[Translation] Persona 5 Mementos Report Phan-Survey Vol.1 – Top Scenes & Q&A

Not much Persona content to work on these days (for now, at least) so I’ll take what I can get. To be honest, it’s probably a good thing that this is light work u_u

The dev Q&A is pretty casual, but hey, canon is canon. Vol.1 only covers the beginning of the game up to the buffet on 5/5. More info about the project can be found on Persona Central.

No spoiler tags used in this post. Proceed with caution.

Top-Voted Memorable Scenes

Remember, this only covers the beginning of the game up to the post-Kamoshida Palace buffet on 5/5.

  1. MC’s persona awakening (428 votes)
  2. Shiho jumping from the roof (275 votes)
  3. Ryuji’s persona awakening (198 votes)
  4. Ann’s speech after defeating Kamoshida’s shadow (161 votes)
  5. MC and Ryuji chatting it up at the beef bowl shop (105 votes)
  6. Forming the Phantom Thieves of Hearts (96 votes)
  7. Ann confiding in MC (76 votes)
  8. Kamoshida apologizing at the assembly after his change of heart (62 votes)
  9. MC being questioned in the interrogation room (58 votes)
  10. Ann’s persona awakening (51 votes)

Other mentions: The whispering around you at the beginning of the game, Shiho worrying about MC, Mona’s manga-style running, all of the conversations with Takemi

Atlus Q&A

Some of the answers are presented in illustration/comic form. I’m not going to post them, but I’ll describe what they show.

Q: Through advancing Ryuji’s confidant, we can tell that his mother is nice and cares about her child, but what exactly is she like?

MC: What’s your mom like?
Ryuji: Hmm…
Ryuji: She’s like a loud older sister, and people often say I resemble her a lot.
MC imagines a female Ryuji with twintails, makeup, and an apron
Ryuji’s “Mom”: Ryuji! Do your homework!
Ryuji: Are you imagining something weird?

Q: Ryuji’s shirt designs are really cool. Does he pick them out himself?

A: He does. He’s always liked track and field itself, but he also pays a lot of attention to sneaker and sportswear designs.

Q: Shujin Academy has a wide variety of students. There’s Ryuji, Makoto the honour student, and Haru the high-class girl. The school even allowed MC’s transfer. Do they have a broad-minded stance?

A: Their stance is: Accept those who come to you. Do not pursue those who leave.

Q: Where do the main characters eat lunch, and with who?

A: They usually eat on their own, eating food from the school store or packed lunches.

Q: Why did Ryuji borrow money from Ann in middle school?

A: Train fare.

Q: Was Kamoshida always hiding his “Naked King” personality, even when he was an athlete?

A: Kamoshida was an honest sportsman during his athlete days. His heart became distorted after a certain something happened.

Q: What was Ryuji’s original hair colour, and what was his personality like?

A: His original hair colour is black. Personality-wise, not much has changed since his track and field days; he was impulsive and straightforward.

Q: Sojiro wanted to name Morgana when he first saw him. If he actually did, what name would it have been?

Ann: Oh yeah, you tried to give Morgana a name at first, right?
Sojiro: Yeah… I would’ve borrowed a name of a foreign actor or singer that I liked.
Makoto: Do you like cats?
Sojiro: I don’t mind ’em. What about you kids?
Ryuji: I guess I like them…
Makoto: I’d say I like them.
Ryuji: …Wait, it’s definitely not because of you, Morgana! Don’t get the wrong idea!
Morgana: I didn’t say anything!
Ann: What a tsundere…

Q: Do the Phantom Thieves members prefer dogs or cats?

A: Some of them preferred dogs at first, but after getting to know Morgana, all of them prefer cats now.

Q: Is Ann good at cooking?

A: She can make anything with average skill. However, whenever she cooks for herself, she always makes too much, and since she seasons things to her own liking, she ends up eating too much as well. So, for the sake of maintaining her figure, she won’t cook unless she really needs to for some reason.

Q: Leblanc barely gets any customers. Is it even profitable? How does Sojiro keep the place running?

Sojiro: I hate to say it myself, but you’re really enjoying that curry, huh?
Sojiro: I hand-picked out those coffee beans and made the curry to match.
Sojiro: Savor it, all right?
MC: Huh? Does this shop make enough money for that?
Sojiro: I wouldn’t say we’re unprofitable, but personally, it wouldn’t matter to me if it closed down…
Sojiro: But so long as we have regular customers, it’s my duty to not let them down.

Q: Is there anything special about the curry that Sojiro often makes for breakfast?

A: He does eat other things besides curry for breakfast. As for the curry itself, it’d have to be the compatibility between it and the coffee.

Q: There’s a bag of unroasted coffee beans in Leblanc’s attic. Does Sojiro select from there when he replenishes his stock?

A: Yes, Sojiro selects from the coffee beans.

Q: Ann’s parents are fashion designers–what kinds of clothes does Ann herself like?

A: In addition to her personal aesthetics, Ann likes picking clothes that others, such as Shiho, will praise. Shiho likes it when Ann wears provocative clothes, because she’s drawn to what she doesn’t have.

Q: We first meet Takemi at Leblanc. Is she a regular customer there? Also, has she always been into punk fashion?

A: Takemi is an occasional customer at Leblanc. As for the second question, yes.

Q: It must be hard to run a clinic by yourself. Does Takemi struggle with cash flow? There are cracks in the walls…

A: She makes enough to stay in business. The cracks are just because the building is old.

Q: When you first go to Sojiro’s house at the beginning of the game, there’s a deliveryman trying to deliver a package. Is that how Futaba buys things?

A: Sojiro works during the day, so Futaba gets most of her stuff via home delivery.

Q: MC’s phone has an app with a bunny icon… What is that? Am I paying too much attention?

A: You are *laughs*

Q: Surely the person who sits behind MC in class can see Morgana hiding in the desk, right…?

A: Morgana is black, which helps. Plus, they live in an urban society where people don’t care about others, so he doesn’t get noticed.

Q: What flavour is Iwai’s candy?

A: He changes it up depending on his mood.

Iwai: You wanna know what flavour this is?
Iwai: Today, it’s Calbee. I also have katsudon, steak, and ginger fried pork flavour.

Q: What were Ann and Ryuji like in middle school? How well did they know each other before becoming Phantom Thieves?

A: They were pretty much the same as they are in high school. Ann stood out because of her foreigner looks, so she didn’t open up to anyone besides Shiho. Ryuji was a fast runner since middle school. They’d greet each other if they passed by, but that’s about it.

Q: How did Ann and Shiho meet and become friends?

A: They met in middle school, and it was Shiho that talked to Ann first. Ann was generally ostracized for her appearance, so she was interested in Shiho, who was willing to talk to her. They didn’t have much in common, but since they both had knowledge that the other lacked, their friendship built off of that.

Q: Does Akechi make Sae take him out for sushi?

A: They do have conveyor belt sushi together sometimes.

Q: How did the other party members spend April before they met MC? What was a typical day like for them?

A: Yusuke would wake up in the Madarame estate and go to school. After school, he’d study painting under Madarame and occasionally accompany him on business.

Makoto would wake up at home and go to school. After school, she’d do student council work, study in the library, etc. She’d go home early and do all of the household chores in Sae’s place.

Futaba doesn’t have a set time to wake up, but she often wakes up around noon and spends the entire day on her PC. Her meals are brought to her by Sojiro.

Haru would wake up at home and go to school. After school, if her fiance invited her out, then she’d go with him. Otherwise, if there wasn’t anything that needed to be done, she’d go straight home. She also accompanied her father on business.

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