So… now that there’s more information on this show, I’m actually pretty hyped.

– Ueda Reina (no major roles)
WUG-chan Tanaka Minami
WUG-chan Okuno Kaya
– Ootsubo Yuka (Yuruyuri Toshinou Kyouko, I-1 Iwasaki Shiho, etc)
– Numakura Manami (iM@S Ganaha Hibiki, Aikatsu! Toudou Yurika, etc)

^ Idols! Though to be honest I’m not that fond of the character designs. The Kayatan-voiced Yaya has potential, though. Hana looks like she might be annoying, but I’m pretty sure I’ll overlook everything just because of Minyami.

Plot: Boring-as-bricks girl meets a fairy and gets drawn into the world of yosakoi dance… uh… yeah. But look at the PV!

Band scenes!! As well as yukata dancing, nice sakuga, and a nice song too. The director is the same director as NGNL and Sakurasou, and the scriptwriter has done so for a ton of shows including Keion and NNB.

Lastly BanNam is releasing a Vita rhythm game! Rhythm game = must have lots of songs = lots more Minyami and Kayatan! Scamco knows how to take my money.