Winter 2014 idol anime – week 10 [mild spoilers]

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Wake Up, Girls! – Episode 10

Another new song! The sakuga was lame, but in a way it’s better to have decent stills than constant awkward animation… and after rewatching the scene I do think the important bits were fine. I’m not going to complain because at least it’s not a flashback slideshow like certain lives in other shows. Also, between the enthused wota and Minyami’s family, WUG’s fans are just amusingly cute w. And the reactions to the results were hilarious.

Now that everyone’s personal drama is taken care of, it’s time for a showdown with I-1! Yeah!!

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Aikatsu! – Episode 73

I think that appeal was the same as DA’s <.<; I don't remember which other episode they used that song in, but I don't really like it :( Also I am so glad Starlight won for once, instead of it being another stupid tie. I want to see Yurika perform Glass Doll again…

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