Winter 2015 watches

Btw I don’t know what happened to the uploader for the magazine that Taiyou is published in. No raws means no releases.


So… now that there’s more information on this show, I’m actually pretty hyped.

– Ueda Reina (no major roles)
WUG-chan Tanaka Minami
WUG-chan Okuno Kaya
– Ootsubo Yuka (Yuruyuri Toshinou Kyouko, I-1 Iwasaki Shiho, etc)
– Numakura Manami (iM@S Ganaha Hibiki, Aikatsu! Toudou Yurika, etc)

^ Idols! Though to be honest I’m not that fond of the character designs. The Kayatan-voiced Yaya has potential, though. Hana looks like she might be annoying, but I’m pretty sure I’ll overlook everything just because of Minyami.

Plot: Boring-as-bricks girl meets a fairy and gets drawn into the world of yosakoi dance… uh… yeah. But look at the PV!

Band scenes!! As well as yukata dancing, nice sakuga, and a nice song too. The director is the same director as NGNL and Sakurasou, and the scriptwriter has done so for a ton of shows including Keion and NNB.

Lastly BanNam is releasing a Vita rhythm game! Rhythm game = must have lots of songs = lots more Minyami and Kayatan! Scamco knows how to take my money.

Summer 2014 watches

I was going to make it even more abridged but there are genuinely a lot of shows I will watch :s