa and change the answer back to B after reading the episode.
  • 13:40 Maria – What to Do with the Cat Suit? Select answer A, then go to 13:50 Achi – Kenji Osawa / Cat. Input →OOO→O at “The cat had both hands stuffed into its pockets […]” Make sure to go back to Maria and change the answer back to B after reading the episode.
  • 14:00 Maria – Getting Rid of the Suit. Input →OOO→→ at “But as I walk along, I start regretting my decision.”
  • 14:20 Kano – The Syndicate’s Goals. Select answer A, then go to 14:20 Osawa – Detective. Input →O→OOO at “Osawa imagined bodies dropping left and right.” Make sure to go back to Kano and change the answer back to C after reading the episode.
  • 14:30 Maria – Some New Pick-up Trick? Select answer B, then go to 14:35 Achi – Losing Sight of Hitomi. Input →→OO→O at “Two guys bullying some frail old man?” Make sure to go back to Maria and change the answer back to A after reading the episode.
  • 15:00 Minorikawa – Should I Tell Them? Select answer B, then go to 15:05 Achi – To the Surveillance Room. Input →O→→OO at “Rather than head directly for the surveillance building […]” Make sure to go back to Minorikawa and change the answer back to A after reading the episode.
  • 15:25 Kano – Hit Me. Input →→O→→O at “Kano could sense the truth of Stanley’s words.”
  • 16:05 Minorikawa – The Stumbling Man. Input →O→OO→ at “If you’re heading to that publishing office again […]”
  • Suzune – Input →OO→→O at “Do you…mind if I ask you your name?”

After reading all special episodes (and obtaining all bad ends in the main game), you obtain the Golden Bookmark which unlocks another hidden scene.

  • 17:35 Minorikawa – A Common Name 2. Select answer B, and then wait for a while without pressing anything. After a while, you’ll hear a voice. When he tells you to “turn the dial”, rotate the right analog stick continuously and you should see a static effect on the screen – keep going until he tells you it’s done. This takes you to the Conspiracy scenario.
  • Go to the last chapter of the Mean Clean story (via 17:05 Achi – Pulling Over). Go to the very last page and you’ll see that the message from Hechimarl has changed. As the capitalized words suggest, input →←↑↓ and you’ll be taken to the True Conspiracy scenario.

11 thoughts on “428: Shibuya Scramble – Quiz Answers, Special Episodes, Mean Clean, and Conspiracy Scenarios

    • Sorry, I have no idea. Assuming he tells you the same thing, maybe spam arrow keys or move the mouse around? It’s kind of finicky even on PS4; make sure you don’t progress the story text further or wait too long before you start turning.

    • Someone on steam forum mentioned that for keyboard user, you can use your mouse scroll wheel.

      But I haven’t tested it myself, I use controller.

  1. I got an achievement for unlocking all 22 Special Episodes. I did Mean Clean, Suzune, and Canaan’s Bonus Episodes, but I can’t seem to get the Golden Bookmark and the Conspiracy scenario isn’t working.

    Any thoughts?

    • According to JP guide, you need to see all 85 bad endings as well. Sorry, I did those as part of my main playthrough so I didn’t realize it was a requirement.

  2. Hello,
    I made true end, the 85 bad endings and the suzune and caanan scenari, but still impossible to make mean clean…. what to do?

    • Are the new tips not showing up at all? The first one is quite a while into the scene (make sure you’re doing them in order). Otherwise I’m not sure; the only prerequisites should be Canaan + Suzune episodes.

      • No new tips at all….
        I’ll try to jump to achi with suzune and jump back to suzune in the same raw, same for canaan.
        Will see after…

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