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This was originally the Summer 2017 anime post, but it was way too embarrassing to post as-is, so I changed the title… I think this will be the norm from now on, because even writing the year is embarrassing… さすがに恥ずかしいよ…っていうかやっぱ投稿したくないよwww OTL

According to the notes I wrote for this post, I set a personal deadline to post this by the end of 2018. …Yeah.

For the record, not EVERYTHING was super late. The movies were watched in theatres and I think about half of these were at least watched within a year of airing. I realize I’m not making the best case for myself… (I had also totally postponed all of the 2-cour shows to the Fall 2017 post because I have no shame). But I guess if I watch some (even) older stuff too, I can get away with just making this a general “anime I watched” post instead of a seasonal. Although lowkey it’s kind of sad whenever I don’t recognize any recent song in AMQ u_u

The past couple of posts have been personal stuff, so I guess I’ll get some translations ready for next time? 🤔

…Wait, this is my personal blog, right? (I bet my friends wish I’d ramble here more often instead of spamming them with messages)

Summer 2017 things

(oh god why)

No Game No Life Zero – 8/10
Definitely a great movie, hence why I paid to watch it twice (once in Japan and once in NA). Those feels ;_;

NEW GAME!! – 7.5/10
Always fun times with the NG cast; too bad the new characters were pretty annoying :| I know someone out there has said this before (in a more relevant timeframe than me) but it was such a missed opportunity not calling this NEW GAME+ Aoba > Kou > Hifumi > Yun > Umiko > Shizuku > Rin > Christina > Nene > Hotaru > Hajime > Tsubame > Momiji

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection – 7.5/10
Definitely missed OG Nanoha. Now to wait for part 2… Fate > Nanoha > Amita > Levi > Hayate > Signum > Vita > Kyrie > Reinforce Zwei > Shamal > Iris > Dearche > Stern

Kakegurui – 7.5/10
This show kind of weirded me out because for some reason the Hayamin kurokami wasn’t my favourite character. Sadistic Minyami is too strong. She’s actually amazing. Gotta love that D-selections, too. Anyway it was a pretty fun show. Needed more Yumeko and Mary tag team. It looks like S2 was Winter 2019, so I guess it’ll be 2020 before I get around to it… Mary > Yumeko > Kirari > Itsuki > Sayaka > Yuriko > Runa > Yumemi > Midari

Tsurezure Children – 7.5/10
Pretty cute show. It did manage to make me laugh out loud a few times, which is pretty rare for anime. It feels kind of weird to do character rankings for this show so I’ll do pairings/groups instead: Jun/Yuki/Hotaru > Masafumi/Ryouko > Takeru/Ayaka > Chiaki/Kana > Takurou/Chizuru > Haruhiko/Saki > Hideki/Satsuki/Yuuki/Kaoru > Shinichi/Kazuko > Takao/Chiyo (wow it is so hard to keep all of these names in check)

Made in Abyss – 7.5/10
This was certainly a good show, but I think I had the same issue with it as I did with Shinsekai Yori–I’m waaay too squeamish for the grisly parts lol. I enjoyed the more SoL stuff a lot though, and I liked the characters overall.

Isekai Shokudou – 7/10
Nice chill food show. Godly OP; one of my favourite WUG songs. I remember being hesitant when they announced the WUG x May’n collab, but all of their songs were legit amazing. Anyway Kuro is p cute. (Looking over this post-WUG disbanding announcement… RIP. Still one of the best collabs ever, and May’n’s performance at AWM brought tears to my eyes.)

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e – 7/10
This was actually a bit more serious than what I was expecting. It wasn’t bad but I ended up being kind of disappointed at the end because there were so many unresolved plot points. And I’ve never liked monotone characters much so the MC was just dull, no matter how much mystery there was behind him. But, I did like that there were actual mind games going on. Suzune > Chabashira > Honami > Sakayanagi > Kei > Airi > Kikyou > Ibuki

Conbini Kareshi – 6/10
I wouldn’t recommend this show to anyone but well, you know how it is. Sometimes it’s 2018 (sorry, 2017) and you just wanna see a tsundere Kugyuu for old time’s sake. Meanwhile Towa’s voice was so grating that I thought it was a new seiyuu but then it was actually Suzumura Kenichi :| (It wasn’t really a bad show, just not particularly interesting. Also it’s really not as trashy as the title sounds lmao)

Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka? – 6/10
Ok so it is no real secret that I didn’t really like this movie. Perhaps it was my fault for having high expectations (SHAFT + Monogatari staff + seishun romance + mini-Senjougahara) but man this movie was way more lifeless than it should have been. The timeline gimmick was boring, the MC was frustrating, and I’m writing this 7 months after watching it and I STILL remember how terrible that one CGI scene with the bicycles looked. Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t a waste of time, but unlike NGNL, I definitely passed on watching it a second time when it came to theatres here lol. HOWEVER I will say that there is one really good thing about this movie and that is the ED song by DAOKO and Yonezu Kenshi. I could listen to Uchiage Hanabi all day.

Battle Girl High School – 6/10
Why do I keep watching mobage anime????? *sigh*

Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi – 6/10
Missed opportunity… I was excited for more Jigoku Shoujo since I recalled s2-3 being pretty good, but even putting aside the 6 reused episodes, most of the new ones weren’t that good… And what was even the point of adding a new Jigoku Shoujo at the end? Everyone only watches this for Enma Ai anyway…

GAMERS! – 6/10
Up until ep.5 I was ready to give this a 4/10 and was questioning why people watch this trash, but episodes 6+ were actually pretty decent and I think I am OK giving this a 6. Aguri > Konoha > Karen > Chiaki

Best OPs:

Wake Up, May’n! – One in a Billion (Isekai Shokudou)

Best EDs:

D-selections – LAYon-theLINE (Kakegurui)
DAOKO x Yonezu Kenshi – Uchiage Hanabi
Suzuki Konomi – THERE IS A REASON (NGNL)

Favourite characters: Fate (Nanoha), Aoba (NG), Mary (Kakegurui), Reg/Nanachi/Jiruo (MiA), Riku (NGNL)

Older stuff:

Kill la Kill – 6.5/10
I tried to watch this some years ago and dropped it within 10 mins… got persuaded to give it a real chance and as expected, I still didn’t like it much. Maybe because I didn’t really care about any of the main cast? The only character I particularly liked was Sanageyama. The best part of the show was the GARNiDELiA song. I guess being a huge TTGL fan doesn’t mean I’d like KLK. Of course, I watched the entire thing anyway because I’m a masochist like that.

This is probably the part where new readers realize my taste is shit and leave :v

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