[Translation] Persona Official Magazine #2018 Interviews – P3D / P5D

There are so many interviews in this magazine…… the anime one is technically first but it’s, uh, really long, so I’m going to procrastinate on it a while longer…

Persona Magazine 2018 Interview Navigation
P3D/P5D (Kazuhisa Wada, Nobuyoshi Miwa, Ryota Kozuka) (You are here)
P3D/P5D Artwork (Shigenori Soejima, Akane Kabayashi, Azusa Shimada)
P5A Part 1 (Masashi Ishihama, Shin’ichi Inotsume, Jun Fukuyama)
P5A Part 2 (Mamoru Miyano)
P5A Part 3 (Nana Mizuki)
P5A Part 4 (Ikue Otani)
P5A Part 5 (Kazuki Adachi)
P5A Part 6 (Lyn)
P5A Part 7 (Shoji Meguro)

Persona 5: Dancing Star Night Trophy Guide

It’s a bit of a longer plat than P4G, but still only around ~15 hours or so, assuming moderate efficiency. Less story grind but more song grind (which I’m OK with). Will prob take a short break before tackling P3D.

Not translating any of the events because this game should (in theory) be getting localized… one day?

Persona 4: Dancing All Night

It’s been forever since I last wrote about a game, but I picked this up to tide me over until P3D/P5D and I feel the overwhelming need to vent about it lol. (I actually type out posts like this all the time, but I usually delete them after rereading and wondering what the hell I was thinking)

Disclaimer: I played the JP version and I don’t know what was changed for the English release. I don’t have any of the DLC or updates because my Vita is on NA store.

I don’t outright spoil any plot points, but depending on your definition of “spoilers” you might not want to read this if you haven’t played the game.

Persona O.A. Reference Guide

Mobage are evil but this one has no in-app purchases so it gets a pass. Except no because the loading times are god awful… Why does such a small app take 50-60 seconds to start up? (They actually fixed it…) Why is the calendar so buggy? Why does clicking the comment icon on the calendar freeze the app?

But it’s OK. I play this game so that you don’t have to put up with it!

June 14th Update

  • New stage added; unlocks Ren (!!!!!)
  • Fixed certain skill effects that weren’t working correctly

June 7th Update

  • New stage added; unlocks Haru
  • Added push notifications for completed explorations
  • Added settings screen to menu, currently the only option is to toggle notifications – requires app store update
  • Added effective elements to certain stage bosses
  • Modified certain enemy parameters and increased rewards

Character dialogues are complete and have been moved here! → http://blog.kouhi.me/persona-o-a-all-conversations/