Work in progress for obvious reasons.

Updating this post as I listen to stuff……
(up to six albums now)

Love Live!

Various personal rankings. I just want to put them somewhere, that’s all :v

Updated 16/10/2013 with Please & Secret single (Pile & AINA)
Updated 23/10/2013 with Puwapuwa-o! (Printemps)
Updated 25/10/2013 with Music S.T.A.R.T!! / LOVELESS WORLD and new cards
Updated 29/01/2014 with Takaramonozu / Paradise Live and new cards

Reitaisai 10

Personal list of stuff I have to check out. I don’t think there’ll be anything more than this since Syrufit is still KIA :(

Anione March 2013 top 100 anime songs

Anione poll sizes are limited to 50 entries, so this is split into two groups. Group A = #1 – 50, Group B = #51 – 100. After each ranking, the bottom 10 from Group A switch places with the top 10 from Group B, and the bottom 10 from Group B are removed and replaced with 10 other songs.

Random CDs from Mandarake

Filling in a few gaps in my collection.

– Most of what I wanted was in stock
– Mandarake undervalues customs declarations and marks as gift

– Customs held my package for more than two weeks
– When I left the post office, there was freezing rain and I had to walk home (this isn’t Mandarake’s fault; I just want to complain somewhere)