Winter 2014 idol anime – week 2 [mild spoilers]

Ai! Katsu!

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Wake Up, Girls! – Episode 2

This episode was a Miyu-centric one, and certainly did its job in pushing Miyu to the top of my list. Maid Miyu is definitely the cutest thing this season. I think WUG does a very good job at having heartwarming moments. This episode it was the encouragement from Miyu’s fans after her horrendous experience with a sketchy job, and in the movie it was the wota’s call for encore after the girls did their best despite the manager running away with all of their funds. Yes some parts are obviously fanservice, but I think it at least has a purpose in emphasizing the embarrassment that they must be going through.

I think what gets me most is that everything in this series seems realistic so far (minus the manager magically being at the same place and randomly deciding to come back). The girls are all realistic yet have their “mainstream” roles (imouto, kuudere, maid, oneesan, etc) and work well as a group. But anyway I think WUG is interesting in that it doesn’t try to be an idealistic idol anime like Aika2 or Love Live. Idealistic idol series provide flashier visuals and are always happy and moe, which is fine, but I am interested in how something like WUG will turn out.

Current WUG ranking: Miyu > Mayu > Yoshino > Minami > Kaya > Nanami > Airi
Still only a tiny glimpse at I-1 Club this week.

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Aikatsu! – Episode 65

Starlight Idol Festival? Was that on purpose? www
This episode we get some backstory on both Tiara and Seira. Seeing Seira’s sister watching Soleil on TV just makes me miss them more :( I hope those three form a group again. This week is Ichigo vs Seira AGAIN and it ends up in a draw AGAIN. I understand that those two are supposed to be the greatest idols of the time but surely Aoi and Ran can stand up to them too, at least in stages with different focuses. I want to see more of them!! ;_; I know Seira is a cool-type too, but for some reason I just don’t like her that much…

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Go! Go! 575 – Episode 2

These shorts are really just slice-of-life, so I’m not even sure if it should be in these posts… I think the only idol part has been that short scene in the OP. But none of that matters, because Maccha was really freaking adorable in this episode!!! Words cannot begin to describe how cute her catspeak was. Anyway, we get a glimpse of a new character at the end! I don’t think I’ll like her, but it’s okay because I’ll only have to see her for five minutes at most :v

Also Utakumi 575 has maid outfits. I am hyped.

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Nourin – Episode 2

I am seriously not fond of Yuka-tan’s new look and personality :v
Seems like her lovely aikatsu have been reduced to a few frames at the start of the OP… will probably stop including it in these posts since it’s being even less idol-y than 575.

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SoniAni – Episode 2

Hearing Suzu and Fuuri call her Nico-chan is kind of annoying, especially when Sonico is the opposite of Love Live Nico… in pretty much every single way. I am not fond of Sonico’s voice so I can’t really get into her songs. Also, her blobs of fat in the ED were literally bigger than helicopters. Think about that for a second. Anyway, there was some more Suzu in this episode but still not nearly enough. Sadly, she didn’t appear in the preview for the next episode at all… maybe I should skip it.

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