New theme

I changed the theme because I wanted a wider post area. Still keeping it as simple as I can. I think some weird stuff happened to the previous posts though. Most noticeably, the asides now stand out much more than the normal posts… I don’t really get it but whatever. It also changed my spoiler headers into SUPER SERIOUS ALL CAPS.

No, you don’t deserve a search bar. Google knows everything.


I swear GameGuard, the next time you crash 10 of my drivers when I start up PSO2 I’m going to… uh… be very angry… again… yeah.

Kantoku Calendar 2013

The Kantoku Calendar 2013 arrived on the same day as the Shana stuff but I don’t have a scanner or anything (it’s also really big). I’m hesitant to actually take it out of the packaging because I don’t want to damage the pretty pictures :(

The art is gorgeous (it is Kantoku after all) but I haven’t found any scans aside from this pool: (only has 3 pages)