Jewelrincess of Fairytale

My friend forced me to translate this. (too lazy to edit the images)
Basically it’s the Major Arcana combined with fairytales and pretty art.

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0 The Fool
Upright ・Curiosity ・ Adventure ・ Freedom

Reverse ・Foolishness ・ Ignorance ・ Obsession

Symbol Uranus
Protective Jewel Aquamarine

Alice in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll

During a picnic, a young and adventurous girl named Alice chases a white rabbit and ended up losing her way in a mysterious land. While being tossed around by various strange events, she makes her way to the Queen of Hearts’ castle. She suddenly awakens, sees her older sister beside her, and realizes that it was all a dream.

1 The Magician
Upright ・Creativity ・ Skill ・ Correspondence

Reverse ・Mediocrity ・ Trickery ・ Cowardice

Symbol Mercury
Protective Jewel Emerald

Peter Pan
James Matthew Barrie

The fairytale protagonist Peter Pan sneaks into the home of the Darling family, who live in the suburbs of London. He leads the three siblings, who don’t want to grow up into adults, on a trip to Neverland. After completing various adventures, the three return to London, but gradually forget about becoming adults.

2 The High Priestess
Upright ・Intuition ・ Wisdom ・ Mystery

Reverse ・Egoism ・ Callousness ・ Selfishness

Symbol Moon
Protective Jewel Moonstone

The Fairies
Perrault Fairytale

On a beautiful moonlit night, a homely old woman asks a girl for a ladle of water. When the kind-hearted girl complies, the old woman transforms into a beautiful goddess, and casts a spell that causes jewels and flowers to flow from the girl’s mouth whenever she speaks. Her ill-tempered sister is jealous of her, but is cruel to the goddess disguised as an old woman. So, the goddess makes it so that snakes and insects flow from the sister’s mouth whenever she speaks.

3 The Empress
Upright ・Fertility ・ Motherhood ・ Development

Reverse ・Overprotection ・ Vanity ・ Wastefulness

Symbol Venus
Protective Jewel Sapphire

Andersen Fairytale

A tiny princess, the size of a thumb, is born from the large flower of a witch’s barley plant. One night, a frog carries her off to become his bride. She is narrowly rescued by a field mouse, but he tries to make her the bride of a mole. Afraid that she’ll never see the sun again, a swallow saves her, and she ends up marrying the prince of a land of little people to the south.

4 The Emperor
Upright ・Success ・ Fatherhood ・ Control

Reverse ・Arrogance ・ Tyranny ・ Impulse

Symbol Aries
Protective Jewel Carnelian

The Frog Prince
Grimm Fairytale

A princess drops her favourite gold ball into a pond. A frog comes out, and says that he will return the gold ball if she becomes friends with him. She agrees, but is unwilling to bring a frog into the castle, so she returns with only the gold ball. The king then warns her that she must keep her promises, even if the other party is a frog. She reluctantly grants the frog’s wish, but when he sleeps with her as her pet she finally grows sick of him and throws him at the wall. The frog then returns to his original form: a prince.

5 The Hierophant
Upright ・Compassion ・ Perseverance ・ Faith

Reverse ・Meddling ・ Extravagance ・ Isolation

Symbol Taurus
Protective Jewel Malachite

The Happy Prince
Oscar Wilde

A statue of a prince stands on top of a hill, studded with gold and jewels. A resting swallow sees the kind prince, and the precious materials in his eyes seem to be asking the swallow to take them to the poor and needy people. Winter comes, the swallow has used up all of its strength, and the prince has become a shabby, gray form – causing the townspeople to take down the statue and burn it. However, the prince’s beautiful gray heart is not burnt. An angel brings the heart as well as the swallow’s dead body up to heaven.

6 The Lovers
Upright ・Love ・ Decision ・ Harmony

Reverse ・Separation ・ Betrayal ・ Stagnation

Symbol Gemini
Protective Jewel Citrine

The Blue Bird
Maurice Maeterlinck

On the night of Christmas, the siblings Tyltyl and Mytyl meet an old witch. She asks them to search for the blue bird of happiness in order to cure her grandson’s disease. The two traverse various lands in search of the bird, but no matter which blue bird they bring back, the child dies. They wake up at the sound of their mother’s voice, and see that their pet pigeon had turned into a bluebird. Even if you don’t search for happiness, it will appear by your side.

7 The Chariot
Upright ・Triumph ・ Effort ・ Independence

Reverse ・Overwork ・ Forcefulness ・ Misfortune

Symbol Cancer
Protective Jewel Pearl

Perrault Fairytale

Cinderella is bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters, and cannot go to the ball at the castle. A fairy appears, turns a pumpkin and some mice into a horse-drawn carriage, and presents a beautiful dress. However, her magic will wear off at midnight. At the ball, Cinderella falls in love with the prince at first sight, and leaves one of her glass slippers behind as she leaves the castle when the midnight bells ring. The prince searches all over the country with the shoe. The shoe fits perfectly on Cinderella’s foot, and she becomes a princess.

8 (11) Strength
Upright ・Courage ・ Honour ・ Tolerance

Reverse ・Overestimation ・ Cowardice ・ Hardship

Symbol Leo
Protective Jewel Tiger’s Eye

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum

Dorothy lives in the countryside of Kansas, and one day is transported to the Land of Oz by a tornado. Wanting to return to her home, she heads for the Emerald City to search for the wizard that will grant her wish, with the help of a brainless scarecrow, a tin woodman, and a cowardly lion. When they finally managed to reach the wizard, he was a fake. However, along the journey, the scarecrow gained intelligence, the woodman gained love, and the lion gained courage. And, Dorothy was able to return home using magic shoes.

9 The Hermit
Upright ・Prudence ・ Pursuit ・ Advice

Reverse ・Eccentricity ・ Inexperience ・ Criticism

Symbol Virgo
Protective Jewel Sardonyx

Little Red Riding Hood
Grimm Fairytale

Little Red Riding Hood was asked by her mother to visit her sick grandmother, but along the way she is tricked by a wolf to make a detour. In the meantime, the wolf swallows the grandmother, and later does the same to Little Red Riding Hood. Luckily, a passing huntsman cuts open the sleeping wolf’s stomach and saves the two. He puts heavy rocks into the now-empty stomach, drops the wolf into the river, and the wolf dies.

10 Wheel of Fortune
Upright ・Fortune ・ Conversion ・ Turning Point

Reverse ・Decline ・ Treachery ・ Stalemate

Symbol Jupiter
Protective Jewel Tourmaline

Sleeping Beauty
Grimm Fairytale

In a kingdom that hasn’t bore child in a very long time, a princess is finally born and a celebratory banquet is held. A witch slips in, and casts a curse on the princess so that when she turns 15, she will die due to a spindle. However, a goddess softens the curse so that she will sleep for 100 years instead. When the princess turns 15, as predicted she is pricked by a spindle needle and falls into a deep sleep. The king, queen, and the entire nation also fall asleep, and the castle is wrapped in thorns. 100 years later, a prince comes and kisses the princess, and everyone wakes up.

11 (8) Justice
Upright ・Righteousness ・ Fairness ・ Privilege

Reverse ・Dissatisfaction ・ Injustice ・ Disappointment

Symbol Libra
Protective Jewel Peridot

The Three Musketeers
Alexandre Dumas, père

France, during the reign of Louis XIII. A noble named d’Artagnan from the countryside undergoes some misfortune with the Three Musketeers, and ends up accepting a request from the Queen’s attendant, Constance, who needs to recover a necklace. They get involved in various troubles and even expose the Cardinal’s conspiracy. D’Artagnan is interrogated but does not yield, and ends up serving the country as a hero.

12 The Hanged Man
Upright ・Caution ・ Tribulation ・ Patience

Reverse ・Fruitless Effort ・ Futility ・ Stagnation

Symbol Neptune
Protective Jewel Amethyst

The Adventures of Pinocchio
Carlo Collodi

Old man Geppetto makes a wooden puppet with a mind of its own, and names it Pinocchio. This Pinocchio hates studying and working, and has a naive personality. However, he overcomes various hardships and becomes serious and hard-working. At the end of the story, a goddess appears to him in a dream, and he becomes a real human boy.

13 Death
Upright ・Demise ・ Reform ・ Stillness

Reverse ・Reincarnation ・ Rebirth ・ Beginning

Symbol Scorpio
Protective Jewel Topaz

The Snow Queen
Andersen Fairytale

The boy Kai and the girl Gerda have always been good friends, but the shards of a demon mirror find their way into Kai’s eyes and heart, causing his personality to turn coldhearted. Kai is abducted by the Snow Queen, and Gerda searches for the ice palace in order to rescue him. When Gerda’s tears melt the shards, Kai’s kindness returns.

14 Temperance
Upright ・Coordination ・ Frugality ・ Moderation

Reverse ・Impulse ・ Vigilance ・ Discord

Symbol Sagittarius
Protective Jewel Turquoise

The Honest Woodman
Aesop’s Fables

A woodcutter is chopping down a tree, but his hand slips and he accidentally drops his axe in the lake. A beautiful goddess appears, and asks him if he dropped a golden axe. “No,” he replies, and this time the goddess asks him if he dropped a silver axe. He answers honestly again, “No.” The goddess not only returns his normal axe, but also gives him a golden axe and a silver axe, and he lives in happiness.

15 The Devil
Upright ・Lust ・ Envy ・ Corruption

Reverse ・Ambition ・ Extinction ・ Liberalization

Symbol Capricorn
Protective Jewel Obsidian

Snow White
Grimm Fairytale

The queen uses a magic mirror to confirm her beauty, but one day the mirror says that the most beautiful one is actually Snow White. The jealous queen drives Snow White out of the castle. Snow White then meets seven dwarves, and lives peacefully with them. However, the queen disguises herself as an old woman and gives Snow White a poisoned apple, which causes her to fall into a deep sleep. Later, she is woken up by a prince’s kiss.

16 The Tower
Upright ・Collapse ・ Sorrow ・ Downfall

Reverse ・Collapse ・ Sense ・ Failure

Symbol Mars
Protective Jewel Garnet

Grimm Fairytale

A couple steals a rapunzel plant from a witch’s garden, and in exchange the witch makes them promise to give her their child when it is born. Time passes, and the child that the witch locks up at the top of a tower grows up into a beautiful girl. The girl falls in love with a prince that passes by, and invites him to her tower by using her hair as a ladder. The witch is enraged when she finds out, cuts the girl’s hair, and chases her into the wilderness. The girl eventually runs into the prince, who has been blindly wandering through the forest for seven years. They return to his country and live happily ever after.

17 The Star
Upright ・Hope ・ Discovery ・ Prospect

Reverse ・ Uncertainty ・ Stiffness ・ Mistrust

Symbol Aquarius
Protective Jewel Lapis Lazuli

The Star Money
Grimm Fairytale

There is a poor girl that only has a single loaf of bread and the clothes that she wears. However, she has a kind heart, and gives her bread and clothes to other poor people. Since it’s night time, it’s fine for her to be naked and so she gives every piece of her clothing away. Then, many silver coins fall from the sky, and she finds herself suddenly wearing beautiful clothes.

18 The Moon
Upright ・ Anxiety ・ Deception ・ Illusion

Reverse ・ Peace of Mind ・ Release ・ Hope

Symbol Pisces
Protective Jewel Crystal

The Little Mermaid
Andersen Fairytale

On a stormy night, the 15-year-old Little Mermaid saves a drowning prince. She falls in love with him, and drinks a witch’s potion that will transform her into a human at the cost of her voice. Also, if she does not gain the love of the prince, then she will turn into sea foam. However, when she reunites with the prince she finds out that he already has a fiancée. She has a dagger that will allow her to return to being a mermaid if she kills the prince, but she chooses to let herself become sea foam instead.

19 The Sun
Upright ・ Happiness ・ Satisfaction ・ Marriage

Reverse ・ Interruption ・ Extravagance ・ Tribulation

Symbol Sun
Protective Jewel Diamond

Snow White and Rose Red
Grimm Fairytale

The twin sisters Snow White and Rose Red help out a freezing bear by letting him into their house. The bear leaves when spring comes, but one day they meet a pesky dwarf in the forest. They are tormented by him, but the bear that they saved turns into a prince and punishes the dwarf. The bear had actually been a prince that was cursed. The twins marry the prince and his brother, take back the jewels that the dwarf had stolen, and live happily ever after.

20 Judgement
Upright ・ Rebirth ・ Opportunity ・ Awakening

Reverse ・ Demise ・ Abandonment ・ Sacrifice

Symbol Pluto
Protective Jewel Ruby

The Wild Swans
Andersen Fairytale

Eleven princes and one princess live happily together. However, their stepmother is a witch and transforms the princes into swans and makes the princess ugly. She then drives them out of the castle. At first the princess wants to return to the castle, but in the end she has to escape to the forest. There, a goddess advises her to make coats out of thorny nettles. Her hands hurt, but she finishes making them, throws them into the sky, and the curse on the princes is lifted.

21 The World
Upright ・ Completion ・ Journey ・ Fulfilment

Reverse ・ Incompletion ・ Stalemate ・ Limit

Symbol Saturn
Protective Jewel Onyx

The Little Prince

A certain airplane pilot makes an emergency landing in the Sahara Desert, and meets a little prince. The prince tells everyone he meets on his journey about his home on a little planet, the baobub trees that overrun it, and a fickle rose. When the pilot leaves, he reflects on those memories.

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