Just some random game news

Compile Heart’s new JRPG brand: Galapagos RPG. TAKE MY MONEY!!

Fate/Extra sold more than 110k copies. I considered preordering it but it was just too pricy. I’ll just wait for the NA release, hopefully next year. I’m not really a Sakura fan anyway.

iM@S confuses everyone by porting the three Shiny Festa games to iOS. Downloadable in the US, but for $55 each + eventual DLC. I’m not really surprised since I assume they’re direct ports from the PSP games (except modified for touch control), which cost about the same amount. Now for true Scamco spirit, they need to release iOS-exclusive DLC. I don’t really care since I have no iDevice… I didn’t even get the PSP games cause my favourite characters were split between releases (- -;

On another iM@S note, DLC Catalog 17 for iM@S 2 releases on April 25 (my birthday!). It features the song 9:02pm, new costumes “Bright Egret” and “Exotic China”, the White Pearl accessory set, and a futuristic headset thing called H.M.D. Pictures and video here.

Meanwhile the MuvLuv series is getting a social game on iOS/Android, complete with character cards… why…? Also Memories Off 6’s PS3/Vita port is out in late June. I didn’t even realize this series was still going, but seems like they’ve been porting the games to new consoles left and right.

Blade&Soul Chinese closed beta starting on May 7… NA got slated for 2014 but I won’t be surprised if it gets delayed even more to 2015 (and no one will care anymore).

Please give money for AC

AC scratch gets all the fun :(

Miku outfit, Miku hairstyle, Sena butterfly hairclip (comes in 3 colours), voices by Hanazawa Kana and Kadowaki Mai, Mikudayo mag, and Project Diva room posters are the highlights of the Melody On Stage scratch, and the ongoing spring one has hakamas, bath towels, an idol-like singing lobby action, and voices by Iguchi Yuka and Asumi Kana.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% satisfied with my Momoi Halko voice, but if I log in tomorrow and see like 10 Mikus in the lobby I’m going to… uh… actually, that’d be kinda scary.

Also I don’t like this new Easter lobby as much as the previous ones… mostly cause I can barely fit the entire egg on my screen.

Random Anione polls – 31/03/2013 – 06/04/2013

Now with red titles to see at a glance which polls have interesting results.
…Except no, because apparently the colour tag breaks the spoiler tags (?????)
I guess I’ll just mark them with a ★.
…Except no, because that messes up the header formatting (????? unicode?????)
Fuck it, enjoy your tildes.

Winter 2013 end

I didn’t watch much but here’s what I ended up rating things as. No spoilers in this post (unless you consider my numerical rating a spoiler).

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT: 7/10
Kotoura-san: 5/10
Love Live!: 6/10
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: 6/10
Sasami-san@Ganbaranai: 3/10

Pretty lackluster season.

Tentative ratings for shows that are still airing:

Chihayafuru 2: 8/10 (I doubt this will change by the end of next season)
Dokidoki! Precure: 7/10 (see above)