FFXIV titles JP vs EN [Updated for 4.11]

This is a reference chart for personal use so that I can stop having to cross-reference wikis/xivdb. There’s a JP site with something similar but it’s missing the comparisons from the most recent patches so… I guess I’ll just maintain my own. Titles that vary between languages are bolded. Basically I don’t think anyone else will gain anything from this but whatever :v

Last updated: Patch 4.01 + 4.05 + 4.1 + 4.11

Added in 4.0 ~ 4.11:

Japanese English Achievement
Adversary Adversary 踏み出す一歩 / Put Your Wings Up
Canal Dweller Canal Dweller ウズネアカナルに侵入せし者:ランク4 / Raider of the Lost Canals IV
Canal Lord Canal Lord ウズネアカナルの覇者:ランク4 / The Deep End IV
Canal Raider Canal Raider ウズネアカナルに侵入せし者:ランク1 / Raider of the Lost Canals I
Confederate Confederate ひとときの凪 / Unexplained
Crimson Explorer Crimson Explorer 紅蓮の熟練探検家 / Oh, The Sights We’ll See II
Deep Canal Dweller Deep Canal Dweller ウズネアカナル深層に侵入せし者:ランク4 / Raider of the Hidden Canals IV
Deep Canal Raider Deep Canal Raider ウズネアカナル深層に侵入せし者:ランク1 / Raider of the Hidden Canals I
Deltascape Deleter Deltascape Deleter 被検世界デルタ / Delta Force
Eorzean Ninja Eorzean Ninja 西方の忍び / Against The Ninja III
Gembreaker Gembreaker 魔石の魔道士 / Back In Black III
God of Magic God Of Magic 魔に選ばれし者 / Mastering Magic III
God of the Hand God Of The Hand 職人魂を磨きし冒険者 / Mastering The Hand III
God of the Land God Of The Land 東方の恵みを我が身に / Mastering The Land III
God of War God Of War 武に選ばれし者 / Mastering War III
Ijin Traveler Ijin Traveler 再会と旅立ち / Destination Unknown
Keeper of the Lilacs Keeper Of The Lilacs 継承の学者 / Flying Colors III
Loved by the Axe Loved By The Axe 純愛の戦士 / I Am The Warrior III
Lucky Lord The Luckiest Of Lords ウズネアカナル深層の覇者:ランク4 / The Deeper End IV
Lyse’s Right Fist Lyse’s Right Fist 拳交えて / Cheek To Cheek
Naago’s Friend Naago’s Friend メ・ナーゴ:ランク5 / Satisfaction Guaranteed: M’naago V
Naago’s Partner Naago’s Partner メ・ナーゴの得意先:ランク6 / The Customer is Always Right: M’naago VI
of the Eastern Skies Of The Eastern Skies 天地の占星術師 / The Stars In Our Faults III
of the Endless Hunt Of The Endless Hunt 難物殺し:ランク6 / Bring Your A Game VI
of the Longest Hunt Of The Longest Hunt 難物殺し:ランク5 / Bring Your A Game V
of the Swirling Abyss Of The Swirling Abyss 霧の暗黒騎士 / A Dark Day’s Knight III
of the True Autumn Of The True Autumn 紅葉の吟遊詩人 / A Bard’s Tale III
Padjali Protector Padjal Protector 鎮守の魔道士 / Seeing White III
Raubahn’s Left Arm Raubahn’s Left Arm 英雄の帰還 / More Heroes
Steppe Warrior Steppe Warrior その赤に祈りをこめて / Crimson Footprints
Survivor of the Song Survivor Of The Song 大洋を征く / Incidentally Speaking
the Blood Dragoon The Blood Dragoon 紅の竜騎士 / Dragoon Age III
the Blue Of The Blue 宝探衆の縁者 / Divinity: Original Kojin
the First Caller The First Caller 最強の召喚士 / Soul Summoner III
the Fistful The Fistful 再興の闘士 / Bulletproof III
the Legend The Legend 絶バハムートを狩りし者 / Resistance Is Futile
the Liberator The Liberator 紅蓮のリベレーター / The Measure Of His Reach
the Musketeer The Howler 銃士の機工士 / I’m A Machinist, Not A Man III
the Muso Muso 赤誠の侍 / SAM I Am II
the Necromancer The Necromancer 孤独なる挑戦者:ランク3 / Pal-less Palace III
the Red The Red 紅蓮の魔道士 / Red On Arrival II
the Returned The Returned 別れと帰還 / Catch Me If You Can
Thrillseeker Thrillseeker 超大物殺し:ランク5 / Bring Your S Game V
Ul Cup Champion Ul Cup Champion 自由の騎士 / Like A Knight In Shining Armor III
Ultimate Thrillseeker Ultimate Thrillseeker 超大物殺し:ランク6 / Bring Your S Game VI

Added in 3.0 ~ 3.5:

Japanese English Achievement
Allthoughts Allthoughts 機工城の律動 / The Midas Touch
Amasser of Masterpieces Amasser of Masterpieces 蒐集品の採集者:ランク3 / I Collected That III
Annihilator Annihilator 漆黒の魔道士 / Back in Black II
Aquapolis Dweller Polis Dweller アクアポリスに侵入せし者:ランク4 / Life Aquatic IV
Aquapolis Raider Polis Raider アクアポリスに侵入せし者:ランク1 / Life Aquatic I
Ascalon Breaker The End of Ascalon 蒼天のイシュガルド / Looking Up
BARAGO Barago 漆黒 / Echoes Of Undying Twilight
Blackblood Blackblood 深淵の暗黒騎士 / A Dark Day’s Knight II
Blue hands Quencher Illuminati Quencher 機工城の起動 / Awake the Metal
Bronze Wolf Bronze Wolf 饗宴の一匹狼:ブロンズ / Dining Solo: Bronze
Business Associate Business Associate ロウェナ商会の取引先:ランク3 / I Traded That III
Carrier of the Kettle Carrier of the Kettle 嗚呼という間にすぐに沸く / A Watched Pot
Consulting Associate Of The Holy Body 聖アンダリム神学院記:第3章 / Back To School III
Corpse Dancer Corpse Dancer 死者とともに眠れ / Dead Tired
DAN Dan 白夜 / Echoes Of The White Night
Dark Knight Dark Driver 暗黒騎士出陣:ランク1 / A Tankless Job I (Dark Knight)
Diamond Wolf Diamond Wolf 饗宴の一匹狼:ダイヤモンド / Dining Solo: Diamond
Dreadspawn Dreadspawn 龍神の召喚士 / Soul Summoner II
Finder of False Gods Finder of False Gods 三闘神の呼び声 / The War Still Wageth On
GARO Garo 金狼 / Echoes Of The Golden Wolf
Gigi’s Best Friend Gigi’s Best Friend 毎日がお宝 / That Is What You Are
Gold Wolf Gold Wolf 饗宴の一匹狼:ゴールド / Dining Solo: Gold
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan 通りすがりの聖者様:ランク5 / The Kindness of Strangers V
Grandmaster of Magic Grandmaster of Magic 魔を究めし者 / Mastering Magic II
Grandmaster of the Hand Grandmaster of the Hand 職人魂を持つ冒険者 / Mastering the Hand II
Grandmaster of the Land Grandmaster of the Land 天の恵みを我が身に / Mastering the Land II
Grandmaster of War Grandmaster of War 武を究めし者 / Mastering War II
Gridanian Chaser Serpent Chaser 双蛇の狼:ランク6 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Twin Adder VI
Halone’s Saint Halone’s Cup Bearer チャンスメーカー:ランク5 / How Can I Help V
Hard Puncher Mortal Fist ハードパンチャー:ランク2 / Mama Said Knock You Out II
House Fortemps Knight House Fortemps Knight 光と闇の境界 / So It Goes
Hungry Wolf Hungry Wolf 饗宴の主賓 / A Clean Plate
Imperial Nuisance Imperial Nuisance 己が信念を胸に / The Faith that Drives Us
Keeper of Knowledge Keeper of Knowledge シールロックの情報屋:ランク4 / Hounding the Rock IV
Khloe’s Best Friend Khloe’s Best Friend クロの仕事仲間:ランク7 / And Khloe Was Her Name-o VII
Khloe’s Friend Khloe’s Friend クロの仕事仲間:ランク2 / And Khloe Was Her Name-o II
KIBA Kiba 暗黒 / Echoes Of Darkness
Liberator Liberator 気鋭の機工士 / I’m a Machinist, Not a Man II
Lighter than Air Lighter than Air 空飛ぶ相棒 / Walking on Sunshine
Lominsan Chaser Storm Chaser 黒渦の狼:ランク6 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Maelstrom VI
Lonely Explorer Lonely Explorer 孤独なる挑戦者:ランク2 / Pal-less Palace II
Lord (Lady) of Verminion Lord (Lady) of Verminion ロード・オブ・ヴァーミニオン:ランク4 / A Load of Verminion IV
Lucky Person The Lucky 埋もれた財宝:ランク3 / For The Hoard III
Makai Astrologian Makai Astrologian 魔戒導師・星 / Echoes Of The Makai Star
Makai Bard Makai Bard 魔戒弓師・射 / Echoes Of The Makai Bow
Makai Black Mage Makai Black Mage 魔戒法師・闇 / Echoes Of The Makai Dark
Makai Machinist Makai Machinist 魔戒弓師・撃 / Echoes Of The Makai Arm
Makai Monk Makai Monk 魔戒闘師・拳 / Echoes Of The Makai Fist
Makai Scholar Makai Scholar 魔戒導師・術 / Echoes Of Makai Lore
Makai Summoner Makai Summoner 魔戒法師・号 / Echoes Of The Makai Vessel
Makai White Mage Makai White Mage 魔戒導師・光 / Echoes Of The Makai Sun
Master Alchemist Master Alchemist 腕利きの錬金術師:ランク5 / An Eye for Detail: Alchemist V
Master Armorer Master Armorer 腕利きの甲冑師:ランク5 / An Eye for Detail: Armorer V
Master Blacksmith Master Blacksmith 腕利きの鍛冶:ランク5 / An Eye for Detail: Blacksmith V
Master Culinarian Master Culinarian 腕利きの調理師:ランク5 / An Eye for Detail: Culinarian V
Master Fisher Master Fisher 腕利きの漁師:ランク4 / The One that Didn’t Get Away IV
Master Goldsmith Master Goldsmith 腕利きの彫金師:ランク5 / An Eye for Detail: Goldsmith V
Master Harvester Master Botanist 腕利きの園芸師:ランク4 / An Eye for Quality: Botanist IV
Master Miner Master Miner 腕利きの採掘師:ランク4 / An Eye for Quality: Miner IV
Master Tanner Master Leatherworker 腕利きの革細工師:ランク5 / An Eye for Detail: Leatherworker V
Master Weaver Master Weaver 腕利きの裁縫師:ランク5 / An Eye for Detail: Weaver V
Master Woodworker Master Carpenter 腕利きの木工師:ランク5 / An Eye for Detail: Carpenter V
Mammeteer Mammeteer 我に続け!:ランク1 / Follow the Leader I
Master of GARO Makai Master 守りし者 / Protector
Mentor Mentor 頼れる先輩:ランク2 / I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me II
Mentor of Mentors Mentor of Mentors 頼れる先輩:ランク4 / I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me IV
Minion Collector Minion Collector ミニオンコレクター:ランク1 / Despicable You I
Minion Master Minion Master ミニオンコレクター:ランク2 / Despicable You II
Mog Friend Pom Friend 修復団のセンセイ / Top Mog
Molder of Masterpieces Molder of Masterpieces 蒐集品の製作者:ランク3 / I Made That (Worth Collecting) III
Moonlift Dancer Moonlifter 導かれし盟友たち / Hey Now, You’re An All-star
Myth Breaker Myth Breaker 騎神を狩りし者 / The King and Die
Nidhogg Slayer Nidhogg Slayer 皇都騒乱 / Orthodox Mayhem
Notorious Monster Slayer Notorious Monster Slayer ディアデム諸島の狩人:ランク5 / Crown of Thorns V
Nymian Marine Nymian Marine 新生の学者 / Flying Colors II
of the 14th Chakra Of the 14th Chakra 陰陽の闘士 / Bulletproof II
of the Bronze Wolf Of The Bronze Pack 饗宴の群狼:ブロンズ / Diners’ Club: Bronze
of the Diamond Wolf Of The Diamond Pack 饗宴の群狼:ダイヤモンド / Diners’ Club: Diamond
of the Feast Champion Of The First Pack 饗宴の王者たち / It’s My Party
of the Feast Ranker Of The Hungry Pack 饗宴の入賞者たち / Party Of Eleven (to Thirty)
of the Feast Slayer Of The Second Pack 饗宴の殺戮者たち / Party Of Two (to Ten)
of the Gold Wolf Of The Gold Pack 饗宴の群狼:ゴールド / Diners’ Club: Gold
of the Platinum Wolf Of The Platinum Pack 饗宴の群狼:プラチナ / Diners’ Club: Platinum
of the Silver Fuller Of the Silver Fuller 真の変革 / You Say You Want a Revolution
of the Silver Wolf Of The Silver Pack 饗宴の群狼:シルバー / Diners’ Club: Silver
of the Stalwart Sword Of the Stalwart Sword 暗黒騎士出陣:ランク2 / A Tankless Job II (Dark Knight)
Phoenix Tamer Tamer Of The Undying Flame 鸞翔鳳集 / Just Like Fire
Platinum Wolf Platinum Wolf 饗宴の一匹狼:プラチナ / Dining Solo: Platinum
Prince (Princess) of Verminion Prince (Princess) of Verminion ロード・オブ・ヴァーミニオン:ランク3 / A Load of Verminion III
Pure White Pure White 純白の魔道士 / Seeing White II
Revenge of the Horde The Dragonsong 最期の咆哮 / Floor The Horde
Rhalgr’s Saint Rhalgr’s Right Fist ハードパンチャー:ランク5 / Mama Said Knock You Out V
Silver Wolf Silver Wolf 饗宴の一匹狼:シルバー / Dining Solo: Silver
Sixth Sense Of The Sixth Sense ここ掘れワンワン:ランク2 / The Trouble With Buried II
Skysinger Skysinger 空の吟遊詩人 / A Bard’s Tale II
Soul Surrender Surrenderer of Souls 魂を継ぐ者 / No Retreat, No Surrender
Special Adviser Special Advisor 聖アンダリム神学院記:第1章 / Back to School I
Stargazer Stargazer 星天の占星術師 / The Stars in Our Faults II
Sundrop Dancer Sundrop Dancer 太陽の舞手 / Top Gundu
Tablesetter Tablesetter チャンスメーカー:ランク2 / How Can I Help II
the Azure Dragoon The Azure Dragoon 蒼天の竜騎士 / Dragoon Age II
the Chief Mourner The Chief Mourner やすらかに眠れ / I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
the Darkest Shadow The Darkest Shadow 開眼の忍び / Against the Ninja II
the Devourer The Devourer 鋭き爪 / Breaking Fast With Champions
the Far Edge of Fate Fatewalker 宿命の果て / Five Minutes Of Fate
The Feast Champion Leader of the Pack 饗宴の王者 / Head of the Table
The Feast Ranker Hunter Wolf 饗宴の入賞者 / Dinner for Eleven (to One Hundred)
The Feast Slayer Beta Wolf 饗宴の殺戮者 / Dinner for Two (to Ten)
the Finest Pupil The Finest Pupil’s Ally 悲しみ背負って / School’s Out Forever
the Fortunate The Fortunate 運命の歯車:ランク6 / Date With Destiny VI
the Gears of Change The Gear of Change 運命の歯車 / First Gear
the Hero of Gelmorra Hero of Gelmorra 死者の宮殿の探索者:ランク6 / In Too Deep VI
the Knight of Glory The Knight of Glory フィールド·オブ·グローリー:ランク6 / In a Blaze of Glory VI
the Lightbringer Lightbringer さらに強化されし魔器 / Some Kinna Wonderful
the Mythril Heart The Mythril Heart 伝説の戦士 / I Am the Warrior II
the Newmind The Newmind ヴァスの先輩冒険者 / Vathcore
the Noumenon The Noumenon アニマウェポンの研究者 / Anima Crossing
the Oathkeeper The Oathkeeper 聖剣の騎士 / Like a Knight in Shining Armor II
the Redeemed The Redeemed ラウバーン奪還作戦 / Gaol Break
the Undamaged The Undamaged 慈愛の癒し手 / A Sawbones to Remember
the Unleashed The Unleashed 冷酷なる破壊者 / A Spellcaster to Remember
the Unmoving The Unmoving 絶対の守護者 / A Stalwart to Remember
the Unrelenting The Unrelenting 勇猛なる闘士 / A Slayer to Remember
the Unseen The Unseen 鋭敏なる狙撃手 / A Sniper to Remember
Wings of Time The Wings of Time 時の翼 / Back In Time
Treasure Collector Polis Lord 宝物庫の覇者:ランク4 / The Slow Regard of Stolen Things IV
Ul’dahn Chaser Flame Chaser 不滅の狼:ランク6 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Immortal Flames VI
Unbeliever Unbeliever 教皇トールダン7世 / Lucky Number 7
Under-archon Under-archon 灯されし希望 / Hope Enkindled
Veteran Explorer Veteran Explorer 蒼天の熟練探検家 / Out of Sight Out of Bounds II
ZERO Zero 銀狼 / Echoes Of The Silver Wolf
Zhloe’s Best Friend Zhloe’s Best Friend シロ・アリアポーの得意先:ランク6 / The Customer Is Always Right: Zhloe Aliapoh VI
Zhloe’s Friend Zhloe’s Friend シロ・アリアポー:ランク5 / Satisfaction Guaranteed: Zhloe Aliapoh V

Added in 2.0 ~ 2.5:

Japanese English Achievement
789th Order Champion 789th Order Champion 落ちこぼれの英雄 / Kobold as Brass
ABU Mercenary Elite Cascadier 新生ABU隊員 / Cascadier Reborn
Alpha Wolf The Alpha Wolf 鋭き牙 / Leader of the Pack
Apprentice Jockey Bug Boy (Girl) チョコボ騎手:ランク1 / Off to the Races I
Ashen Warrior Brother (Sister) of Ash 灰の武人 / A Real Bad Ash
Bearer of the Torch Bearer of the Torch 希望の灯火 / My Left Arm
Bloody Warrior The Meat Axe 戦士出陣:ランク1 / A Tankless Job I (Warrior)
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 大物殺し:ランク3 / Bring Your B Game III
Captain of the Hunt Captain of the Hunt 超大物殺し:ランク3 / Bring Your S Game III
Carrier of the Cauldron Carrier of the Cauldron ミュタミクスの高弟 / Materia Hysteria
Chocobo Breeder Chocobo Breeder 産めよ、増えよ、地に満ちよ! / Go Forth and Multiply
Chocobo Cavalier Cavalier 麗しのマイチョコボ / Pimp Your Ride
Chocobo Trainer Chocobo Trainer チョコボ調教師 / Training Day
Cloud Controller Of the Silver Lining 闇からの生還者 / Out of the Dark
Coeurlfist Coeurlfist 古の武器:スファライ / Enter the Coeurl
Coffer Bearer Bearer of the Coffer 秘宝ハンター / Unhide and Seek
Coin Collector Moneybags 夢追い人 / Work Smarter, Not Harder
Deck Hoarder Deck Hoarder カードコレクター:ランク3 / Triple-decker III
Deck Holder Deck Holder カードコレクター:ランク2 / Triple-decker II
Defender of Eorzea Defender of Eorzea エオルゼアの守護者 / Eorzea Defended
Doll Master Golemancer 伝統人形の再現者 / Welcome to the Dollhouse
Drone Sniper Drone Sniper スクラップ製造者:ランク4 / Prime Air IV
Duelist Duelist 大会の実力者 / Bracket Breaker
Dungeon Explorer Dungeon Master ダンジョンの覇者:ランク4 / Dungeon Siege IV
Ehcatl Blackguard Ehcatl Blackguard エカトルのマブダチ / That’s Ixal, Folks
Expert Crafter Seeker of Skill クラフターたちの物語 / Tales of the Hand
Expert Fighter Seeker of Blood ファイターたちの物語 / Tales of War
Expert Gatherer Seeker of Bounty ギャザラーたちの物語 / Tales of the Land
Expert Sorcerer Seeker of Truth ソーサラーたちの物語 / Tales of Magic
Exterminator The Exterminator 勝利の栄光:ランク6 / To Crush Your Enemies VI
Frontline Forerunner Frontline Forerunner アウトロー戦区:ランク5 / Walk the Line V
Gambler Gambler 黄金の夢:ランク1 / What Happens in the Saucer I
Gatekeeper Keymaster 運命の扉:ランク3 / Enemy at the GATE III
Gentleman (Gentlewoman) Gentleman (Gentlewoman) 運命の友 / I’ll Be There for You
Giant Egg Hunter Half-boiled Hero (Half-boiled Heroine) ジャイアントエッグハンター / Eggspialidocious
Gridanian Builder Serpentbringer 双蛇党の補給兵:ランク 3 / To Each According to His Need: Twin Adder III
Gridanian Carrier Serpentcarrier 双蛇党の輜重兵:ランク 3 / Feeding the Serpent III
Gridanian Forerunner Serpent Forerunner 森都への凱旋:ランク5 / A Line in the Glade V
Gridanian Growler Serpent Growler 双蛇の狼:ランク3 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Twin Adder III
Gridanian Hero Serpentlord (Serpentlady) 双蛇党の軍票:ランク3 / A Snake in the Brass III
Gridanian Hound Serpent Hound 双蛇の狼:ランク4 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Twin Adder IV
Gridanian Howler Serpent Howler 双蛇の狼:ランク2 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Twin Adder II
Gridanian Puppy Serpent Puppy 双蛇の狼:ランク1 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Twin Adder I
Gridanian Stalker Serpent Stalker 双蛇の狼:ランク5 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Twin Adder V
Gridanian Veteran The Serpentsworn 双蛇党の熟練兵:ランク3 / In Good Company: Twin Adder III
High Roller High Roller ハイローラー / How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Saucer
Heart of the Party The Heart of the Party 感銘を与えし者:ランク1 / Leaving a Good Impression I
Heliodrome Hero Heliodrome Hero システムエラー:ランク4 / Just Say Node IV
Honest Adventurer Honest Gillionaire 商神ナルザルに愛されし者 / Who Wants to Be a Gillionaire?
Icebreaker Icebreaker 氷結の幻想 / Dreams of Ice
Ironeater Ironeater 古の武器:ブラビューラ / Cleaving to Tradition
Kirin Tamer Tamer of Steeds 麒麟児 / Ichiban
La Noscea Angler Meadowcaster ラノシアの釣り王 / A Fisher’s Life for Me: La Noscea
La Noscea Digger Meadowbreaker ラノシアの採掘王 / A Miner’s Life for Me: La Noscea
La Noscea Logger Meadowreaper ラノシアの伐採王 / A Botanist’s Life for Me: La Noscea
Leading Jockey The First Across 勝負師の極意 / Winningest Jockey
Lominsan Builder Stormbringer 黒渦団の補給兵:ランク 3 / To Each According to His Need: Maelstrom III
Lominsan Carrier Stormcarrier 黒渦団の輜重兵:ランク 3 / Fueling the Storm III
Lominsan Forerunner Storm Forerunner 海都への凱旋:ランク5 / A Line in the Storm V
Lominsan Growler Storm Growler 黒渦の狼:ランク3 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Maelstrom III
Lominsan Hero Stormlord (Stormlady) 黒渦団の軍票:ランク3 / A Storm of Seals III
Lominsan Hound Storm Hound 黒渦の狼:ランク4 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Maelstrom IV
Lominsan Howler Storm Howler 黒渦の狼:ランク2 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Maelstrom II
Lominsan Puppy Storm Puppy 黒渦の狼:ランク1 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Maelstrom I
Lominsan Stalker Storm Stalker 黒渦の狼:ランク5 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Maelstrom V
Lominsan Veteran The Stormsworn 黒渦団の熟練兵:ランク3 / In Good Company: Maelstrom III
Master Crafter Builder of the Realm 職人気質な冒険者 / Mastering the Hand
Master Craftsman (Craftswoman) Lord (Lady) Creator 冒険者ギルドの職人:ランク6 / Think Global, Quest Local VI
Master Fighter Warmonger 武を誇りし者 / Mastering War
Master Gatherer Provider of the Realm 自然の恵みを我が手に / Mastering the Land
Master Sorcerer Archmage 魔を統べし者 / Mastering Magic
Melusine Mauler Melusine Mauler メリュジーヌを屠りし者 / Seconds
Millionaire (Millionairess) Raiser of Mountains 塵も積もれば宝山 / Mountains out of Gil-hills
Mob Hunter Hunter for Hire 期待の新鋭モブハンター / On Your Mark: B
Mob Seeker Seeker of Fortune 腕利き熟練モブハンター / On Your Mark: A
Mob Tracker Seasoned Tracker 至高の有名モブハンター / On Your Mark: S
Novv Clutchmate Novv Clutchmate ノォヴの家族 / Licensed to Gill
Observer of Love Cupid 伝道師の導き手 / Love Actually
of Dragons Deep Of Dragons Deep ネプトを釣り上げし者 / Imagine Dragon
of the Golden Anvil Of the Golden Anvil 鍛冶職人:上級 / Working the Bellows: Artisan
of the Golden Hammer Of the Golden Hammer 板金職人:上級 / Pounding Out the Dents: Artisan
of the Golden Hide Of the Golden Hide 革細工職人:上級 / Hiding in Plain Sight: Artisan
of the Golden Ladle Of the Golden Ladle 調理職人:上級 / Savoring the Realm: Artisan
of the Golden Lead Of the Golden Lead 錬成職人:上級 / Mixing It Up: Artisan
of the Golden Leaf Of the Golden Leaf 彫金職人:上級 / Cutting the Carats: Artisan
of the Golden Needle Of the Golden Needle 裁縫職人:上級 / Threading the Needle: Artisan
of the Golden Saw Of the Golden Saw 木工職人:上級 / Going with the Grain: Artisan
of the Stalwart Axe Of the Stalwart Axe 戦士出陣:ランク2 / A Tankless Job II (Warrior)
of the Stalwart Shield Of the Stalwart Shield ナイト出陣:ランク2 / A Tankless Job II (Paladin)
of the Vengeful Lance Of the Vengeful Lance 古の武器:ゲイボルグ / Having a Gae Old Time
Postmaster Postmaster 一人前の配達士 / Postal
Rafflesia Reaper Rafflesia Reaper ラフレシアを屠りし者 / A Flower By Any Other Name
Ravenous Wolf The Ravenous Wolf 檻の中の古狼 / Wolfing it Down
Senior Jockey Senior Jockey チョコボ騎手:ランク3 / Off to the Races III
Shroud Angler Forestcaster 黒衣森の釣り王 / A Fisher’s Life for Me: Black Shroud
Shroud Digger Forestbreaker 黒衣森の採掘王 / A Miner’s Life for Me: Black Shroud
Shroud Logger Forestreaper 黒衣森の伐採王 / A Botanist’s Life for Me: Black Shroud
Soldier of Fortune Soldier of Fortune 難物殺し:ランク3 / Bring Your A Game III
Starcaller Starcaller 古の武器:星屑のロッド / Ohohohohoho!
Strategist The Strategist 古の武器:マダレムジエン / The Reader
Sylph-Friend Sylph-Friend シルフのお友達 / Sylph-assured
Taikoubou Master Caster 太公望への道:ランク9 / Go Big or Go Home IX
Thanalan Angler Desertcaster ザナラーンの釣り王 / A Fisher’s Life for Me: Thanalan
Thanalan Digger Desertbreaker ザナラーンの採掘王 / A Miner’s Life for Me: Thanalan
Thanalan Logger Desertreaper ザナラーンの伐採王 / A Botanist’s Life for Me: Thanalan
the Ambitious Angler The Ambitious Angler ヌシ釣り初段 / I Like Big Fish and I Cannot Lie
the Avatar The Avatar アバターを屠りし者 / Obtanium
the Conqueror Domitor (Domitrix) 白銀の凶鳥を屠りし者 / Scent of a Woman
the Disassembler The Disassembler 分解、分解、また分解 / You’re Tearing Me Apart
the Dominator Slaughterhouse 華々しい戦果:ランク4 / Slaughterhouse Four
the Fates Tempter (Temptress) of Fate 運命の歯車:ランク4 / Date With Destiny IV
the Final Witness The Final Witness 大迷宮の真成 / Uncoiled
the Fungah The Fungah フンガー!:ランク3 / WTFungah III
the Godsbow The Godsbow 古の武器:アルテミスの弓 / Hard to Miss
the Hand of Mercy The Hand of Mercy 戦場の支配者 / Slaughterhouse Five
the Insatiable The Insatiable 蘇りし古の武器 / Armed to the Teeth
the Last Resort The Last Resort 特務隊長に続け:ランク6 / Serving a Greater Cause VI
the Light in Hand The Light in Hand コダワリのクラフター / Tool Time for the Hand
the Light of the Land The Light of the Land コダワリのギャザラー / Tool Time for the Land
the Materia Master The Assimilator 練達せしマテリア師 / Living in a Materia World
the Negotiator The Negotiator 六族連盟の同志 / Sore Thumb
the Oeilvert Green Eyes 古の武器:ウイユヴェール / Green Eyes
the Postman (Postwoman) The Postman (Postwoman) 新米配達士 / The Postmoogle Always Rings Twice
the Reaper The Reaper 冒険者ギルドの収穫者:ランク6 / In the Outfield VI
the Shadow The Shadow 古の武器:吉光 / Yoshimitsu’s Island
the Trinity The Trinity トリプルトライアドマスター / Always Bet on Me
the Tristar The Professional 戦う古典主義者 / Career Opportunities
the True The True 古の武器:コルタナ&ホーリーシールド / Raising the Curtana
the White The White 古の武器:タイラス / Dressed to Heal
the Unsevered The Unsevered 闘神を狩りし者 / Missed the Cut
the Zeta Z ゾディアックウェポン・ゼータ / The Letter Z
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 名うてのトレジャーハンター / No Stone Unturned
Ul’dahn Builder Flamebringer 不滅隊の補給兵:ランク 3 / To Each According to His Need: Immortal Flames III
Ul’dahn Carrier Flamecarrier 不滅隊の輜重兵:ランク 3 / Fanning the Flames III
Ul’dahn Forerunner Flame Forerunner 砂都への凱旋:ランク5 / A Line in the Sand V
Ul’dahn Growler Flame Growler 不滅の狼:ランク3 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Immortal Flames III
Ul’dahn Hero Flamelord (Flamelady) 不滅隊の軍票:ランク3 / Burning a Hole in My Pocket III
Ul’dahn Hound Flame Hound 不滅の狼:ランク4 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Immortal Flames IV
Ul’dahn Howler Flame Howler 不滅の狼:ランク2 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Immortal Flames II
Ul’dahn Puppy Flame Puppy 不滅の狼:ランク1 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Immortal Flames I
Ul’dahn Stalker Flame Stalker 不滅の狼:ランク5 / Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Immortal Flames V
Ul’dahn Veteran The Flamesworn 不滅隊の熟練兵:ランク3 / In Good Company: Immortal Flames III
Veteran Jockey Veteran Jockey チョコボ騎手:ランク4 / Off to the Races IV
Veteran Mercenary Lord (Lady) Protector 冒険者ギルドの傭兵:ランク6 / All the More Region to Leve VI
White Knight The Meat Shield ナイト出陣:ランク1 / A Tankless Job I (Paladin)


Japanese English Achievement
ABU Honorary Member Cascadier 終身名誉ABU隊員 / Cascadier for Life
An Amalj’aa’s Worst Nightmare An Amalj’aa’s Worst Nightmare ゴールドバザー防衛隊長 / First Blood: Golden Bazaar
An Ixal’s Worst Nightmare An Ixal’s Worst Nightmare ハーストミル防衛隊長 / First Blood: Hyrstmill
A Kobold’s Worst Nightmare A Kobold’s Worst Nightmare エールポート防衛隊長 / First Blood: Aleport
Brother (Sister) of the Broken Blade Brother (Sister) of the Broken Blade ブロークンブレード中隊の熟練兵 / Love Thy Brother
Caravan Driver A Bo’s Best Friend 大量輸送:ランク4 / Handle with Care IV
Crystal Bearer Crystal Bearer 異変を示すクリスタル / Chock-full of Elemental Goodness
Divine Crusher Divine Crusher 天剣のサゼル・シロック討伐 / To Kill a Mocking Bird
Egg Hunter Dreamseeker 名うてのエッグハンター / Seven Short of a Dozen
Eye of the Hand Bearer of the Horn ハンズアイ小隊の熟練兵 / A Helping Horn
Hammer of Justice The Uncommitted ファクション組織の人気者 / Commitment Issues
Inquisitor Inquisitor ペイトリアーク11 グ・ブ討伐 / Patricide
La Noscea Crusher Of the Meadow Mines ラノシアの砕岩王 / I’d Rather Be Quarrying: La Noscea
La Noscea Harpooner Of the Meadow Pools ラノシアの刺突王 / I’d Rather Be Spearfishing: La Noscea
La Noscea Harvester Of the Meadow Grasses ラノシアの草刈王 / I’d Rather Be Harvesting: La Noscea
Messenger of Love Messenger of Love (Heartbreaker) 愛の伝道師 / Love Makes the World Go Round
Notorious Monster Hunter Notorious Monster Hunter 名うての大物殺し / Notorious Monster Hunting
Oschon’s Saint The Wanderer’s Shadow 旅神オシュオンに愛されし者 / Been There, Done That
Peacemaker Peacemaker 正義の執行者:ランク3 / A Slave to Faction III
Royal Seneschal (Princess for a Day) Royal Seneschal (Princess for a Day) 姫君との謁見 / Royal Audience
Scavenger Ruthless Gillionaire 筋金入りの武辺者 / Never Met a Corpse I Couldn’t Rifle
Shield of Eorzea The Shield of Eorzea 都市同盟の剣 / Eorzea Got Served…and Protected
Shield of La Noscea The Shield of La Noscea ラノシアの盾 / La Noscea Got Served…and Protected
Shield of Thanalan The Shield of Thanalan ザナラーンの盾 / Thanalan Got Served…and Protected
Shield of the Shroud The Shield of the Shroud 黒衣森の盾 / The Black Shroud Got Served…and Protected
Shield of the Warden The Warden’s Wall アーゼマシールズ中隊の熟練兵 / Another Brick in the Shield Wall
Shroud Crusher Of the Forest Mines 黒衣森の砕岩王 / I’d Rather Be Quarrying: Black Shroud
Shroud Harpooner Of the Forest Pools 黒衣森の刺突王 / I’d Rather Be Spearfishing: Black Shroud
Shroud Harvester Of the Forest Grasses 黒衣森の草刈王 / I’d Rather Be Harvesting: Black Shroud
Speedster Lightning 疾風怒涛のキャラバン隊:レベル40 / Gone in Eight Minutes
Stonesplitter Stonesplitter 石突のタナド・ガー討伐 / Pounding the Spike
Sword of Eorzea The Sword of Eorzea 都市同盟の剣 / Globetrotter
Sword of La Noscea The Sword of La Noscea ラノシアの剣 / And All I Got Was This Lousy Achievement: La Noscea
Sword of Thanalan The Sword of Thanalan ザナラーンの剣 / And All I Got Was This Lousy Achievement: Thanalan
Sword of the Shroud The Sword of the Shroud 黒衣森の剣 / And All I Got Was This Lousy Achievement: Black Shroud
Thanalan Crusher Of the Desert Mines ザナラーンの砕岩王 / I’d Rather Be Quarrying: Thanalan
Thanalan Harpooner Of the Desert Pools ザナラーンの刺突王 / I’d Rather Be Spearfishing: Thanalan
Thanalan Harvester Of the Desert Grasses ザナラーンの草刈王 / I’d Rather Be Harvesting: Thanalan
the Featherfoot Featherfoot 疾風怒涛のキャラバン隊:レベル20 / Eight Minutes or Less or Your Cargo’s Free
the Guardian of Aleport The Guardian of Aleport コボルド族の天敵 / To Be or Not to Be the Guardian of Aleport
the Guardian of Hyrstmill The Guardian of Hyrstmill イクサル族の天敵 / To Be or Not to Be the Guardian of Hyrstmill
the Guardian of the Golden Bazaar The Guardian of the Golden Bazaar アマルジャ族の天敵 / To Be or Not to Be the Guardian of the Golden Bazaar
the Hand of Aleport The Hand of Aleport エールポート御用職人 / To Be or Not to Be the Hand of Aleport
the Hand of Hyrstmill The Hand of Hyrstmill ハーストミル御用職人 / To Be or Not to Be the Hand of Hyrstmill
the Hand of the Golden Bazaar The Hand of the Golden Bazaar ゴールドバザー御用職人 / To Be or Not to Be the Hand of the Golden Bazaar
the Helping Hand Sidestepper 都市民の味方 / Sideways
the Wind of Aleport The Wind of Aleport エールポート補給要員 / To Be or Not to Be the Wind of Aleport
the Wind of Hyrstmill The Wind of Hyrstmill ハーストミル補給要員 / To Be or Not to Be the Wind of Hyrstmill
the Wind of the Golden Bazaar The Wind of the Golden Bazaar ゴールドバザー補給要員 / To Be or Not to Be the Wind of the Golden Bazaar
the Winter Dragon The Winter Wyrm 龍神伝説 / Get All the Things!
Wild Thing Wild Thing 黒兎印のトナカイさん / It’s Reining Deer

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