A summer of flights and acquisitions

It feels like a long time since I last posted here, if only because I’ve been so busy the past few months. I won’t be back home until September so I haven’t been able to take pictures of stuff I’ve bought, either. So here, have some text :v

Places I went

July 3 – 8: Los Angeles for Anime Expo
As my first anime convention (I don’t think Comiket counts), this was fun but tiring. Much thanks to @TReusbucks for giving me a place to stay and driving me around! :v I also met up with a bunch of other cool people; some of which I’d talked to online forever but was only meeting IRL for the first time, some of which I hadn’t seen since winter Comiket.

Some random thoughts:

  • Lines are long.
  • Trying to do a dance without any prior practice is hard.
  • 19 people requested to take a photo of me…
  • I don’t know how certain panels’ interpreters managed to get hired…
  • Toronto is in desperate need of good karaoke.
  • My budget for the con (including meals) was $500 USD. I managed to spend exactly all of it! …Except for at the very end where I was $10 short for my last meal there. @Akirascuro covered for me and I paid him back with a ¥1000 bill. :v

Things I bought:

  • Preordered Kamipara. I was planning on buying the Japanese version at some point but I ended up preordering the localization so that I could get a guaranteed Itou Noizi autograph orz
  • Nendoroid yukata Miku + Madoka
  • Several artbooks
  • JAST’s Saya no Uta
  • Got Kira Kira and an Imaimo tapestry from the MangaGamer raffle
  • A giant cat plush that took up 1/3 of my largest suitcase
  • Some other little things that escape my mind at the moment

August 2 – 5: New York City for a family reunion full of awkwardness

I was advised to hijack wifi from Starbucks because surely they would be everywhere in NYC, right? We somehow managed to evade every single Starbucks possible… Anyway, this is my hometown so there wasn’t anything new to see for me. Zzz.

August 9 – 17: Vancouver / Banff because I got dragged along by my parents

Vancouver is a pretty nice place. I have some Twitter friends there, but sadly my parents had booked a full schedule so I didn’t have time to meet up with anyone. Perhaps I’ll go again on my own sometime to make up for it. <.< My phone's data connection was really sloppy in the northern half of Banff and so I could not grind for the Eri event in the Love Live! mobage. I am very sad about this. T_T

Other things that arrived (or will have arrived by the end of this month)

  • Limited edition of the DATE A LIVE PS3 game, Rinne Utopia. Love that Tsunako art <3
  • Love Live! mobage guide book, because it came with a code for a UR card :v
  • Nendoroid Natsume Rin and a Little Busters! poster set
  • Four (4) Phantasmagoria booster boxes, because a certain someone (who is certainly not @Point_3mm) got me into the game and now I am addicted to pretty cards
  • That adorable Vocaloid earphone jack accessory set

Things on preorder

  • fairy fencer f limited edition. More Tsunako!!
  • Henneko PSP game limited edition. More Kantoku!!
  • Nendoroid Makise Kurisu, Feyris Nyannyan, Ranka Lee, Senjougahara Hitagi (as well as the rest of the bundle it comes with), After Parts 1 and 2 (accessory sets)
  • Nendoroid Plus plushies of Miku and Hachune Miku (since I missed out when they were previously released)
  • Shibuya Rin New Generation Ver. 1/8 scale figure by GSC (lovely!!!!)

It’s okay; I didn’t need this money anyway……

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