[Translation] Persona 5 Mementos Report Phan-Survey Vol.1 – Top Scenes & Q&A

Not much Persona content to work on these days (for now, at least) so I’ll take what I can get. To be honest, it’s probably a good thing that this is light work u_u

The dev Q&A is pretty casual, but hey, canon is canon. Vol.1 only covers the beginning of the game up to the buffet on 5/5. More info about the project can be found on Persona Central.

No spoiler tags used in this post. Proceed with caution.

[Translation] FFXIV Yoshida Uncensored #100

Yes I know it’s been forever… busy month + Fan Fest = very tired Shini. But I am alive (and more behind than ever). I actually just realized I forgot to do a Fan Fest write-up here… oh well. I don’t really have any photos to share anyway; all I have is group photos and food photos 🤔 I did get an autograph from my idol Koji Fox though! I missed it in 2016, but I got it this time ( ;∀;) It was a good trip. (Needless to say, I also forgot to do a live letter summary… but I wasn’t even home for it, so)

ANYWAY! This is the 100th column…! It’s been a long journey, but there’s still a long way to go.

(This column is not FFXIV-related)

[Translation] FFXIV – Interview from Continue Magazine


Normally I only post general magazine interviews on Reddit, but this one came out to be 15 pages long so I guess it deserves a mention here 🤔 This is a long, biographical interview with Yoshi-P where he talks a lot about his life story and expands on some stuff from Yoshida Uncensored. Pretty neat stuff.

[Translation] FFXIV Yoshida Uncensored 2 (Complete) – Extra & Afterword

It’s finally done!

For new readers: Please read Yoshida Uncensored (1) first, if you haven’t already!

Yoshida Uncensored (2) Complete: PDF
For those who have been keeping up with my blog posts, there isn’t anything new in the above file besides the extra column and afterword (which you can also read by clicking into this post). There are a few grammatical fixes but that’s it. Of course, you’re still free to download the file if you want to have all of the columns in one place :)

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