Interesting stuff from Wonfes Winter 2014

This post will cover mostly new reveals. But there’s a bunch of older stuff too just because I was too lazy to filter it out. And well, it’s centred around things that caught my attention :v

Most images are shamelessly reuploaded from Akiba Hobby and AmiAmi Blog.

All Kancolle stuff is at the end. Because for some reason I felt like adding everything. So of course the list is too long.

Top 10 kanmusu

1. Zekamashi
2. Kongou
3. Hibiki/Verniy
4. Zuikaku
5. Kitakami
6. Yuudachi Kai 2
7. Nakachan
8. Murakumo
9. Imuya
10. Hatsukaze

Only top 10 because I’m too lazy to go through ranking all of them :v
Back to grinding loli fleet v: