Getchu 2014 bishoujo game awards – categories

Higashinosuke has good precure taste.


1st Place: Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 2 (Navel)

Image (NSFW)

Really!? Greetings to all of the eroge players across the country. This is the scenario writer for “Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 2”, Higashinosuke. My favourite Precure is Cure Diamond. This year I’ll be supporting Cure Twinkle.
When I heard that our game won first place overall, I was doubtful, thinking “come on, how many votes did Navel put in themselves?” But they wouldn’t gain anything from using those adult methods on the Scenario category, so it seems like these votes are legit. Jackson-san! I did it!

This is the third game in the series already, but I’ve been thinking of giving some more fanservice-type material to the fans this year. Now then, see you when the sequel comes out. Wait, my mistake. See you next year.

– Higashinosuke, Scenario Writer

2nd Place: Ano Harewataru Sora yori Takaku (Chuablesoft)

This is the main “Ano Harewataru Sora yori Takaku” writer, Hanno Shuusei.
When I heard that we placed 2nd in the Scenario category, I felt like I’d ascended into the heavens. I am truly thankful to all of the users who voted for us.
I feel that the reason why a newbie like me won such a great prize was all thanks to Director Kusakabe-sama’s constant useful advice, as well as the rest of the staff. I’d like to use this space to express how grateful I am to everyone at Chuablesoft and the staff that did our outsourced work, for creating this game with me.

I’ll be striving to write more enjoyable stories for everyone to read, so please lend me your support.

– Hanno Shuusei

3rd Place: Nanairo Reincarnation (Silky’s Plus WASABI)

Thank you to everyone who voted for us! Silky’s Plus here.
It’s because of everyone who supported us that we were able to win 3rd place in Scenario on our debut title, “Nanairo Reincarnation”. All of the staff are very thankful.
Please continue to support Silky’s Plus from now on.

– PR Representative Tama

This is the “Nanairo Reincarnation” scenario writer, Kazuki Fumi.
It is an honour to place 3rd in the Scenario category.
Thank you so much for your votes.
Since this is the first title released by Silky’s Plus, there was naturally some fumbling along the way, but words can’t express how it feels to see how much encouragement we’re getting.

Work has already began on WASABI’s next title.
We’ll do our best to entertain you again, so please continue to support us!

– Kazuki Fumi, Scenario Writer

4th Place: Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai (Uguisu Kagura)

5th Place: Majo Koi Nikki (Qoobrand)

6th Place: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (sprite)
7th Place: ChuSingura46+1: Bushi no Kodou (Inre)
8th Place: Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen: Hachimyoujin (light)
9th Place: Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa (FLAT)
10th Place: AstralAir no Shiroki Towa (FAVORITE)


1st Place: Tenbin no La DEA. ~Ikusa Megami MEMORIA~ (Eushully)

Eushully here. We are very grateful to win 1st place in the System category.
We’ve been working hard on this series so that the system wouldn’t get stale, but there are parts where we overdid it, so we’d like to continue to improve our daily trial and error.

– Boss Fujiwara

2nd Place: Unmei Senjou no φ (Lump of Sugar)

Hello, this is Lump of Sugar.
This year, we are honoured to receive a System category award.
We really weren’t expecting this at all, so we were very surprised when we were contacted with the news.

Every time we work on a new game, we keep in mind how the purchaser will enjoy it when designing new content.
When the project is underway, “developer style” is an important factor, but this can sometimes become a kind of self-righteousness.
I believe that receiving this award means that we can take pride in having created a game that everyone has enjoyed.

We’ll keep working with user enjoyment as our top priority, so please continue to support us.

3rd Place: Rance 9: Helman Kakumei (ALICESOFT)

Hello, ALICESOFT here.
Thank you to everyone who voted for us!
We know it’s annoying to change up the gameplay every time even though it’s supposed to be a series, but thank you so much for your support!

The staff is putting everything they have into the final instalment Rance 10, so please give them your encouragement!
More details will be provided on ALICESOFT’s official website and blog, so do check them out if you’re interested!

A new game called “Evenicle” will be released on April 24, and shares part of the Rance series’ setting. Please preorder it~!

4th Place: VenusBlood -HYPNO- (Dual Tail

5th Place: PRETTY×CATION (hibiki works)

6th Place: Mesu Kyoushi 4 ~Kegasareta Kyoudan~ (BISHOP)
7th Place: Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai -Dreaming Sheep- (August)
8th Place: Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 2 (Navel)
9th Place: Hapymaher Fragmentation Dream (Purple Software)
10th Place: Hakoniwa Logic (Cabbit)


1st Place: Sakigake⇒Generation! (Clochette)

Clochette here.
It is a great honour to receive 1st place in the Graphics category for the second year in a row.
We give our heartfelt thanks to the users who have been supporting us.

Seeing everyone’s praise for the work we put into “Sakigake⇒Generation!” is really encouraging for our next title.
We want to keep releasing games that everyone will love, so we hope for your continued patronage.

2nd Place: PRIMAL×HEARTS (Marmalade)

3rd Place: Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 2 (Navel)

Thank you for the 3rd place prize! We thank everyone who voted for us.

In this series, though the colours are more subdued, we aimed for a noble atmosphere with the kind of floweriness that you often see in shoujo manga. Now that we’ve received this award, we can finally feel confident that all of our work up until now wasn’t for naught.

We’ll be continuing to devote attention to suitable colouring styles, so we’d be happy if you’d continue to follow us in 2015.
I hope we’ll meet again. Thank you!

4th Place: Koi ga Saku Koro Sakuradoki (Palette)

5th Place: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (sprite)

6th Place: Hapymaher Fragmentation Dream (Purple Software)
7th Place: Hoshiori Yume Mirai (tone work’s)
8th Place: AstralAir no Shiroki Towa (FAVORITE)
9th Place: 12 no Gatsu no Eve (minori)
10th Place: Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai -Dreaming Sheep- (August)


1st Place: Hoshiori Yume Mirai (tone work’s)

Hello. This is tone work’s sound director, Donmaru.
Our staff is overjoyed to win first place in the Music category! Woohoo!! Thank you to everyone that voted for us! We’ll make a lot of songs for our next work too!

The large number of vocal songs in “Hoshiori Yume Mirai” has become a popular topic. At first we planned on having 11 songs, but that quickly turned into 13. We thought our costs would go up but somehow it was deferred! We made do by making fine adjustments to the other budgets, and somehow managed to survive… *first confession*
The calm BGM also adds rich colour to the world of “Hoshiori Yume Mirai”, and I hope it brought happy feelings to everyone!

This was accomplished with the help of many composers, vocalists, and sound engineers. I’ll take this opportunity to thank them!
We are currently planning out our next title. Of course, it’ll surpass “Hoshiori Yume Mirai” in both quality and scale, so do continue to support us please!

2nd Place: AstralAir no Shiroki Towa (FAVORITE)

Along with our Movie award, we’ve also placed 2nd in the Music category.
Thank you to everyone who voted for us!
The composer Shinobu worked with many creators and artists, all putting their soul into each song.
The compilation of their work can be found in the “AstralAir no Shiroki Towa Original Soundtrack Plus” – on sale now and getting great reviews. Please continue to support us!

– Mizuma Hoshihito

3rd Place: Hapymaher Fragmentation Dream (Purple Software)

4th Place: Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 2 (Navel)

5th Place: Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai -Dreaming Sheep- (August)

6th Place: Himawari to Koi no Kioku (MORE)
7th Place: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (sprite)
8th Place: Clover Day’s (ALcot)
9th Place: Minamijuujisei Renka (Studio Ryokucha)
10th Place: Majo Koi Nikki (Qoobrand)


1st Place: AstralAir no Shiroki Towa (FAVORITE)

Hello, FAVORITE here.
We’ve surprisingly placed 1st in the Movie category. Thank you for all of your votes!
It’s an honour to have presented the best opening, brought to you by the hard work of the vocalist Nitta Emi, who sung the theme song “White Eternity”, KIZAWAstudio who made the video, and all of the development staff who created the setting and art.
To those who haven’t played the game yet, we’d love it if you’d take this opportunity to try it out!

– Mizuma Hoshihito

2nd Place: Hapymaher Fragmentation Dream (Purple Software)

3rd Place: Ano Harewataru Sora yori Takaku (Chuablesoft)

Congratulations to “Haretaka” for winning this prize.
The scenario had already been completely laid out before production began, but we really did have fun creating this game.
The video follows the game’s contents quite closely, so those who have played until the grand end will enjoy recalling various scenes when they watch it.
Thank you for your warm reception of our game.

– yo-yu

4th Place: Clover Day’s (ALcot)

5th Place: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (sprite)

6th Place: Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 2 (Navel)

7th Place: Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen: Hachimyoujin (light)

8th Place: Hoshiori Yume Mirai (tone work’s)

9th Place: Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu. (AKABEi SOFT3)

10th Place: Himawari to Koi no Kioku (MORE)


1st Place: Sakurakouji Luna from “Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou” After After Story

Luna: “I believe this is the third time I’ve greeted you here. I’m already nothing more than a sub-character, but I suppose I should still explain my position in the game. Well, it’s the third year in a row, so I’ll be frank. I’m Sakurakouji Luna from the bonus story that came with “Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 2”. For those who want to know more, please look at the results from last year.

“Still, I don’t know what to say. It’s the third year I’ve won this award, so no matter what I say they’ll make me out to be a villain. I considered going against my character and acting flirty, but in the end that would still attract hate. So as far as this challenge goes, I’ll just sit back in pride. …I apologize for acting so childish. I really am happy about this.”

Congratulations to the beautiful Luna-sama for winning the character award three times in a row! It really is impressive.
She’ll be the first inhabitant of the Bishoujo Game Awards Palace, for characters who win three years in a row!
(Though the chance of a future character achieving this is infinitely low.)
Please watch over our awards warmly and with grace next year as a royal member, dear Luna-sama.

2nd Place: Youkadou Sakuri from “Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 2”

Sakuri: “Oh dear, I’m 2nd place? Are your necks alright? They don’t hurt from turning back too fast?
Still, I’m happy. I’ve received an award of some sort, right? Looking back at the past few years, it seems that silver hair has been quite popular. I hope neighbours rise in popularity too. It’d be great if someone made a game with only silver-haired heroines. That and spring onions. It’d be nice if there were a heroine that gets mocked, just like me. Though looking at the first place winner, the trend nowadays might be for the protagonist to be getting mocked instead. Also, dialects. I hope those get more popular too. Well, see ya.

3rd Place: Yamayoshi Shinpachirou from “ChuSingura46+1: Bushi no Kodou”

Image (Very NSFW)

Shinpachi: “Heya! Yamayoshi Shinpachirou here! W-W-Wow, I was selected as third place in Getchu’s 2014 character ranking! This is all thanks to your support for “ChuSingura46+1” and me!
Huh? “You’re not a main heroine”? Don’t be silly. I have a route in “ChuSingura46+1: Bushi no Kodou”! You didn’t know? It’s all about the miracle of the love between me and oniichan♪
Jeez… Now I feel kind of weird after recalling it. I’ll have to replenish my oniichan energy. I’ll squeeze a lot out of him tonight!
Don’t worry, it’s fine! After all, I love oniichan more than anything in the world!
Ah, I also love everyone who voted for me! Thank you, I’m really happy~!”

4th Place: Tsukishima Yuri from “Koi ga Saku Koro Sakuradoki”


5th Place: Est Gealach Arnotts from “Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 2”

6th Place: Komatsu Rina from “Kimi no Tonari de Koishiteru!”

7th Place: Narusawa Rikka from “Hoshiori Yume Mirai”

8th Place: Ookura Lumine from “Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 2”

9th Place: Takakura Anzu from “Clover Day’s”

10th Place: Arisaka Mashiro from “Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm”

11th Place: Maia from “Hapymaher Fragmentation Dream”
12th Place: Nonohara Mio from “Koinaka -Koinaka de Hatsukoi x Nakadashi Sexual Life-”
13th Place: Yukinomiya Anon from “Sakigake⇒Generation!”
14th Place: Kurashina Asuka from “Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm”
15th Place: Hasami Miyako from “Minamijuujisei Renka”
16th Place: Habane Kotori from “Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete SNOW PRESENTS”
17th Place: Oginohama Akane from “Himawari to Koi no Kioku”
18th Place: Himukai Kanata from “Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai”
19th Place: Hoshizaki Ouka from “Sakigake⇒Generation!”
20th Place: Kuragano Sera from “PRIMAL×HEARTS”


1st Place: Koinaka -Koinaka de Hatsukoi x Nakadashi Sexual Life- (eRONDO)

Image (NSFW)

Receiving such an award on our debut work was both a surprise and a joyous occasion. It also gives us confidence for the future.

It makes me even happier knowing that last year’s winner for this category was a game that I enjoyed as a user, “Sei Shoujo”.
(I still have it on my HDD and even now I play it from time to time!)

Though we won this award, I still feel that eRONDO is lacking something as a brand. So, I’d like to keep producing games with the “cute ero” concept.

Even on the sales side of things, the initial spike wasn’t that high, but the sales have been continuing up to now. I was glad to experience first-hand how erotic works have such long lifetimes.

The market is slowing down these days so people often say that the first week means everything, but we continued to work, thinking to ourselves “that’s not true.”
Of course, that doesn’t mean anything unless you produce results.

Koinaka’s ratings and sales allow us to believe that “eroge will never die.” We’ll put our spirit into our next work as well.

I’m truly thankful for all of the support you’ve given us.

– Mitsuya Arata, Director

2nd Place: Kanojo no Seiiki (feng)

Hello, this is feng’s representative Uesama.
Nowadays, there have been more and more erotic light novels, anime, and comics.
Moe ero has become an absolute requirement for eroge, so it makes me very glad to hear that we won 2nd place in the ero category.
For those of you who are thinking “Huh? Aren’t feng games just light moege? Is it really that erotic?” I implore you to try it out – the price is only 1,998 yen!

Anyway, I really am surprised at the high rating our game got with an exaggerated catchphrase like “feng’s true power: ¥1,998 (tax included)”.
I do want to expand on this, so look forward to our next work!
Thank you very much.

– Uesama, Representative/Producer

3rd Place: Sakigake⇒Generation! (Clochette)

Image (NSFW)

4th Place: Nerawareta Megami Tenshi Angeltia (SYRUP -many milk-)

5th Place: PRIMAL×HEARTS (Marmalade)

6th Place: Choukou Tenshi Escalayer Reboot (ALICESOFT)
7th Place: 12 no Gatsu no Eve (minori)
8th Place: Change! ~Ano Musume ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~ (May-Be SOFT)
9th Place: Ai Shimai IV: Kuyashikute Kimochi Yokatta nante Ienai (Silky’s)
10th Place: Honoo no Haramase Paidol My★Star Gakuen Z (SQUEEZ)

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