[Translation] FFXIV Yoshida Uncensored 2 – #84

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This is the start of a 4-part series on the Dad of Light drama. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it! It’s available on Netflix with English subtitles. It’s super cheesy but it’s really cute. Sadly, the actor who played the dad passed away, so I suppose we won’t be seeing a sequel :(

[Translation] FFXIV Yoshida Uncensored 2 – #83

Counted ahead in the post schedule and, barring any delays, the book should be completed on or around October 1st. I’ll have to think about how to handle the columns from 2018 that haven’t been compiled into a book yet… As much as I’d like to catch up to the present, it’s not really practical to buy all of those Famitsu issues at ¥399 a pop. So maybe we’ll have to wait until next year and hope they publish a third compilation.

BTW I’ve been forgetting to include my disclaimers, so: This column has nothing to do with FFXIV

Persona O.A. All Conversations

Decided to move these to a separate post since they were taking up a lot of space.

Thanks to the power of unencrypted dialogue scripts, these are complete! …For now, at least.
(Titles are not in the scripts and will be added as I unlock them.)

8/18 – Updated with Takemi! (note that non-party member confidants only have 3-part stories)
8/12 – Updated with Ren! (finally)
6/22 – Updated with Haru! Note regarding Ren: His scripts aren’t in the assets folder like everyone else’s were and I’m not smart enough to find them, so his conversations will be added when I’ve unlocked them all in-game (currently at 8/10)
6/4 – Updated with Makoto!