Winter 2014 idol anime – final week [mild spoilers]

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Wake Up, Girls! – Episode 12

I think this ended in pretty much the best way possible, and Yoppii definitely jumped up in my rankings (no pun intended). I’m really glad they didn’t try to perform a song called “7 Girls War” with only 6 people w. The sakuga was ok too. Even though WUG’s animation quality was derpy at times, I think the story was great and had a lot of heartwarming moments. It also has the highest ratio of likeable characters in any idol show I’ve watched w. I really hope the BDs sell well enough for a second season!! ;_;

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Aikatsu! – Episode 75-76

O_O These plot developments! This is way more exciting than any of the Dream Academy stuff www. Don’t know what I can say without spoiling it… I couldn’t even find a relevant picture that wasn’t spoilery. I have to admit that I was getting really tired of the DA stuff, but the events in these two episodes have renewed my faith in the series (while having no DA content :v). Starlight is best!!!!!

(I’m glad that even though they could’ve just copied over an Ichigo live from the first season, they made a lot of changes to it.)

Next season will have Love Live S2 and Locadol in addition to Aikatsu for idol anime. It feels kinda short when it’s only a few series though… I may expand the post to include magical girls too w. In that case Magica Wars and maybe Hapipre will be added.

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