Winter 2014 idol anime – week 3 [mild spoilers]

Nourin has been cut from the post due to lack of idol katsudou.

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Wake Up, Girls! – Episode 3

New OP this week. It’s not as good as Tachiagare! but it’s alright. There’s more emphasis on the idols as individuals, which goes along with how the show is progressing, I guess.

This week’s episode is Minami-centric. I’m not really a fan of imouto-kei but I have to admit that she is cute at times. And especially in this episode, she does one of the most hilariously cute things I’ve ever seen. She’s on a show about gourmet food, which means it’s perfect for her since she loves eating. But the director tells her that just saying “oishii” in response to everything isn’t enough; that she should vary her words more. So in the next instalment, she gets stuck thinking of something else to say, and finally comes up with “UMEE NYA!” complete with cat pose. And then it becomes her trademark phrase that she says in every show. It’s just so random and it really did make me laugh. I guess that and her panther impression in episode 2 are why she’s nicknamed Minyami.

The latter part of the episode gives us another glimpse of Mayu’s situation and has Minyami’s bit of drama, which naturally gets resolved cheesily considering how it all started. But well, Minyami’s the cute and innocent type so of course her fans are loving and kind too w. But I think you can tell that Mayu is envious of her environment. The next episode is titled “Scandal”… I’m guessing we’ll be finding out more about why Mayu left I-1 Club. It seems another five or so episodes will focus on each of the other remaining idols. It’s a pretty safe format to follow and it’s nice to see where the girls get their confidence from.

Current WUG ranking: Miyu > Mayu > Yoshino > Minyami > Kaya > Nanami > Airi
STILL no I-1 Club.

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Aikatsu! – Episode 66

This episode was about Kii… I don’t like her so it was kind of bleh for me. Maybe if her hair was nicer and not weird puffy yellow sticks of cotton candy she wouldn’t be so bad. :v
It turns out that the designer for Magical Toy is a weird yet cheerful clown who only communicates through mime. I’m not a fan of Magical Toy so I don’t really have any comments on the new dress. :v I didn’t like the song either. Anyway at the end we get our mandatory glimpse of Mizuki plotline. There’s also the power of Twitter in identifying locations www. Next episode seems like it might be a Ran episode? Yay!

There weren’t any Kii shots I liked so instead you can have Yurika, who couldn’t show up to Kii’s competition because she was already associated with a rival drink brand. これ吸わないと、血を吸うわよ!

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Go! Go! 575 – Episode 3

It turns out that the new character is a yuri fangirl and so this episode was full of her crazy fantasies. :v
Only one episode left… maybe there will be actual singing and dancing in the final episode!? If not then I guess I have written about this series for no reason w

SoniAni – Episode 3

In this episode Sonico wears a swimsuit (again) and gets into a sketchy situation (again). There was no Suzu. The end.

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