[Spoilers] Persona 5 Maniacus – Party Members

The cover says Maniacus in English so I guess it’s Maniacus… Anyway I think the character sections and the interview section would have the most new information; not sure if I’ll do the others yet.

Needless to say this post spoils pretty much everything; DO NOT click in if you haven’t FINISHED the game, etc. Don’t even think about it. Especially if you haven’t played it but are planning on watching the upcoming anime. Seriously, the spoilers are real. (Also I dunno what any of the quotes are in the English version so don’t expect them to match up exactly)

Also I don’t have a scanner so… apologies in advance for the bad pictures. And I know the formatting sucks ;_;

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CV: Fukuyama Jun
Codename: Joker
Persona: Arsene / Satanael (lol the book says Saturnael)


  • Leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Tried to save a woman from a drunk man but she took his side so he got charged with assault; now he has a criminal record
  • In a dream, he is taken to a blue prison called the Velvet Room, where a strange old man named Igor tells him that he is headed towards ruin, and must achieve his “rehabilitation” – but that was actually part of a larger plan; an experiment to determine the fate of humanity
  • He has the power of the Wildcard, i.e. the ability to hold multiple personas and recruit shadows from palaces to become his personas
  • Because of this power, he must take on the role of humanity’s “Trickster”

How the main party’s awakened personas were selected:

  • We decided that when personas awakened, they would go from “chivalrous thieves from stories” to “tricksters from real legends”
  • We also planned on collecting names of famous gods that everyone would be able to recognize
  • So, rather than coming up with gods that would be “extensions” of the starter personas, we first listed names of gods that came to mind when thinking of “tricksters from famous legends” and then divided them up between the characters
  • The first “famous trickster gods” that were suggested were Seiten Taisei, Susanoo, Mercurius, Loki, and Prometheus
  • In the Persona series, we try to match the genders of the characters and their personas when possible (except in certain special cases), so at this point we assigned four of those personas to the male party members other than the protagonist, and then adapted the last one to use for a female character

Why Satanael was chosen:

  • The first and foremost reason is because Satanael’s story coincides with the protagonist’s
  • We also chose him because of the impact from the word “Satan”
  • When we were designing him, we actually wanted him to be called Lucifer or Lucifel, but those were already the names of popular personas and we would have to exclude them in order to use that name, so after some reconsideration we settled on the name he has now

Sakamoto Ryuuji

CV: Miyano Mamoru
Codename: Skull
Persona: Captain Kidd / Seiten Taisei


  • A student at Shuujin Academy
  • Used to be part of the track and field club, but fell for the volleyball coach Kamoshida’s provocations and raised his fist at him, causing the track club to be disbanded
  • One of the founding members of the Phantom Thieves, and plays the role of the vanguard
  • His friends often have to warn him against acting rashly
  • People at school avoid him, thinking that he’s a troublemaker, but he’s actually an honest, optimistic guy that cares about his friends a lot
  • Absolutely terrible at studying, but doesn’t skip out on classroom duties

Why Seiten Taisei was chosen:

  • Continuing from the previous page’s story, we chose this based on Ryuuji’s profile
  • There are various different interpretations of Seiten Taisei, but in Japan, the most famous one is the “golden snub-nosed monkey,” aka the “blonde monkey,” so we drew him as such *laughs*
  • The pre-awakened Captain Kidd rides on a pirate ship while Seiten Taisei rides on a flying cloud, so their movements feel similar

Confidant Profile

  • Arcana: The Chariot
  • The track and field club was disbanded due to Ryuuji’s act of violence
  • This confidant story is about Ryuuji’s past and how he overcomes it
Sex Male Household Lives with his mother
Height 175 cm Skills Sprints (personal best time was 11.2 seconds when he was active), ability to chug a 500 ml carbonated drink in one go (trained for it back when he was on the track club; also managed a 1000 ml bottle before)
Weight 61 kg
School Year High School 2nd Habits Pokes the ground with the toe of his shoe when he’s bored
Zodiac Cancer Hobbies Reading (but only manga), working out (gets annoyed that he can’t do his old regimen anymore)
Blood Type B Favourite Foods Junk food like beef bowls and hamburgers. A big ramen fan; passionate about taste and noodle texture. Gets teased for being like a kid because he doesn’t like bitter stuff.
Ideal Partner A kind, graceful girl that makes me want to protect her
If you won 700 million yen in the lottery? I’d build a big house on a tropical island (lately my mom keeps saying that she wants to spend her old age relaxing somewhere warm)
A message for one of the Phantom Thieves To Makoto: Wanna switch your Johanna with my Kidd just once? I wanna ride a bike too!

Creator’s Comment:

  • Like in the previous game, the characters that join your party have their turning point in the main story, while the S-link (co-op/confidant) shows how they resolve their personal problems afterwards
  • The character stories are not written specifically for the confidant events, but rather to tie up loose ends in their original design
  • In Persona 5, these are “confidants” rather than “social links,” so they involve more adult characters than the previous two games
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Confidant Abilities:

  1. Baton Pass
  2. Follow Up
  3. Punk Talk
  4. Harisen Recovery
  5. Insta-kill
  6. Endure
  7. Protect
  8. Second Awakening

Rank 1: A Promise to Find a Witness
After awakening to a persona in Kamoshida’s palace, Ryuuji and MC return to the real world. Compared to Ryuuji who’s all worn out, MC doesn’t show any sign of fatigue. In order to confirm that the real Kamoshida’s heart is truly as twisted as what they saw in the palace, the two vow to find a witness to his abuse.

Rank 2: The Truth Behind the Violence
In order to train for their battles in the palace, Ryuuji brings MC to a secret training spot behind the school gym, which he used to use back in his track and field days. While they’re taking a break, the conversation drifts towards Ryuuji’s household situation and the act of violence he committed in the past, but Ryuuji stays positive with a smile.

Rank 3: Criticism from the Ex-Track Members
While Ryuuji and MC are sweating it out behind the gymnasium, Nakaoka and some other former track members pay them a visit. They blame Ryuuji for destroying the track club, but thanks to MC, he is able to stay calm. Afterwards, you overhear Nakaoka and the other track members arguing, but decide to leave them be and head home.

Rank 4: A Change of Pace with Ramen
Ryuuji invites MC to a ramen shop, and tells him about how his former track buddy Nakaoka isn’t getting along too well with the other club members. He talks about how it was painful to be ostracized by his former friends, but because of that he was able to meet MC, and now he’s having a lot more fun.

Rank 5: The Track Club’s Revival, and a New Coach
Ryuuji and MC start training at a different gym so that they won’t bother Nakaoka and the others. There, Ryuuji runs into a senpai from the track club, who tells him about how they’re bringing back the track club. However, the new coach is Yamauchi, one of Kamoshida’s supporters, which causes Ryuuji to worry.

Rank 6: The Yamauchi Investigation, and Ryuuji’s Idea
Ryuuji refuses to trust the new track and field coach. He overhears a rumour about Yamauchi’s drunken mishaps, and starts looking for evidence. He watches as Yamauchi causes a falling out between the club members, and comes up with an intervention plan.

Rank 7: Sympathy for the Club Members
Ryuuji and MC eavesdrop on Yamauchi’s conversation at a monjayaki shop. They find out that bringing back the track and field club is just a ruse to pad the teachers’ achievements. Ryuuji realizes that if he acts on his own he’ll just cause trouble again. He decides to explain the situation to Nakaoka and the others the next day, because they should be the ones to take care of it.

Rank 8: Ryuuji Takes Responsibility
Ryuuji tells Nakaoka & Co about Yamauchi’s scheme, and shows them the voice recording. As a form of apology, he adds, “If you want to hit me, then hit me.” The former club members take him up on that offer a bit too eagerly, but with that off their chests, they can finally put the past to rest. Ryuuji expresses his appreciation to MC once again.

Rank 9: Where Ryuuji Belongs
Back at the monjayaki place, Ryuuji says he declined the offer to return to the track and field club. He reflects on his past “uncool” self, and realizes that thanks to MC, he was able to find an even better place where he could truly be himself.

Rank 10: Appreciation for MC
Yamauchi is forced to step down, and the previous advisor is temporarily back in charge. Ryuuji promises MC that he’ll get even stronger, as appreciation for staying by his side this entire time so that he could face the track club members again.

Hanging Out (Tsukishima): Eating is a Competition too!
For some reason, it naturally turns into an eating competition. Unfortunately the contest ends in a tie.

Hanging Out (Motomachi Chuukagai): Enjoying Chuukagai to the Fullest
After stuffing their faces with all-you-can-eat xiaolongbao, they pay a visit to a massage wizard with 90%-off coupons in hand. The wizard’s strength is merciless!

Hanging Out (Ogikubo): A Ramen-Lover’s Day Off
The ramen at the end of a long line-up is exquisite, to the point where you want to savour every last drop. On the way back, Ryuuji gives MC a model bowl of ramen as a gift. He may be a ramen fanatic, but not to the point of decorating his room with it, apparently.

Hanging Out (Akihabara): Training Efficiency Depends on Money!?
The two of you go to an electronics store to check out the exercise machines, but Ryuuji feels out of place looking at the features and high prices. He vows to get stronger without relying on machines.
Afterwards, you stop by the arcade, but he doesn’t have enough money and runs off in frustration.

Hanging Out (Suidoubashi): An Amusement Park Date Between Boys?
At first Ryuuji was reluctant to go to an amusement park with just the two of them, but the excitement from the thrill rides changed everything. Ryuuji was constantly concerned about how other people saw them, but at the end he didn’t seem dissatisfied, saying “Let’s call it a day for the bachelors.”

Takamaki Anne

CV: Mizuki Nana
Codename: Panther
Persona: Carmen / Hecate


  • MC’s classmate, a girl who is 1/4 American and returned to Japan from Finland
  • Due to her past and her flashy looks, she stands out a lot among her peers and doesn’t have many friends
  • Because of this, she cares deeply for her one best friend, Shiho, and is furious when calamity befalls her
  • This triggers her persona awakening, and she joins the Phantom Thieves
  • She’s bad at studying like Ryuuji, but her English is so good that she can even tutor Makoto, the third-year honour student
  • She doesn’t seem too fond of her phantom thief outfit, but the tail gets a pass

Why Hecate was chosen:

  • Compared to the five male personas that were selected first, the girls’ awakened personas may seem a bit less well-known
  • We felt that if all of them were based on famous gods, then you wouldn’t feel as much “depth,” so we intentionally included some obscure ones, like Anne’s Hecate
  • However, the motive is the same in that she is a trickster who matches Anne’s profile

Confidant Profile

  • Arcana: The Lovers
  • Anne attends school while also working as a model
  • She only started this job because both of her parents are fashion designers, but eventually she finds the motivation to become a first-rate model
Sex Female Household Father and mother (who often aren’t around), live-in attendant
Height 168 cm Skills Speaks English almost natively (also does well on English tests), no fear of strangers (although she is not self-aware of this)
Weight I completely forgot! (TL note: This is in English)
School Year High School 2nd Habits Fiddles with the tips of her twintails when she’s thinking
Zodiac Scorpio Hobbies Watching TV dramas, games (on handheld consoles, not smartphones)
Blood Type B Favourite Foods Loves all sweets. Especially cake, to the point where she can replace meals with it. Can’t resist the “extra cream” crepe campaigns. Doesn’t like carbonated juice.
Ideal Partner A composed, mature guy, like an English gentleman
If you won 700 million yen in the lottery? First I’d buy all the clothes and shoes that I want.
A message for one of the Phantom Thieves To Futaba: I’m surprised that there’s games that you’re bad at. I like rhythm games, because I can just go with the flow!
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Confidant Abilities:

  1. Baton Pass
  2. Girl Talk
  3. Follow Up
  4. Crocodile Tears
  5. Harisen Recovery
  6. Sexy Technique
  7. Endure
  8. Protect
  9. Second Awakening

Rank 1: A Strong Will to Fight
After returning from Kamoshida’s palace, Anne demands to join in on the plan. Ryuuji expresses concern, but Morgana approves, and she joins the team.

Rank 2: In Order to Grow Stronger
Anne is frustrated that she couldn’t reject Kamoshida sooner, but after consulting with MC, she decides that she wants to grow stronger in heart.

Rank 3: To Not be Shaken
In order to strengthen her heart, Anne starts training so that she won’t be bothered no matter what anyone says to her. She also tells you about her dream: to become someone who can judge for herself what is just.

Rank 4: Future Goals
Anne tells MC about how she met Shiho. She declares that she wants to become an actress in action movies in the future, so that she can have an “unbending heart” like those persistent movie villains.

Rank 5: Taking Advantage of a Bad Situation!
Anne and MC go to Shibuya to buy something for Shiho. However, Anne receives a phone call from her work office, and has to hurry to the scene. There, she falls for a trap set out by her kouhai, Mika, but learns how to utilize fake tears as a result.

Rank 6: What is True Strength?
After visiting Shiho, Anne tells MC about how heroic Shiho was during her rehab. She seems to have learned how to achieve true strength from watching Shiho. She also confesses that even a (self-proclaimed) beauty like her gets runny noses.

Rank 7: Coolness in the Form of Malice
Anne is called to work, and falls victim to Mika’s tricks again. However, she rebounds from the frustration, saying that she will become the world’s top model.

Rank 8: Extra Training to Become the Best!
Anne goes to the gym with MC and Ryuuji to work on her figure. They use their time to its fullest, working out until they drop.

Rank 9: A Promise on the Roof, And…
On the day that Shiho is moving away, Anne calls MC up to the school roof to come see her. Shiho tells them about her mental state when she jumped, and the reason why she continued with the rehab. Anne promises her that she’ll work harder in her modeling career.

As Friends: For the People Waiting for You
In addition to her promise to Shiho, Anne promises MC that she’ll also work hard for the Phantom Thieves and the people who are waiting for her. She then goes home by herself.

As Lovers: So that You Can Hear It Clearly
Anne can’t stop crying after Shiho leaves. MC speaks to her gently, putting his true feelings into words.

Rank 10: Steadfast Desire to Become a Top Model
At the photo shoot, they find out that Mika was sending fake messages to the other models to sabotage their work. However, witnessing her schemes and arrogance just impresses Anne even more. The ensuing photo shoot earns praise from staff and bystanders alike.

As Friends: Relying on Each Other
Anne and MC go to a family restaurant afterwards and promise to support each other in their endeavours. Anne designates MC as a permanent honourary member of her fan club.

As Lovers: Their Precious Time Together
After the shoot, the two ride on a big ferris wheel. Anne is nervous, but spends more time looking at MC than the scenery outside.

Hanging Out (Shibuya): Revenge at the Buffet, and Unexpected Fortune
Anne and MC go to the buffet in Shibuya, to get revenge for the celebration party. Having learned from last time, Anne uses a “quality over quantity” strategy to make the most out of the buffet. As they’re leaving, they receive a choco-fountain for being the 1,000,000th customer.

Hanging Out (Inokashira Park): Silly Conversation Surrounded by Nature
Anne and MC go to Inokashira Park to feel the nature. Surrounded by greenery, they enjoy a relaxing picnic. They start talking about the sandwiches, and Anne says she can make her original sweet sandwiches for him if he wants.

Hanging Out (Harajuku): Trendy Shopping
MC accompanies Anne on her shopping trip, but the clothes she wanted to buy are sold out. They still enjoy their time together, and on the way back, MC receives an idol poster.

Hanging Out (Ikebukuro): A Wish to the Stars…
Anne gets excited when she sees a shooting star at the planetarium. It passed by in a second, so unfortunately she didn’t have time to make a wish.

Friend Zone (Ueno): It Turned Out Like This?
After training to be a model for some time, Anne goes to the art gallery with MC, and reflects on their relationship. Apparently he didn’t make a good first impression on her.

Date (Odaiba): Honest Feelings in Words
Anne and MC ride the big ferris wheel. Anne is nervous because of how close they are and the quiet atmosphere, but is still able to express her feelings out loud.

Date (Maihama): Together in the Land of Dreams
Anne had always wanted to come here with MC, so she’s all smiles from start to finish. “I’m happiest when we’re together.”

Date (Room): You Want to See My Embarrassed Face!?
Anne does a bunch of sweet talk, trying to break MC’s cool facade. Leaving the results aside, they enjoyed their private time.


CV: Ootani Ikue
Codename: Mona
Persona: Zorro / Mercurius


  • A mysterious black cat that lost his memories
  • He was captured in Kamoshida’s palace; MC and Ryuuji rescued him and they ended up working together from then on
  • Despite having no memories, he is knowledgeable about palaces, shadows, and personas, and is a useful guide to the other characters who aren’t used to fighting yet
  • He insists that he used to be a human, but eventually grows to doubt his origin and reason for existence, culminating in him leaving the Phantom Thieves at one point
  • His true identity is a being that Igor created from “society’s hope” to guide MC

Why Mercurius was chosen:

  • Following from before, Mercurius was chosen to match Morgana’s profile
  • Similar to the Greek Hermes, Mercurius is a god related to travelers, thieves, and magic, making him a good fit for Morgana’s role within the Phantom Thieves
  • His design adds onto this, with his blue clothing hinting towards Morgana’s origin and power

Confidant Profile

  • Arcana: The Magician
  • Morgana’s confidant ranks up automatically with the main story
  • His bonds with the Phantom Thieves grow stronger as they steal hearts, and he eventually solves the mystery of who he is
Sex ??? Household None
Height 50 cm (length including tail) Skills Lockpicking, machine repair
Weight 3.5 kg
School Year Habits Licking his front paws
Zodiac ??? Hobbies Watching TV (news, detective shows)
Blood Type ??? Favourite Foods For some reason he has a very refined palate, and likes high-grade sushi and meat. He used to complain about being fed cat food, but now he’s totally into it.
Ideal Partner A noble-minded, kind, cheerful girl that cares about her friends. It would also be good if she looks nice in twintails.
If you won 700 million yen in the lottery? I’d give it to people in need, like a chivalrous thief would. (But I’d keep some for myself to go on a sushi date with that girl.)
A message for one of the Phantom Thieves To Yuusuke: I know you’re hungry, but stop eyeing my dried sardines like that!
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Confidant Abilities:

  1. Infiltration Tools
  2. Baton Pass
  3. Follow Up
  4. Kitty Talk
  5. Pickpocket
  6. Ace Tools
  7. Harisen Recovery
  8. Endure
  9. Protect
  10. Second Awakening

Rank 1: Living Together
MC gets Soujirou’s approval for Morgana to live with him in the attic room. It turns out that Morgana has lost his memories, and is investigating the palace to try and get them back. In return for taking care of him, Morgana promises to teach MC how to make infiltration tools.

Rank 2: Strange Reaction to Treasure
When Kamoshida’s treasure is before them, Morgana’s personality suddenly does a 180. He has a strange obsession with treasure… Anne asks him why, but he doesn’t actually know. His half-assed answer is that he’s drawn to human desire because he used to be a human.

Rank 3: Excitement and Uncertainty
After Yuusuke joins the party, the Phantom Thieves continue with their accomplishments, including destroying Madarame’s palace. Morgana doesn’t even try to hide his glee that the Phantom Thieves are gaining recognition. However, he reveals to MC that he’s worried about his treasure obsession and his ability to transform into a car.

Rank 4: Lost Memories
After Makoto joins the party, Morgana feels a connection to her motorbike persona. When he mentions “carrying” everyone as a vehicle, something about that word clicks in his mind, but he can’t recall why. Rather than getting hung up over it, he stays optimistic and changes the subject.

Rank 5: Human Weakness and His True Form
After Kaneshiro’s change of heart, Morgana talks about how humans turn a blind eye to things. He also expresses his fear that he might not really be a human after all. But thanks to MC’s encouragement, he goes right back to his usual self.

Rank 6: Futaba and His Memories
When Morgana hears from Soujirou that Futaba’s “important memories” were twisted by her own hallucinations, he comes up with a hypothesis. If they can bring her “memory” back, then surely his would return as well… And so Morgana becomes very enthusiastic about this mission.

Rank 7: Dream Morgana
After Futaba joins the Phantom Thieves, they all enjoy a day at the beach together. That night, Morgana has a shocking dream, and wakes up in the middle of the night. Unable to hide his fear about his true form, he whimpers. But after talking with MC, he is able to calm down a bit.

Rank 8: Refreshingly Honest
After bringing Haru to the attic room to rest, Morgana suggests that he leaves the Phantom Thieves. He thought that there was no reason for him to be there, since there was no one he wanted to save or get revenge on. But with Haru and the others pressing him to tell the truth, he was able to say how he really felt.

Rank 9: Morgana’s Reflection and Decision
The night after stealing the treasure from Okumura’s palace, Morgana again speaks his worries about his real form, and tells MC about his inferiority complex. With that off his chest, he vows to MC that he’ll bring the Phantom Thieves to greater heights, and make Anne happy as well.

Rank 10: Where Morgana Belongs
The day before the party heads for the depths of Mementos, Morgana tells MC about his past experiences up until now. While urging him to go to sleep in preparation for the next day’s mission, Morgana asks “God” why MC still hasn’t been rewarded after all of the ordeals he has gone through.

Kitagawa Yuusuke

CV: Sugita Tomokazu
Codename: Fox
Persona: Goemon / Kamu Susanoo


  • A student on an art scholarship at Kousei High
  • He became an orphan at a young age when his only blood relative, his mother, passed away, but the famous Japanese artist Madarame Ichiryuusai saw potential in his artistic talent and took him in as a live-in pupil
  • Even when the Phantom Thieves expose Madarame’s vanity, he cannot turn against his master, who raised him and gave him a home
  • However, when he finds out that Madarame’s masterpiece “Sayuri” was actually stolen from his mother, he manages to separate himself from his past life with Madarame
  • He’s an eye-catching pretty boy, but his eccentricities make him seem disconnected from reality

Why Kamu Susanoo was chosen:

  • As with the others, he was chosen to match Yuusuke’s profile
  • Susanoo was also used for Yousuke in P4 so we weren’t sure if we should repeat him so soon. But when it comes to trickster gods, you just can’t leave out Susanoo, so in the end we still included him
  • We picked the alias that sounded most divine

Confidant Profile

  • Arcana: The Emperor
  • Yuusuke takes a new step forward after cutting ties with Madarame, but falls into a slump because he has witnessed the ugly, dirty side of humanity
  • His story depicts his anguish and personal growth as he walks the path of beauty
Sex Male Household No relatives (both parents passed away)
Height 181 cm Skills Painting, frugal cooking (self-taught cheap meals for himself)
Weight 63 kg
School Year High School 2nd Habits Holding his hands up to frame a composition
Zodiac Aquarius Hobbies Walking (because he can’t afford public transit), people-watching
Blood Type O Favourite Foods Has an eye for aesthetics even for food; very knowledgeable about ingredients, cooking methods, arrangement, etc. He’s picky but in reality he can’t get what he wants anyway (mainly because of money)
Ideal Partner What Mona Lisa was to Da Vinci (someone who will give him artistic inspiration)
If you won 700 million yen in the lottery? Build my own atelier and devote myself to painting.
A message for one of the Phantom Thieves To Morgana: How rude. It was the sardines that were looking at me.
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Confidant Abilities:

  1. Novice Duplication
  2. Baton Pass
  3. Follow Up
  4. Artist Talk
  5. Adept Duplication
  6. Harisen Recovery
  7. Master Duplication
  8. Endure
  9. Protect
  10. Second Awakening

Rank 1: A Trip to Mementos to End the Slump
Yuusuke feels that he needs to understand the human heart in order to paint pure beauty, and goes to Mementos with MC. A shadow attacks him, but with the help of MC they easily ward it off. They find a blank skill card, and drawing on it gives him an idea for recovering from the slump.

Rank 2: Confidence for the Exhibition
Yuusuke brings his completed painting to the attic to get MC’s opinion. He is extremely satisfied with his rendition of “desire.” The painting will be on display at the next exhibition, and the two promise to go there together.

Rank 3: In a Slump Again
Yuusuke invites MC to the art gallery to see his painting that made it in. He is full of confidence, but an elderly gentleman at the venue criticizes his painting very harshly. With MC’s encouragement, Yuusuke is able to get back on his feet and take up the brush again.

Rank 4: Looking for a New Theme
After that frustrating experience, Yuusuke decides to use “love” as his next theme. He invites MC to Inokashira Park. They find what looks like a happy couple and Yuusuke gets right to work, but it turns out that they’re actually siblings, not lovers. Still, Yuusuke is in high spirits from learning about love.

Rank 5: “Anguish” and “Forgiveness”
In order to escape his slump, he goes to the church to paint the anguish of Christ during his crucifixion. Him and MC try to make “anguish” poses, but get questioned by the priest for their suspicious actions. Learning that the crucifixion represents “resurrection” and “forgiveness” gets Yuusuke thinking even more.

Rank 6: A Chance Opportunity
Still trying to reexamine himself, Yuusuke pays a visit to Madarame’s shack with MC. While recalling various memories, unable to understand his own heart, he meets the elderly man from the exhibition again. He introduces himself as Kawanabe from the Art Foundation, and offers to provide support for Yuusuke.

Rank 7: The Truth Behind the Support
Yuusuke decides to talk to Kawanabe to find out what his intentions are. At the sushi restaurant, Kawanabe proposes his plan to sell him as the “tragic, beautiful artist.” Yuusuke is disappointed that it was just about money in the end, but is eager to prove his real talent to him.

Rank 8: Finally Found “True” Beauty
Yuusuke asks the party what theme he should use for Kawanabe’s exhibition. After hearing from Anne and Ryuuji, he realizes from their different values that his heart is clouded by desire, and feels resentment towards himself. His friends admonish him, saying that there’s nothing wrong with that, and he feels overjoyed that he has “grasped the truth.”

Rank 9: Bringing Hope to Viewers
Before painting his exhibition piece, Yuusuke invites MC to Mementos again to revisit the “human heart.” After talking about what his mother wanted to express with “Sayuri”, he proclaims that he wants to paint something that will give hope to those who see it.

Rank 10: A New Vow
Yuusuke’s painting is selected for the exhibition. He sees Kawanabe again at the gallery, who tells him that he’d been taunting Yuusuke this whole time to bring back his passion for art. He also reveals his history with Madarame and offers to support him again, but Yuusuke declines, saying that he has already found the light of hope.

Hanging Out (Ogikubo): He Likes Thick Broth?
The two go to a popular ramen shop in Ogikubo to feed Yuusuke’s empty stomach. He seems unenthusiastic when he hears that their broth is light, but in the end he is still satisfied.

Hanging Out (Jinbochou): Learning from the Past
Yuusuke is in awe that he can buy rare, out-of-print books for a reasonable price. He leaves extremely satisfied, although he can’t afford the train fare back.

Hanging Out (Ueno): Touched by Beauty, and Strengthened Motivation
The hustle and bustle of the crowded museum makes Yuusuke feel at ease, and his imagination runs wild. It seems that he thinks about art a bit differently than before now. On the way back, he gives MC a nude sculpture based on one of his favourite paintings.

Hanging Out (Ikebukuro): Holiday in Space
Gazing at the stars in the planetarium and listening to the narration seems to give him some inspiration. He gets so passionate that the couples around them start glaring at him, and they receive a constellation sticker as a commemorative gift.

Hanging Out (Meiji Shrine): God Should Understand!?
At Meiji Shrine, Yuusuke prepares an offering to pray for wealth. However, broke as ever, he only gives 5 yen. Despite his financial struggles, he presents MC with a ceremonial arrow. His kindness truly knows no bounds.

Niijima Makoto

CV: Satou Rina
Codename: Queen
Persona: Johanna / Anat


  • A third year student at Shuujin Academy and the smart, moralistic student council president
  • She lost her mother at a young age and her policeman father was killed on duty, so now she only lives with her older sister Niijima Sae
  • She’s an overly serious, stubborn honour student
  • She inherited her sense of justice from her father, but she wasn’t always so serious, and questions herself for doing whatever the authorities tell her to do
  • The things that Shadow Kaneshiro says to her are the final straw, and she unleashes her pent-up anger and resentment
  • She likes watching intense yakuza movies that make her clench her fists

Why Anat was chosen:

  • Johanna being a motorcycle wasn’t because we were deliberately trying to be original, but because bikes are a symbol of “youth independence” (i.e. it’s the first vehicle where you can travel far away on the path of your choosing, without following railroad lines)
  • We felt that it matched Makoto’s development
  • Anat is an “alternative form” rather than a “transformation,” which is conveyed in the design as well

Confidant Profile

  • Arcana: The High Priestess
  • Makoto is smart and has plenty of knowledge, but is dangerously oblivious to the ways of the world
  • MC joins her on her journey to expand her world view by challenging herself to recreational activities
Sex Female Household Lives with her older sister (Niijima Sae)
Height 164 cm Skills Household chores, aikido
Weight …Why do I need to tell you?
School Year High School 3rd Habits Putting her hand to her chin when she thinks
Zodiac Taurus Hobbies Reading (any genre, including sci-fi and manga), touring (after exams are over)
Blood Type A Favourite Foods Fish, lightly flavoured dishes. She’s a health nut so she’s picky with nutritional balance. 30 ingredients per day, less than 5g of salt content per day, blueback fish have a lot of DHA… etc.
Ideal Partner A reliable person that is skilled with both the pen and the sword
If you won 700 million yen in the lottery? I’d put it into savings for future use.
A message for one of the Phantom Thieves To Anne: It’s hard for me to say this, but those toppings you always get with your crepes… One of those crepes contains three meals worth of calories…
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Confidant Abilities:

  1. Shadow Calculus
  2. Baton Pass
  3. Brainiac Talk
  4. Follow Up
  5. Harisen Recovery
  6. Shadow Factorization
  7. Endure
  8. Protect
  9. Second Awakening

Rank 1: The First Step into an Unknown World
Makoto and MC go to the arcade so that she can broaden her knowledge. She gets unexpectedly into it, and comes to understand a world she’s never experienced before.

Rank 2: A Student Life Field Study?
Makoto and MC visit the red-light district on a field study, and witness a girl from Shuujin Academy entering a shop called “Afterschool Salon”. They decide to ask her about it tomorrow.

Rank 3: Meeting Eiko
While they are talking to the girl they saw in the red-light district, Takao Eiko, for some reason she ends up exchanging contact information with Makoto. Nothing seems wrong with her behaviour, but…

Rank 4: Doubting the Future
Makoto doesn’t have an answer when Eiko asks her what’s the point of going to a good college. She realizes again how narrow her world is, and reconsiders her future prospects.

Rank 5: Playing the Role of Lover
Eiko’s boyfriend is a host, and Makoto is worried that she might be getting tricked. In order to find out, she promises to go on a double date with them and MC.

Rank 6: Not Enough Love!?
At the family restaurant, they meet Eiko’s boyfriend, who calls himself “Tsukasa.” His flippant attitude is a concern to Makoto. Eiko looks happy, but Makoto continues to worry.

Rank 7: Feelings Inherited by the Sisters
While worrying about Eiko and Tsukasa’s relationship, the conversation drifts to Makoto’s father, and she talks about her past. She remembers that he said “How you live is important,” but she doesn’t have an answer for how she should be living. At any rate, she hasn’t thought about marriage yet.

Rank 8: Convincing Eiko to Open Her Eyes…
Eiko wants some advice from Makoto, and Makoto brings MC with her to the meetup. Eiko asks if she can borrow some money for Tsukasa, and Makoto warns her that she’s being tricked. However, she’s so infatuated with him that the warning falls on deaf ears. Makoto asks MC for his assistance in getting Eiko to open her eyes to the truth.

Rank 9: Spilled Emotions, Honour Student(?)’s Emotions
As a result of their investigation, they obtain proof of Tsukasa’s wrongdoings, but Eiko is still unwilling to listen. In an attempt to wake her up, Makoto unintentionally ends up slapping her in the face, causing the people around them to start a fuss. In order to avoid trouble, they relocate to the nearby bar.

As Friends: One Day, Surely
Makoto talks about how she wants to focus on her studies for now, instead of rushing into love. You can feel a strong sense of affection coming from her.

As Lovers: It’s Not a Misunderstanding!?
Makoto calls herself tone-deaf to love. MC points out himself as a suitor, and she blushes and returns his feelings, saying that she wants them to support each other.

Rank 10:

As Friends: Her Future Goals, and a Tough Academic Road?
While studying at a fast food restaurant, Makoto reports that she’s reconciled with Eiko. She also declares that she’s resuming her studies, because she wants to join the police force and eradicate villains like Tsukasa, so that there will be fewer victims. As thanks for accompanying her, she promises MC that she’ll help him with his studies as well.

As Lovers: Studying Something Besides Knowledge
At MC’s room, Makoto reports that she’s reconciled with Eiko. Eiko has apparently decided to go to college to find out what she wants to do, and Makoto is determined to resume her studies as well. But before that, she wants to learn “something else,” and the two stay together until night falls.

Hanging Out (Motomachi Chuukagai): If We’re Lost Anyway, Let’s Stay Lost Until the End!
At Chinatown, Makoto looks around for the fresh spring rolls that she wanted to try, but realizes that it’s a Vietnamese dish, not Chinese. They have fun wandering around with no direction in mind, and as they leave she gives MC a shuumai cushion.

Hanging Out (Ogikubo): Memory of Her Father
Makoto says that the last time she went to a ramen shop was with her father. She enjoys it so much that she drinks all of the soup, and says that next time she wants to challenge the extra-large size.

Hanging Out (Tsukishima): A Type of Entertainment?
Makoto has never had monjayaki before, and is shocked when she finds out that you cook the food yourself. In the end, she eats way too much.

Hanging Out (Harajuku): Inescapable Interest
Makoto experiences culture shock at Harajuku’s fashion, but also expresses interest. She wants to try painting her face white too!?

Hanging Out (Suidoubashi): Nervous at the Amusement Park?
Makoto can’t stop shaking after her first ride on a rollercoaster. MC receives a Gi-nyant doll on their way out.

Friend Zone (Odaiba): A Serious Talk
The view from the park makes the city look cramped, and Makoto reflects on how “boring” her life was until now. But she will continue to change the world in the way she feels is right.

Date (Odaiba): Frustrating Composure?
Riding the ferris wheel for the first time, Makoto can’t help but be uneasy about the shaking and creaking noises. She complains about how calm MC looks, but expresses her real feelings as well.

Date (Maihama): She Can Feel at Ease Here
Makoto is reluctant to go out to play when she has to prepare for entrance exams, but she understands that you can’t see the real world if all you do is study, so she enjoys her date with MC.

Date (Room): Just Be by My Side…
Makoto wants to take the lead because she’s the older one, but she doesn’t know how to make MC happy. She whispers to him that she’s happy just to have him by her side.

Sakura Futaba

CV: Yuuki Aoi
Codename: Navi
Persona: Necronomicon / Prometheus


  • A genius girl with amazing memory and programming skills
  • Age-wise she should be in her first year of high school, but she has been a shut-in ever since her mother died and she had traumatizing experiences at school
  • She is an incredible hacker, and the original founder of the hacker organization Medjed, that challenged the Phantom Thieves
  • She figures out the Phantom Thieves’ identities by spying on Leblanc, and requests their assistance in an attempt to free herself from her situation
  • She likes cup noodles, but Soujirou only lets her have them once a week

Why Prometheus was chosen:

  • As mentioned before, out of the first 5 personas we thought of, one of them had to be assigned to a female character
  • There was some debate over making the genders match up, but in the end we decided to interpret Prometheus as an “object-type god” (flame holder) rather than a male god, making it a genderless god like her Necronomicon

Confidant Profile

  • Arcana: The Hermit
  • Freed from the confines of her room, Futaba proclaims that she will change herself by following her “promise list”
  • She wants MC to listen to her request if she completes everything…!?
Sex Female Household Adoptive father (Sakura Soujirou)
Height 149 cm (she insists, “I’m 150!”) Skills Programming, hacking, gaming
Weight Hint: 0 kg < x < 1000 kg
School Year Age-wise high school 1st, but doesn’t go to school Habits Squats everywhere, uses internet slang in real life
Zodiac Pisces Hobbies Internet surfing, games, anime
Blood Type AB (RH-) Favourite Foods Curry, cup yakisoba, sweets. She loves home cooking, but didn’t want to burden her very busy mother with extra housework, so she always pretended to be satisfied with instant meals. She does approve of a certain cup yakisoba, though.
Ideal Partner Must meet the following specifications:
Prefers indoors over outdoors / Won’t clean people’s rooms without asking / Drawn to ancient times / Can sing all of the Featherman theme songs
If you won 700 million yen in the lottery? Build a life-sized Featherman robot (that moves).
A message for one of the Phantom Thieves To Haru: If you’ve never eaten cup noodles before, that means you’ve missed out on half of human life. I’ll prepare some of my favourites; let’s have a noodle festival for Haru at the hideout!
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Confidant Abilities:

  1. Moral Support
  2. Mementos Scan
  3. Position Hack
  4. Active Support
  5. Treasure Reboot
  6. Emergency Shift
  7. Final Guard / Second Awakening

Rank 1: I’m Her Key Item for Going Outside?
MC goes to Akihabara to meet up with Futaba, but when he arrives, she’s in the midst of being questioned by a police officer. She seems to panic in crowded places. Futaba asks MC to be her “key item” when going out, so that this mistake won’t happen again.

Rank 2: Making a “Promise List”
Futaba was depressed after the failed Akihabara outing, but makes up her mind to go back to school, and starts writing out her goals in a “promise list.”

Rank 3: “Going to a Crowded Place”
Futaba returns to Akihabara to get revenge for last time, and to cross off the first item on her list. She gets caught up in an unexpected competition, but does manage to achieve her goal in the end.

Rank 4: “Visit the School”
Makoto gives Futaba and MC a tour of the school building. Futaba starts feeling down when she remembers the past, but Makoto’s encouraging words reignites her desire to accomplish her goal.

Rank 5: Same Generation, Unknown Territory
Futaba and MC go to a family restaurant to take out two birds with one stone. They meet Mishima there by chance, and Futaba treats him as a total NPC.

Rank 6: “Get Along with My Friend”
Before tackling the last item on the list, Futaba tells the story of her best friend from elementary school, who she drifted apart from because of a misunderstanding. She starts taking action towards reconciliation with her.

Rank 7: To Save Her Best Friend
After investigating her friend Kana, Futaba finds out that she is still being abused. She pleads with MC to cause a change of heart in Kana’s parents.

Rank 8: Reconciliation
The Phantom Thieves successfully trigger the change of heart in Kana’s parents, and Futaba is able to reunite with her. As a reward for completing a years-outstanding task, Futaba asks MC to pet her on the head. She then blushes because it feels completely different from how her mother used to do it.

Rank 9: “Go Somewhere by Myself, Without MC”
Talking to Kana has strengthened Futaba’s resolve to attend high school. But she confesses that her heart hurts when she recalls the final task. She asks MC why he’s so kind to her, in a different way from Soujirou.

As Friends: Because You’re an Important Friend
Futaba understands when MC tells her it’s because she’s an important friend. She promises to devote herself to supporting him, as a friend.

As Lovers: “I’ll Do My Best as Girlfriend!”
Futaba’s heart won’t stop racing after MC’s confession. She becomes aware of her own feelings, and vows to do her best as both phantom thief and girlfriend.

Rank 10:

As Friends: “The Real World Fun that You Taught Me”
Futaba explores Akihabara by herself, finally completing the “Go somewhere by myself without MC” task. Her friend Kana has started a part-time job, and they promise each other that they’ll work hard to better themselves. Futaba asks for a month’s supply of cup yakisoba as her reward, and the pair immediately go off to look for it.

As Lovers: If We’re Together Forever, Our Reason to Live is the Same”
Futaba reports to MC that she was able to go shopping in Akihabara by herself, and that she was getting along well with Kana. As a reward for completing her task, she requests “the right to not have to leave your side.” This privilege apparently lasts a lifetime.

Hanging Out (Harajuku): Look Straight Ahead
Futaba has difficulty making her way through the crowds, but realizes that it’s easier if she looks straight ahead instead of down at the ground. Her challenge continues on the way home.

Hanging Out (Motomachi Chuukagai): Lured by the Scent…
Futaba gets distracted by the colourful signs and banners, but it’s the mysterious smells that lure her into eating as they walk. In the end, her wallet is in danger!

Hanging Out (Asakusa (Nakamise)): Expedition Through the Crowd
Despite being bad with crowds, Futaba is excited by the uniquely Japanese street. As you leave, she gives you an “I ♥ TOKYO” shirt that caught her eye.

Hanging Out (Asakusa (Sky Tower)): The Best View from Above
Futaba is about to quit because of the crazy congestion, but she is very impressed by the view from the Sky Tower. Unfortunately, they couldn’t see Leblanc from there.

Hanging Out (Akihabara): The Newest Electronics are Amazing!
Futaba’s in high spirits at her beloved Akihabara! She gives MC a superhero figure as a present.

Hanging Out (Inokashira Park): “Lately, It’s Been Fun Outside, Too”
Futaba gets quite tired along the way, but it’s been a long time since she last visited the park, and the stillness is relaxing. She goes on a walk with MC in search of new discoveries.

Date (Odaiba): “My Heart Races When You Stare at Me!?”
Up on the ferris wheel, Futaba’s heart won’t stop racing because of how coolly MC is gazing at her. She looks happy to be his girlfriend.

Date (Room): What Do Lovers Do?”
Futaba seems bored coming to MC’s room, but she’s happy just to be with him. She’s embarrassed to say the word “lovers” out loud.

Date (Maihama): A Fairytale Event
At the amusement park, the couple get on a thrill ride, but Futaba finds it really scary. While they’re taking a break, Futaba pulls out her emergency-use cup yakisoba, but gives up because there’s no hot water. Instead, they enjoy some mouthwateringly-good chicken.

Okumura Haru

CV: Tomatsu Haruka
Codename: Noir
Persona: Milady / Astarte


  • A third year student at Shuujin Academy and daughter of the president of Okumura Foods, the enterprise that owns Big Bang Burger
  • She lives in a motherless household with the housekeepers and servants
  • Her father is pressuring her into an arranged marriage with the son of a political family, and she is fed up with the lack of freedom in her life
  • She saves Morgana after he ventured alone into a palace and was defeated, and appears in front of the Phantom Thieves as a “beauty thief”
  • After a lot of trouble, she ends up joining their party
  • She lives a refined life and doesn’t know much about the ways of the world, but her instincts are sharp
  • Her hobby is vegetable gardening, and she experiments on her own with selective breeding

Why Astarte was chosen:

  • Astarte and Makoto’s Anat actually have fairly similar origins as gods
  • Makoto and Haru share a lot of traits, such as “student in a higher grade”, “female character”, “confined by the values of their superiors”, “burdened with their fathers’ deaths”, etc, so their personas came from the same roots
  • Additionally, Milady’s awakening into Astarte represents the transformation from “artificial” to “organic” which is present in Haru’s story

Confidant Profile

  • Arcana: The Empress
  • Haru vowed to her persona that she would betray her father, but is now faced with grief as a result
  • Okumura Foods is in a state of disarray without their president, and she bears heavy responsibility as his successor
Sex Female Household Father (dies during the story), live-in housekeepers and servants
Height 158 cm Skills Ballet, tea ceremony, tea tasting (She can identify brand and geographical origin. Recently learned how to for coffee as well)
Weight I’ll leave it to your imagination
School Year High School 3rd Habits Holding her hands behind her back, overreacting
Zodiac Sagittarius Hobbies Gardening, handicrafts
Blood Type A Favourite Foods Cooking that brings out the flavour of the ingredients, dishes that are an acquired taste. She is used to eating luxurious course meals so she has a refined palate, and is unusually adept at savouring the ingredients for a high schooler. On the other hand, she is also attracted to rare delicacies like dried mackerel, and blue cheese that have strong flavours and aromas.
Ideal Partner Someone who is fun to be with. Someone who enjoys eating their meals.
If you won 700 million yen in the lottery? Donate it to a good cause.
A message for one of the Phantom Thieves To Ryuuji: One day, I want to try making coffee that you would be able to drink. How about if I tone down the bitterness, add a lot of sugar, and carbonate it to make it more stimulating?
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Confidant Abilities:

  1. Cultivation
  2. Baton Pass
  3. Follow Up
  4. Celeb Talk
  5. Bumper Crop
  6. Harisen Recovery
  7. Soil Improvement
  8. Endure
  9. Protect
  10. Second Awakening

Rank 1: It Tastes Bad, But She’s Excited
Haru asks Soujirou to taste test the vegetables she grew, but the verdict is not good. Nevertheless, she continues gardening, hoping that the vegetables may come in handy in the Metaverse.

Rank 2: Distrust in the Company
Haru has heard a lot of rumours going around in the company. She doesn’t know what to believe. Talking to MC about it makes her feel a bit better.

Rank 3: Disgust Towards Her Fiance
Haru has tried to break off her engagement, but her partner refused, because there is a “contract”. She regains her spirits because her experience may be of use to the Phantom Thieves.

Rank 4: Doubting Takakura (1)
As they are tasting coffee made with beans gathered from elephant dung, the new president Takakura comes by. Haru is suspicious of him, and decides to have a background check done.

Rank 5: Doubting Takakura (2)
Haru’s suspicions have become paranoia. She even considers going through with the arranged marriage for the sake of the workers, but deep inside she still doesn’t want to.

Rank 6: Distressing Interrogation
Haru and MC go to Jinbochou to learn more about coffee. Haru’s fiance Sugimura shows up there, and reveals that the wedding preparations are going smoothly.

Rank 7: A Plan to Develop Trust
While Haru is rearranging the planters in her rooftop garden, she suddenly feels dizzy and collapses. She’s been concerned about the new project that Takakura is starting. Thanks to MC, Haru recalls a magic trick to get through to someone’s heart.

Rank 8: The Plan Is Simply Expressing Her Honest Feelings
Haru’s “magic trick” is to have Takakura drink coffee that she will brew from beans that she put her heart into growing. She can’t guarantee how it will taste, but she has faith that her feelings will get through to him.

Rank 9: Their Feelings Are Linked by Coffee
Haru brews her coffee for Takakura, and learns that he was a regular at her grandfather’s cafe, and his new project is to open up shops just like that cafe. After hearing Haru’s story, he assures her that he will cancel the engagement. It looks like all of Haru’s concerns were able to reach him.

As Friends: Getting Along as Friends
Haru is clearly disappointed when MC says he sees her as a good friend. Was Takakura right when he said she had feelings for MC!?

As Lovers: Actually, From the Very Beginning…
Haru had apparently been interested in MC ever since she joined the Phantom Thieves, and she’s so overwhelmed with emotion that she can’t even drink her coffee.

Rank 10:

As Friends: The Path She Chose for Herself
Haru begins participating in corporate meetings at Takakura’s recommendation. However, she decides that she wants to leave Okumura Foods to the employees entirely, and open a cafe by herself. She expresses to MC again how happy she was to have met him, and promises that he’ll be the first customer at her cafe.

As Lovers: Grateful that We Met
After enjoying a cup of Soujirou’s coffee, Haru goes to MC’s room. She confides in him about various thoughts, regarding the company and her future, and that if she’d never met him, her life would have been a mess. She is thankful that they met, and the two spend a long time together.

Hanging Out (Ogikubo): Hints for Management Strategy!?
Haru and MC go to a famous ramen shop in Ogikubo after Haru expressed that she wanted to try it someday. She looks at the long entry line and makes conjectures about their management strategy from a food corporation heiress’s point of view. She turns out to be a big eater and likes the flavour a lot, so both her and MC empty their bowls dry.

Hanging Out (Harajuku): A Hero’s Reward is a Smile?
Haru and MC go to Takenoko Street in Harajuku, where all the leading-edge trends are, to look at the shops. They enjoy crepes and parfaits, but Haru looks happy just to see the smiles on other people who are eating them. While relishing in that happiness, they head to the next store.

Hanging Out (Tsukishima): Her First Monja
Haru is really excited seeing monjayaki for the first time. It happens to be the shop’s anniversary, so they receive a giant spatula as a gift.

Hanging Out (Ginza): Cooking is Important Too, But…
Haru is used to eating in one of the private rooms, so this is her first time sitting at the counter. She seems satisfied enjoying this time with MC.

Hanging Out (Akihabara): The Newest Electronics are Amazing
Haru is impressed by the industry’s toils; things like talking refrigerators and multi-function coffee makers. She also takes a look at the gardening section.

Friend Zone (Meiji Shrine): “If I Get Married…”
Taking in the scent of the shrine grounds makes Haru feel tense. She says that if she gets married, she wants the wedding ceremony to take place here, and for MC to attend as well.

Date (Odaiba): Everything’s Fun When We’re Together”
It’s Haru’s first time on a ferris wheel. She smiles and says that MC is her first love, and everything is fun when they’re together. But she doesn’t like to say “goodbye”.

Date (Room): “I Want to Know the Most”
Haru finds the attic room very relaxing, because it feels like a hiding place and has a unique fragrance. She hits MC with a barrage of questions, because she wants to know more about him than anyone else does.

Akechi Gorou

CV: Hoshi Souichirou
Codename: Crow
Persona: Robin Hood / Loki


  • A high school student that also works as a detective
  • His nickname is “The Second Advent of the Detective Prince”
  • He criticizes the Phantom Thieves’ disruptive actions, and collaborates with the prosecutor Niijima Sae on her investigation of them
  • He eventually forms a cooperative relationship with the Phantom Thieves, and reveals to his new comrades that he possesses a persona as well
  • They venture into Niijima Sae’s palace together, but at the very end, his true allegiance is exposed
  • He is another “chosen one” who received the same Wildcard ability as MC
  • Despite having the same ability, he is jealous of MC for being surrounded by friends, and lets his hatred consume him
  • His emotions are complicated, though – he doesn’t deny liking MC, and laments that they hadn’t met a few years earlier instead

Why Loki was chosen:

  • Loki may have been the most fitting persona choice in the game, aside from MC’s
  • Loki is not only famous as a god, but has also been used in many Atlus games before
  • When I compare Loki’s image in those games to Akechi’s character and actions in this story, I can’t imagine anyone other than Loki for him

Confidant Profile

  • Arcana: The Justice
  • Akechi’s stance changes greatly, from an enemy that criticizes the Phantom Thieves on TV to an ally that fights with them
  • His real identity is the key to a big mystery
Sex Male Household None (Lives alone in an apartment in the city)
Height 178 cm Skills Detective reasoning
Weight 64 kg
School Year High School 3rd Habits Stopping to think during a conversation
Zodiac Gemini Hobbies Cycling (he uses a hybrid bike for getting around the city because it’s good for tight turns), bouldering, fashionable sports like darts
Blood Type AB (RH-) Favourite Foods Nothing in particular. He eats whatever is popular, and tries anything that gets good reviews. He doesn’t mind waiting in lines. He picks up information from conversations with adults and visits various places in the city on his bicycle. Since he has a lot of adult acquaintances, he has a lot of influence at obscure shops and high-class restaurants alike, but he doesn’t actually care about the taste much.
Ideal Partner Someone who can maintain distance.
If you won 700 million yen in the lottery? Travel around the world to expand my views (but not until exams are over).
A message for one of the Phantom Thieves To the Leader of the Phantom Thieves: Looks, intelligence, athletics; you don’t excel over me at any of those things. So why do people gather around you…? I’m deeply curious.

Creator’s Comment:

  • Based on how the story goes Akechi should be a confidant, but at the very end he becomes your enemy, so we struggled until the very end deciding how his story should conclude
  • At first, we also looked into making him rank up like a normal confidant rather than the forced progression, but for various reasons we settled for how it is now
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Confidant Abilities:

  1. Baton Pass / Follow Up / Detective Talk / Harisen Recovery

Rank 1: The High School Detective Who Opposes the Phantom Thieves
On a school trip to a TV station, the party ends up in the audience for Akechi’s recording session. Akechi declares that the Phantom Thieves’ actions are “unjust”, and has a debate with MC during the Q&A section. Akechi finds MC’s opinions very insightful, and asks if they could talk again sometime.

Rank 2: A Blatant Taunt?
After the Phantom Thieves celebrate Kaneshiro’s change of heart, they run into Akechi in the train station. He has apparently joined the Phantom Thieves investigation team, and tells them that “Medjed” has declared war on the Thieves. Akechi seems to take interest in how MC still remains calm after hearing that.

Rank 3: The High School Detective’s Secret Past
On the day before their beach trip, MC is helping out at Leblanc when Akechi suddenly shows up. Soujirou’s mood sours when he mentions the name “Wakaba.” Akechi starts talking about his own circumstances, and finding his conversation with MC a good stimulus, smiles and says he’ll come again.

Rank 4: Opening His Heart
It is decided that Akechi will be called in as a guest for Shuujin Academy’s school festival. Later that night, MC returns to Leblanc and finds Akechi enjoying a cup of coffee. On TV, the politician Shidou Masayoshi is giving a speech on taking measures against the Phantom Thieves. Akechi expresses disagreement with Shidou’s views.

Rank 5: Different Sides, Same Goal
During Akechi’s lecture at the school festival, he calls for a break and shows the party photo evidence of them entering the Metaverse. It turns out that Akechi has also awakened to a persona, and has seen the true culprit before. Akechi requests their cooperation to resolve the incident the right way.

Rank 6: While Figuring Out the Keyword…
The party is gathered outside the courthouse to prepare for Sae’s palace. Though they are on opposing sides, they agree to work together with Akechi. While they’re about to figure out Sae’s keyword, Futaba grabs Akechi’s phone… After figuring out the keyword, they head into the palace.

Rank 7: Questions Unanswered?
After clearing Sae’s palace, Makoto questions her about her old sense of “justice.” It is still unclear what causes the palace owners (Sae included) to become warped like this, but they were able to steal the treasure and Akechi smiles contentedly, saying that it was a good experience.

Rank 8: Akechi’s True Identity Revealed
In the interrogation room, Akechi doesn’t hesitate to grab the security guard’s pistol and kill MC. Akechi is calm until the very end, and explains that the Phantom Thieves were a crucial part of his plan. Ironically, since Akechi has revealed his true nature to MC, their relationship deepens from this event.

Rank 9: If Only We’d Met Sooner…
The party encounters Akechi again in Shidou’s palace, and he is truly saddened that he met MC all too late. He tells them about his upbringing, how he came to know of the Metaverse, and the reason why he fights. In order to get his plan back on track, he attacks the party with his “true power.”

Rank 10: His Final Wish is Someone’s Change of Heart
After defeating Akechi, Shidou’s cognitive Akechi appears. He plans to eliminate the party with an army of shadows, but Akechi quickly brings down a barrier, splitting the room into two and trapping himself on the other side with the enemies. He strikes a deal with the Phantom Thieves in exchange for helping them.

4 thoughts on “[Spoilers] Persona 5 Maniacus – Party Members

  1. Thank you so much for translating this information! I love the game and want to know more about development, sadly most of them are Japanese info. Thanks to you, these data can be accessed by overseas fans.

  2. Why are All the Female Cast’s Weight Unknown!?
    I guess they hiding something.
    But Thank You! Persona 5 is one of the best recent Jrpg to come out. Really Looking fowardto Persona 5 Royal….too bad I don’t own a PS4…..”cries in the corner”

    • It’s basically an anime/manga trope that girls are sensitive about their weight. Though most of the time they’re actually like, 20 pounds underweight. 0_0

  3. Thank you for the translations! Character profiles are one of my favorite things to read. They offer insight into the characters that you might miss from the game.
    I like how everyone’s concerned about food in their own way except for Akechi.

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