Interesting stuff from Wonfes Winter 2014

This post will cover mostly new reveals. But there’s a bunch of older stuff too just because I was too lazy to filter it out. And well, it’s centred around things that caught my attention :v

Most images are shamelessly reuploaded from Akiba Hobby and AmiAmi Blog.

All Kancolle stuff is at the end. Because for some reason I felt like adding everything. So of course the list is too long.

Alter Laura Bodewig -Maid ver.- 1/8 PVC figure

The other half of my shipment! さすがAlter… my phone camera just doesn’t do it justice. She’s so pretty ;_;

Adjustable parts:
– Hair (normal or TWINTAILS!!!)
– Eyepatch on or off
– Expression (stern or blushing)
– Hand (holding a tray with teapot & teacup, or holding a gun)

This is my first Alter figure and I am very satisfied. Detailing is great, twintails+blushing combo is ultra cute, and of course, a frilly maid dress. Socks, shoes, and base are also classy. And in true Alter detail, if you remove the top part of the gun, you can see the bullet inside. My only gripe is that there isn’t a view where you can see both her face and the front of the apron. Other than that, it’s perfect~

Pictures after the jump.

Aquamarine IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- 1/8 PVC figure

This arrived together with Alter’s Laura Bodewig maid! Aquamarine is fairly new to the figure industry so I was concerned about the quality, especially with the steep price tag (¥9,975!!!) but it was pretty enough for me to take the leap anyway and preorder it.

You can tell that a lot of detail went into the hair. She has so much hair! There are plastic stands to help keep it in place although it seemed fine on its own to me. Guess they didn’t want to take any chances with it. Her design is quite nice, although some of the fine details could use some work. But it’s a new company so my expectations weren’t very high anyway.

Pictures after the jump :D