Winter 2014 idol anime – week 4 [mild spoilers]

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Wake Up, Girls! – Episode 4

This episode is a darker one, focusing on Mayu. We learn some more about her I-1 Club scandal, but it’s still missing some key information. The other girls have realized that Mayu is being criticized by netizens… at least that one loyal wota is still trying to defend her. I can imagine him playing an important role later on. Junko didn’t make a good first impression, but she’s since proven herself to be dependable when it comes to defending WUG from unsavoury attention.

Meanwhile on the I-1 side, we find out that competition is fierce and the girls in the secondary groups I-2 and I-3 are treated like drones and encouraged to mindlessly follow orders, or face risk of being kicked out in an instant. I hope AKB48 isn’t quite this bad… :v

I guess the new song that Twinkle is writing for WUG is just the current OP. More stage scenes are always good though!

Current WUG ranking: Miyu > Mayu > Yoshino > Minami > Kaya > Nanami > Airi
We got a glimpse at the I-1 girls, but it’s still only Megumi that has made any impression (and mostly due to a flashback). It seems like Shiho will be important in the next episode, though.

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Aikatsu! – Episode 67

A Ran episode! Also an educational one – I learned what ehoumaki is! :v
For some reason I’m not fond of how Sora speaks… not really sure why. She makes an alright pair with Ran, though (although Ran + Yurika is much more entertaining w). Also, kira・pata・shining is even more trippy with two people. On another note, I didn’t notice this in the previous Ran episode but I love how when they show her constellation dress from behind, her hair is parted where the wings are. That is true attention to detail. You can tell that they put a lot of care into the CG scenes… 感動しました!

New character next episode. I thought Sora already fit the elegant role, but I guess they wanted to have a himesama type too.

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Go! Go! 575 – Episode 4

The final mini-episode of this series. Looks like this is where they finally start recording their dancing, and I suppose the rest continues in the Vita game w. Maccha really is cute.

With this series over, these posts will be shortened yet again… maybe I’ll find something else to fill in the gap. w

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SoniAni – Episode 4

OK I realized that I will never be able to write anything meaningful for this series, so instead I will relay my thoughts as I watch the episode.

– wow did they get bigger
– 化け物
– SUZU \o/
– fuck I just realized that this is being animated by WHITE FOX. anime industry is dead
– wow did they just ignore the band intro and skip to another stupid Sonico photo shoot
– zZz
– the bakunyuu are joining forces
– zZz
– cats!

Never mind, apparently this was an even worse idea.

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Omake: Happiness Charge Precure! – Episode 1


I don’t know who my favourite is. Lovely is lovely Mamegu, Princess is pretty darn cute (her dangan machine gun was hilarious!), and Fortune is just awesome. I’m not fond of the art style this time though… their human forms look kind of derpy sometimes. And the henshin scenes feel lacking… and the ED CG is a step down from Dokidoki’s. Actually I liked Dokidoki’s art style quite a bit :v

Hime seems kind of like they tried to make another Erika, but she’s not really there (yet). Her にしし~ was cute though w
The accessories and outfit cards remind me of Aikatsu.

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