FFXIV Ability Localization: Stormblood

AKA “I went on WHM for the first time in SB and I have no idea WTF インドゥルゲンティア is supposed to mean”

As with the previous post, only notably different ability names will be listed.


Nothing to see here


Nothing to see here

Dark Knight

Delirium (EN) / Blood Delirium (JP)
The Blackest Night (EN) / Black Night (JP)

White Mage

Plenary Indulgence (EN) / Indulgentia (JP)

indulgentia (Latin)
1. leniency, concession, pardon
2. kindness, gentleness
3. indulgence, remission (of sins)


Excogitation (EN) / Long-term Plan [深謀遠慮の策] (JP)
Loc went back to the ARR style naming for SCH abilities. “Long-term” is perhaps a bit of a weak word to use, the JP implies foresight, deep planning, etc. Meanwhile the word “excogitation” means careful thought/consideration so it’s very appropriate.

Broil II (EN) / Magic Flames [魔炎法] (JP)
While EN simply did Broil → Broil II, the JP name for Broil was not a typical FF-style magic name. As explained in the ARR/HW post, Broil was 気炎法 and the JP name for Broil II replaces the 気 with 魔 (used in words like 魔法 (magic), 悪魔 (demon), 魔道士 (mage)).


Nothing to see here


Brotherhood (EN) / Oath of the Peach Garden [桃園結義] (JP)
The original name of this ability is taken from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It was the event where Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei became sworn brothers.


Life of the Dragon (EN) / Crimson Dragon Blood [紅の竜血] (JP)
This is one of those things where you just know Koji looked at the new SB skills and facedesked. The HW ability was “Azure Dragon Blood” which got localized to “Blood of the Dragon”. The SB ability is “Crimson Dragon Blood” but they already removed the colour reference, so we end up with “Life of the Dragon” instead.


Nothing to see here


NOTHING TO SEE HERE! Thank you weeb job

…However I will point out the LB3 just because I can:

Doom of the Living (EN) / All Living Things Must Die [生者必滅] (JP)
Which one is edgier?? I can’t decide


Nothing to see here


Barrel Stabilizer (EN) / Barrel Heater (JP)
EN name matches the effect more accurately.

Black Mage

Between the Lines (EN) / Lines Step (JP)


Nothing to see here

Red Mage

Nothing to see here (a few names are a bit more French-sounding though)

Role Actions

(Not including reused ARR/HW skills)

Largesse (EN) / Affection [慈愛] (JP)
“Largesse” is more like “extreme generosity”.

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