Winter 2017 end

I have no idea how I managed to finish these…

BanG Dream! – 6/10
This was ok. Plot was pretty generic and music was average, tbh wanted to see more of the other bands from the mobage lol, and even more Glitter Green because Mimorin. Surprisingly I didn’t like the kurokami in PoPiPa that much. Saaya > Arisa > Tae > Kasumi > Rimi

Chaos;Child – 6/10
I heard all sorts of things about how terrible this adaptation was, but I watched it anyway because I guess I’m a masochist and either way it’ll be a long time before I get around to the VN. Surprisingly, despite not remembering anything about the Chaos;Head story, some things in episode 0 still felt familiar… no idea what was going on though. Anyway it’s pretty obvious that this was super rushed; maybe if they gave it more than 12 episodes it wouldn’t have been all over the place. Hard to do a chara ranking without spoilers so I will just say that Hinae is best girl (don’t mind the Mimorin bias).

Idol Jihen – 6/10
This actually wasn’t that bad? Animation style was cute and the songs grew on me over time. It also managed to be less shallow than I’d expected. Shizuka > Sachie > Natsuki > Ringo > Mika… ok I don’t remember most of the names w

Kemono Friends – 7/10
I caved in and watched this; I was not prepared for all that real plot in the last third… Anyway I can totally see why this became a big fad. I wish I could have seen WUG’s cover of welcome to youkoso T_T

Kobayakawa-san-chi no Maidragon – 8/10
Man this show was actually way better than I expected. Too bad the additional cast just got worse and worse. Kanna (believe it or not) > Kobayashi > Tooru > Riko > Lucoa > Georgie > Elma

Konosuba 2 – 6/10
I still don’t like this show

Kuzu no Honkai – 6/10
This started off promising and then the later episodes got more and more irritating and man, the ending was unsatisfying as fuck.

Sangatsu no Lion – 8.5/10
This was really good! I was kind of surprised the sisters didn’t show up in the last episode at all though. Also wish I knew how to play shogi so that I could understand the matches more. Really looking forward to S2 since there’s still a lot of things that I want to see happen ;_;

Schoolgirl Strikers – 5/10
Watched this because I never had time to get into the original mobage by SE… wow what a forgettable show. Cast is god tier though… been a while since I saw one like that outside of games and sequels.

Seiren – 6/10
What I watched: ^
What I expected: Amagami SS
What I got: Amagami SS Lite™
Tomoe > Hikari = Kyouko > Tooru

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale – 8/10
This was hype! Pretty much had everything that I like about SAO lol. Action, romance, comedy, heartwarming scenes. As an Asuna shipper it was A++. It also reinforced my belief that the most OP character is actually Yui. New girl was nice too. And this movie made me realize that I would have the same problems with AR games as Kirito :T I guess I have to wait for full-dive to be real. Asuna > Yui > Yuna > Silica > Sinon > Lisbeth > Leafa

Best OPs:
BUMP OF CHICKEN – Answer (Sangatsu)
Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP – Welcome to Youkoso Japari Park e (Kemofure)

Best EDs:
BUMP OF CHICKEN – Fighter (Sangatsu)
Nakajima Megumi – Watashi no Sekai (Fuuka, I stopped watching after 2 episodes because I knew it was going to make me angry but I still love Mamegu so ;_;)
Suzuki Konomi – Chaos Syndrome (Chaos;Child)

Favourite characters: Kiriyama Rei (Sangatsu), Kirito/Asuna/Yui (SAO)

Other things I watched:

Love Live! The School Idol Movie – 6/10
Yup I never watched this until now. Was sad to see the end of μ’s but otherwise nothing special. Umi > Eli > Nico > Maki > Kotori > Honoka > Rin = Nozomi > Hanayo (wow it’s been a long time since I’ve typed out that ranking w)

Love Live! Sunshine!! – 7/10
Yup I never watched this until now. I actually liked this more than the OG anime? Aqours as a whole is a bit better character-wise for me than μ’s was; less annoying in general at least. No one I’m super oshi for like Umi, but at the same time there’s no one I dislike which is definitely a good thing. Riko > You > Yohane > Dia > Mari > Kanan > Ruby > Hanamaru = Chika (meanwhile half of μ’s falls below this point)

Macross Delta – 7/10
Moved this ahead in the queue because of AX… I think I understand why people didn’t like this much, compared to Frontier it’s certainly weaker. The story was fine; I enjoyed it overall but can’t really say much more than that. I wish they would’ve fleshed out a lot of the characters more, like Makina/Reina, the Aerial Knights, Arad, etc. Though it did have some feels moments like with Messer. The triangle also feels weird in comparison because Mirage doesn’t sing, meaning no epic sing-offs like in Frontier.

Freyja isn’t as good as Ranka but she grew on me a lot over the course of the show. Mirage doesn’t even compare to Sheryl… not only does she not sing but her personality is kind of dull too (Spoiler for Frontier/Delta triangle results: Mainly I’m just glad Freyja won and avenged Ranka though!).

Music-wise… I know it’s unfair to compare it to Frontier songs which were composed by Kanno, but it’s so hard not to. I’m not sure how I feel about it being an actual idol unit; like, I enjoy idol music but it’s not really what I’m looking for from Macross I guess… I do like the emotional songs in Delta a lot though (GIRAFFE BLUES, Bokura no Senjou, AXIA) and overall it’s great to listen to; JUNNA’s vocals are amazing.

Freyja = Kaname > Mikumo > Mirage > Makina = Reina

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