Winter 2014 idol anime – week 5 [mild spoilers]

SoniAni has been dropped from the post because I just can’t write about it anymore :v

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Wake Up, Girls! – Episode 5

It turns out the new song is actually a new song! But we only got to hear a little bit of it and WUG performance was derpy :(

I-1 stage was good. But short :( That handshake session was a new kind of awkward.

This episode was pretty straight forward so nothing really stood out to me. It was sad seeing the wota disappointed though :(

Current WUG ranking: Miyu > Mayu > Yoshino > Minyami > Kaya > Nanami > Airi
Current I-1 ranking: Shiho > Yoshimegu = Maimai > Nanokasu

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Aikatsu! – Episode 68

New character! I guess DA will have their share of side characters too… or at least, I’m not expecting Maria to be a main character, though it looks like she’ll be in the next episode too. Anyway she doesn’t really interest me w. I was expecting a dual performance with Sakura but I guess not… even though it’s been a long time since her last stage.

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Omake: Seitokai Yakuindomo* – Episode 6

Hikasa Youko is cool. That’s right Shino, quit this dumb show and become an idol! (if only…)

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