Fall 2016 end

tfw still alive

tfw actually watched a lot of things this season

tfw took 2 seasons to finish them and spring already started

posting this anyway since I already wrote it ;_; no bully pls

Brave Witches – 6/10
The usual; didn’t like the cast as much as the OG Strike Witches though.

girlish number – 7.5/10
This was pretty entertaining actually. Really fun cast. And the intentionally bad voice acting at the start was amazing. Kazuha > Chitose = Momoka > Koto = Yae > Nanami (actually my favourite character was Gojou, don’t hate)

Haikyuu!! S3 – 8/10
Solid as always. Give me season 4

Hibike! Euphonium S2 – 7.5/10
I’m not really sure why this series hasn’t been an 8/10 for me, I guess I just don’t find myself that interested in the drama. The sakuga is definitely 10/10 though. Poor Reina ;_; (and Shuuichi lol) Reina > Kumiko > Asuka > Mamiko > Natsuki > Mizore > Yuuko > Haruka > Kaori > Hazuki = Midori

Idol Memories – 5/10
Sad that this ended up being a cash grab… It could have been a lot more interesting if they weren’t blatantly pushing the 2.5Ds for more than half of the episode duration.

KEIJO!!!!!!!! – 5/10
Stop telling me to watch these things (no best girl ranking because the only one I liked was Maya/Kaya)

Lostorage incited WIXOSS – 6/10
I was looking forward to this since I loved the original Wixoss but this one seemed a lot more… shallow? Less exciting? It didn’t help that I didn’t really like any of the characters (maybe Yuzuki from Selector Wixoss was just too good).

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku – 7/10
Blah blah magical girls brutally murdering each other… Is it weird that these things aren’t surprising anymore? The ending actually felt anticlimactic. Still an entertaining show, though some of the major characters could’ve used more depth. Ripple > Top Speed > Hardgore Alice > Ruler > Winterprison > Cranberry > La Pucelle > Magicaloid > Snow White > Calamity Mary > Nemurin > Sister Nana > Swim Swim > Tama > Peaky Angels

Majikyun! Renaissance – 7/10
Don’t judge me
I think this managed to be the most predictable anime I’ve ever watched
Teika > Kanato > Rintarou > Aoi > Louis = Monet

Natsume Yuujinchou S5 – 8/10
Still love this series.

Occultic;Nine – 7/10
Went in with no expectations and actually enjoyed it. The infodumps got tiring though. ED is A+

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume – 6/10
Mainly watched because of WUG although ping pong is cool too. Just not my type of show though. Agari > Kiruka > Hokuto > Hanabi > Koyori > Munemune

SHOW BY ROCK!! S2 – 6/10
More of the same.

Stella no Mahou – 7/10
Enjoyed this more than I thought I would. It’s no New Game but still pretty nice. Shiina > Kayo > Marika > Ayame > Minaha > Yumine > Teru = Tamaki

ViVid Strike! – 7/10
I am finally starting to get lost in all of these Nanoha spin-offs… this was better than I expected though. Rinne > Einhart > Fuuka > Vivio

WWW.WORKING!! – 7/10
I was skeptical at first but the new cast actually works well. I liked the OG cast more, though. Sayuri > Shiho > Miri > Kisaki > Rui > Hana

YURI!!! on ICE – 7.5/10
Maaaaaan the feels.

It’s too much work to rank these things now, so alphabetical order it is.

Best OPs:

BURNOUT SYNDROMES – Hikari Are (Haikyuu)
Dean Fujioka – History Maker (YoI)
Girlish Number – Bloom
Iguchi Yuka – Lostorage (Wixoss)
Numakura Manami – Sakebe (Mahoiku)
Shimoji Shino – God Save The Girls (Stella)

Best EDs:

Aimer – Akane Sasu (Natsume)
Asaka – Open your eyes (O;N)
Cyua – undeletable (Wixoss)
nano – DREAMCATCHER (Mahoiku)
Wake Up, Girls! – Bokura no Frontier (Shakunetsu)
YURI!!! on ICE feat w.hatano – You Only Live Once

Favourite characters: Hinata & Kageyama (Haikyuu), Natsume Takashi, Kousaka Reina (Eupho), Victor Nikiforov (YOI), Ripple (Mahoiku)

Other things I watched during this time period:

Zutto Mae kara Suki deshita. – 7/10
I’ve only listened to a few HoneyWorks songs before but I watched this movie anyway. Pretty typical high school romance as expected; still got a 7 from me because sometimes it’s nice to watch something that you know is gonna be (essentially) drama-free with a happy ending.

I was going to add a section for things I watched since the last update, but then I realized that that was over a year ago… well it’s ok, no one reads this anyway. Also going to save the SAO movie commentary for the winter post if it ever happens.

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