FFXIV Live Letter #46 Summary – Patch 4.4 Preview Part 2

TBH there wasn’t really much shown in this live letter, or at least not as much as I was hoping for. Since I already did the live translation for the /r/ffxiv discord, I’m just gonna copy what I wrote and expand on it a bit w

There was also a dev panel with Saki Takayanagi, a quest designer, about designing NPCs and whatnot, but there wasn’t anything important and the main points were covered in the slides, so I’m going to forgo translating that.

Patch 4.4 – Prelude in Violet

  • Release date: September 18, 2018
  • Soken and sound team were in development hell so the trailer could not be finished in time for the stream. It’ll be released this/next week.

Recap of Patch Content

  • BLM/SAM potency buffs.
  • RDM buffs to both ST and AoE. The job hasn’t been touched since SB launch, but comparing it to SMN, even with the raise utility they felt it was too far behind.
  • Ground effects and Passage of Arms will take effect immediately instead of waiting on the animation.
  • QoL improvements to various jobs.
  • The new Eureka map is called Pyros. The Pyros weapons will be able to go past maximum substats, within Eureka only.
  • For the server-saved config data, since they’re really afraid of corrupting your 5 years of settings, they’re being very careful with QA/debugging and there will also be a backup saved client-side. The feature will come to PC first and PS4 later.
  • The alarm feature will work for Eorzea and local time.

Alphascape Preview

  • The next foe to be created by Omega is Chaos from FF1.
  • You can fall off the arena.
  • Alphascape will be very story-intensive since it’s the finale. They didn’t show the rest of the fights to avoid spoilers.

Suzaku Preview

  • The music for the first half is the same as Byakko, but the second half is new and sung by Yoshino Nanjou.

The Shifting Altars of Uznair

  • Expansion to Lost Canals of Uznair. This time it uses a roulette wheel.
  • Small diamond – Small win
  • 3 diamonds – Medium win
  • Big diamond – Big win
  • Silver – Something special (didn’t land on it during the stream)
  • Gold – Something like a bonus stage (didn’t land on it during the stream)
  • Atomos – Duty failed
  • The setup is like a boss gauntlet. Landing on a diamond tile spawns a boss, after defeating it the chest spawns, and it automatically moves to the next round after you open the chest. Highest is 5 rounds.
  • More Atomos tiles appear as you make it further in.

Fan Fest Items

  • The SDS Fenrir mount can jump and fly. BGM is of course FF7 “Crazy Motorcycle Chase”.
  • Minions have special animations and received special direction from Tetsuya Nomura.

Housing Mannequins and Tags

  • You can allow players to purchase the gear on the mannequin (doesn’t affect appearance, but does affect stock).
  • Gear can be either sold individually or as an entire set. If it’s listed as a set, then the market board listing will show which house it’s being displayed in.
  • When you place a mannequin, you have to select the retainer that will manage the sales.
  • You can also choose display-only mode, but the UI is not ready yet so it still uses the sell UI for now. Will be updated later.
  • You can set the mannequin’s class/job, race, gender, pose.
  • “Housing Appeal” – You can set up to 3 tags for your house. Things like roleplay, aquarium, restaurant, event, escape game, stage, museum, tavern, shop, elaborate interior, etc. The tags will show up on the ward list and house profile.

New Gold Saucer GATE – Jump Puzzle

  • Instanced map with different variations for replay value.
  • Goal is to reach the green glowing spot; there are also bonus items scattered around that give extra MGP. Even if you fail to reach the goal in time, you keep the MGP from the items you picked up.


  • As usual, the fan fest fight (Yojimbo) will be added to the game later on.
  • The new hairstyle shown will be a prize from contests such as the fan fest art contest.
  • “The Best” album will contain the top 50 winners from the poll + Answers (see poll results here)

Dev Panel (Slides Only)

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