FFXIV Ability Localization

A compilation of ability names that are notably different between the EN and JP clients.


II, III, IV spells in the EN client are named with -ra, -ga-, and -ja suffixes in the JP client.


Riot Blade (EN) / Riot Sword (JP)
This is kind of interesting because Fast Blade and Savage Blade are “Blade” in JP too. Not sure why this one is different. Possibly it was to distinguish it since it’s a different combo, but in EN they decided to make it “blade” as well for consistency.

Sword Oath (EN) / Sword of Loyalty [忠義の剣] (JP)
Shield Oath (EN) / Shield of Loyalty [忠義の盾] (JP)
Probably changed to sound better.

Circle of Scorn (EN) / Circle of Doom (JP)
Maybe “doom” was too generic-edgy?

Hallowed Ground (EN) / Invincible (JP)
Wanted it to sound fancier?


Bootshine (EN) / Consecutive Strike [連撃] (JP)
True Strike (EN) / Seikenzuki (type of punch) [正拳突き] (JP)
Snap Punch (EN) / Demolishing Fist [崩拳] (JP)
Twin Snakes (EN) / Twin Palm Strike [双掌打] (JP)
Almost every attack is different. Most(?) of these JP names are martial arts terminology; not my specialty so I’m gonna leave it at that.

Featherfoot (EN) / Feather Step (JP)
Sounds better.

Second Wind (EN) / Internal Alchemy [内丹] (JP)
The JP terminology used here is from Taoism. According to Wikipedia, it is “an array of esoteric doctrines and physical, mental, and spiritual practices that Taoist initiates use to prolong life and create an immortal spiritual body that would survive after death.”

Haymaker (EN) / Counter (JP)
Well, counter punch isn’t a very cool skill name and I can see why they wouldn’t call it counter strike. A haymaker is a type of punch but I’m not sure if it’s used in the same situation. (not that it matters. no one uses this skill)

Touch of Death (EN) / Pressure Point Fist [秘孔拳] (JP)
This is the same word used for pressure points in Hokuto no Ken.

Fists of Earth (EN) / Diamond Posture [金剛の構え] (JP)
A Buddhist term meaning “indestructible substance”, believed to be referring to diamond. There is also a mountain named this which is what the Kongou-class battleships are named after.
Fists of Wind (EN) / Gale Posture [疾風の構え] (JP)
Fists of Fire (EN) / Crimson Lotus Posture [紅蓮の構え] (JP)
The colour of this flower is often likened to the colour of flames.

Arm of the Destroyer (EN) / Destruction God Collision [壊神衝] (JP)
Shoulder Tackle (EN) / Rakshasa Collision [羅刹衝] (JP)
Uhhh yeah moving on.

Dragon Kick (EN) / Twin Dragon Kick [双竜脚] (JP)
Twice the dragons!

Perfect Balance (EN) / Stomp [踏鳴] (JP)
The JP name implies that it’s a loud stomp. Anyway, now you know why the icon looks like that.

Meditation (EN) / Fighting Spirit [闘気] (JP)
By the way, chakra stacks are called “fighting spirit” stacks, too.

The Forbidden Chakra (EN) / Yin-Yang Fighting Spirit Chop [陰陽闘気斬] (JP)
Some kanji compounds just weren’t meant to be translated.

Elixir Field (EN) / Blue Energy Cannon [蒼気砲] (JP)
…Some kanji compounds just weren’t meant to be translated.

Purification (EN) / Stoma Technique [気孔術] (JP)
Is probably also referencing 気功術 (same reading, different kanji) which is Chinese qigong.

Okay I am so done with MNK. I regret doing this now…


Butcher’s Block (EN) / Bora Axe (JP)
Bora Axe is a skill name from FFXI. I don’t really know what it means and I’m guessing localization didn’t like it either.

Defiance (EN) / Defender (JP)
Deliverance (EN) / Destroyer (JP)
JP stance names are more in-your-face. “Defender” was probably a holdover from the WAR ability in FFXI that raised defense while lowering attack. I like the EN names a lot though.

Inner Beast (EN) / Primal Spirit [原初の魂] (JP)
“Primal” as in the dictionary definition of the word, not in-game primals. Like basic animal nature. The same word is used later for Raw Intuition. Inner Beast is a really nice TL!

Storm’s Path (EN) / Storm (?) [シュトルムヴィント] (JP)
Storm’s Eye (EN) / Storm (?) [シュトルムブレハ] (JP)
I actually have no idea what “vinto” and “bureha” here are supposed to mean. The German name for Storm’s Eye (Sturmbrecher; “stormbreaker” according to Google TL) sounds close, but the name for Storm’s Path (Sturmkeil) sounds nothing like “vinto”. So I dunno. Ask SE :<

Infuriate (EN) / War Cry (JP)
Random difference.


Phlebotomize (EN) / Second Level Thrust [二段突き] (JP)

Blood for Blood (EN) / “Risking One’s Life” [捨身] (JP)
Makes sense. The JP term implies desperation but it’s hard to imagine that when really we just use this skill to parse higher and hopefully not die to raidwide aoe.

Spineshatter Dive (EN) / Spine Dive (JP)
Dragonfire Dive (EN) / Dragon Dive (JP)
Making them sound cooler.

Power Surge (EN) / Dragon Spear [竜槍] (JP)

Chaos Thrust (EN) / “Cherry Blossoms Blooming Out of Season” [桜華狂咲] (JP)
Oh boy here we go. Okay, so now you know why Chaos Thrust’s animation has cherry blossom petals flying everywhere and makes the sound of a koto. 狂 means “to go mad” but in the context of 狂咲 (short for 狂い咲き), is used to describe flowers that are blooming out of season. Going mad → Chaos → Chaos Thrust! It definitely rolls off the tongue better even if people have no idea why petals are appearing out of nowhere.

Blood of the Dragon (EN) / Azure Dragon Blood [蒼の竜血] (JP)
The JP name includes the word azure. You are an Azure Dragoon, after all.

Fang and Claw (EN) / Dragon Fang, Dragon Claw [竜牙竜爪] (JP)
Just in case you somehow couldn’t tell that it was supposed to be a dragon’s fang and claw.

Wheeling Thrust (EN) / Wheeling Dragon Tail [竜尾大車輪] (JP)
Is this why this skill is a rear positional??


All of them are pretty much the same! Or at least similar enough that I can’t think of anything to comment on. Except for one skill…

The Warden’s Paean (EN) / Time God’s Paean [時神のピーアン] (JP)
Army’s Paeon is actually also “War God’s Paeon” but at least that’s still the same idea. I wouldn’t have made the connection between “Warden” and “God of Time” so I’m including this one here. Why is it “Warden”? Well, according to the lore book, this song is supposed to be an ode to Oschon, the god of travelers. Actually that just makes me even more confused. Never mind.

White Mage

Cleric Stance (EN) / Crusade Stance (JP)
Hmmm. Probably one of those “we shouldn’t use this word” scenarios, I guess.

Fluid Aura (EN) / Aqua Aura (JP)

Presence of Mind (EN) / God-Speed Magic [神速魔] (JP)
Uhhhh yeah. Well, it’s not THAT fast.

Shroud of Saints (EN) / Goddess’ Divine Protection [女神の加護] (JP)
Similar idea, nicer wording.

Black Mage

Scathe (EN) / Collapse (JP)
This is just consistent with how Collapse was localized in FFXII.

Manaward (EN) / MBarrier (JP)
This ability was in FFVII but they probably localized it differently because something like MBarrier would look out of place here.

Manawall (EN) / Wall (JP)
Another reused ability. Changed for consistency/style/etc etc.

Aetherial Manipulation (EN) / Aetherial Step (JP)
Manipulation sounds fancier I guess? I dunno, I think step is ok too.

Ley Lines (EN) / Black Magic Crest (黒魔紋) (JP)
Okay so the English description says “Connects naturally occurring ley lines to create a circle of power […]” and the Japanese description says “Creates a black-magic crest at your feet.” When you’re standing inside the ley lines, you get an additional buff (because you’re actually in the thing) which in English is called “Circle of Power” and in Japanese is called… “Black Magic Crest: Effect Active”. Boring as usual… (JP client doesn’t have interesting names for traits like Freecure/Overcure and Thundercloud/Firestarter either)


Fester (EN) / Miasma Burst (JP)
Some people think the JP name sounds better, but I think Fester is a really cool change because it fits thematically.

Dreadwyrm Trance (EN) / Bahamut Trance (JP)
This was an expected change, seeing as how Final Coil gear is called Dreadwyrm gear in EN and Bahamut gear in JP.


Adloquium (EN) / Encouragement Plan [鼓舞激励の策] (JP)
The word “adloquium” is Latin for “encouragement” :) Similarly, the “Galvanize” status effect is simply called “Encouragement” in JP.

Succor (EN) / Morale-Lifting Plan [士気高揚の策] (JP)
The word “succor” means “assistance/relief.”

Leeches (EN) / Life Force Purification Method [生命浄化法] (JP)
Sacred Soil (EN) / Field Medic Formation [野戦治療の陣] (JP)
As you can see there’s a reason these names didn’t stick; can you imagine the Berserk macros!? “Esuna or Life Force Purify me in 5 seconds!”

Lustrate (EN) / Life Force Activation Method [生命活性方] (JP)
The word “lustrate” means “purify.” Maybe they should have named Leeches this :s

Broil (EN) / Talk Big [気炎法] (JP)
Like having a heated argument. 炎 means “flames” so it actually does kind of tie into “broiling.”

Dissipation (EN) / Transformation [転化] (JP)
Dissipation is a way more appropriate word for this ability :)

[Eos/Selene] Embrace (EN) / Healing of Light [光の癒し] (JP)
[Eos] Whispering Dawn (EN) / Whispering of Light [光の囁き] (JP)
[Selene] Silent Dusk (EN) / Silence of Light [光の沈黙] (JP)
EN versions are a bit more thematic with Dawn/Dusk.


Shade Shift (EN) / Traces [残影] (JP)
Referring to the shadows that are blocking the damage.

Kiss of the Wasp (EN) / Wasp Venom [蜂毒] (JP)
Kiss of the Viper (EN) / Snake Venom [蛇毒] (JP)

Mutilate (EN) / Unparalleled Spin [無双旋] (JP)
Guessing they just picked an edgy word since this doesn’t translate well. I mean, that’s what I would’ve done too.

Death Blossom (EN) / Bloody Rain of Flowers [血花五月雨] (JP)

Kassatsu (“EN”)  / The Power of Life and Death [活殺自在] (JP)
The EN name for this is only the first half of the JP name (Life and Death).

Dream within a Dream (EN) / Third Dream Rank [夢幻三段] (JP)
The name sounds cool and flashy in JP so it bothers me that I can’t directly translate it in a cool and flashy way. Well, that’s probably why they ended up with that EN name.


Reassemble (EN) / Maintenance [整備] (JP)
Dismantle (EN) / Weapon Break (JP)
Rend Mind (EN) / Mind Break (JP)
…Those are actually the only different names, and they’re all clearly just to sound more natural. Man, thank you MCH for making my life easy.

Dark Knight

…DRK is even easier! They’re all the same! Well OK, there are 2 very small differences:

Grit (EN) / Grit Stance (JP)
Plunge (EN) / Plunge Cut (JP)
^ literally it. Maybe I can get some sleep after all! Just kidding, AST is next :(


Essential Dignity (EN) / Dignity (JP)
Exalted Detriment (EN) / Detriment (JP)
Because we really needed more skills that abbreviate to ED.

Disable (EN) / Don’t Act (JP)
Same localization difference as in FFXII.

Spread (EN) / Keep (JP)

Time Dilation (EN) / Dilation (JP)

Collective Unconscious (EN) / Wheel of Fortune [運命の輪] (JP)
The buff is called Wheel of Fortune in EN too. Well, I think Collective Unconscious sounds pretty cool although I can never remember the name.

[Card] The Balance (EN) / Azeyma’s Balance [アーゼマの均衡] (JP)
[Card] The Bole (EN) / Yggdrasil’s Trunk [世界樹の幹] (JP)
[Card] The Arrow (EN) / Oschon’s Arrow [オシュオンの矢] (JP)
[Card] The Spear (EN) / Halone’s Spear [ハルオーネの槍] (JP)
[Card] The Ewer (EN) / Thaliak’s Water Jug [サリャクの水瓶] (JP)
[Card] The Spire (EN) / Byregot’s Tower [ビエルゴの塔] (JP)
Card names have some more flavour to them in the JP names.

Limit Breaks

[Caster LB2] Starstorm (EN) / Mini-Meteor (JP)

[WAR LB3] Land Waker (EN) / Primal Earth [原初の大地] (JP)
Again, same “primal” as in Inner Beast and Raw Intuition.

[DRG LB3] Dragonsong Dive (EN) / Azure Sky Dragon Dive [蒼天のドラゴンダイブ] (JP)
Same “Azure Sky” used in the JP name for Heavensward.

[NIN LB3] Chimatsuri (“EN”) / Getton Blood Offering [月遁血祭] (JP)
It’s the -ton suffix from the ninjutsu except this time the “element” is Moon. Anyway, the EN name only uses the latter “Blood Offering” part.

[AST LB3] Astral Stasis (EN) / Celestial Gate Opening [星天開門] (JP)
Okay these don’t seem to mean the same thing. Time to bring out the lore book! “By throwing wide the gate to the seventh heaven–the highest of the astral domains–the astrologian favors the battlefield with celestial benediction.” I guess the localization team just liked the word “stasis.” This name is a reference to Orran the astrologer from FFT, who has an ability called Celestial Stasis.

PvP Abilities

[WHM] Sacred Prism (EN) / Goddess’ Benevolence [女神の慈悲] (JP)
Not really sure why this one got changed so much.

[SCH] Aura Blast (EN) / Life Force Wave [生命波動法] (JP)
Gotta make those complicated SCH names into something that rolls off the tongue.

[NIN] Overwhelm (EN) / Violent Attack [強襲撃] (JP)
[NIN] Malmsight (EN) / Clairvoyance [千里眼] (JP)
[NIN] Ill Wind (EN) / Whirlwind [辻風] (JP)

[MCH] Report (EN) / Gun Report (JP)
Minor change.

[MCH] Between the Eyes (EN) / Sniping [狙撃] (JP)

4 thoughts on “FFXIV Ability Localization

  1. Astral Stasis is a legacy translation referencing Final Fantasy Tactics’ Olan, the series’ first Astrologian.

  2. A note on Boot Shine/Consecutive Strike: the more common way of reading this would be “combo” and also is the first weaponskill hand-to-hand users in FFXI learn. Clearly it wasn’t kept in name here because we have actual combos now and that would be very confusing haha.

  3. Fists of Fire (EN) / Crimson Lotus Posture [紅蓮の構え] (JP)

    紅蓮の解放者 is the Japanese name for Stormblood, so, take of that what you will.

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