Just some random game news

Compile Heart’s new JRPG brand: Galapagos RPG. TAKE MY MONEY!!

Fate/Extra sold more than 110k copies. I considered preordering it but it was just too pricy. I’ll just wait for the NA release, hopefully next year. I’m not really a Sakura fan anyway.

iM@S confuses everyone by porting the three Shiny Festa games to iOS. Downloadable in the US, but for $55 each + eventual DLC. I’m not really surprised since I assume they’re direct ports from the PSP games (except modified for touch control), which cost about the same amount. Now for true Scamco spirit, they need to release iOS-exclusive DLC. I don’t really care since I have no iDevice… I didn’t even get the PSP games cause my favourite characters were split between releases (- -;

On another iM@S note, DLC Catalog 17 for iM@S 2 releases on April 25 (my birthday!). It features the song 9:02pm, new costumes “Bright Egret” and “Exotic China”, the White Pearl accessory set, and a futuristic headset thing called H.M.D. Pictures and video here.

Meanwhile the MuvLuv series is getting a social game on iOS/Android, complete with character cards… why…? Also Memories Off 6’s PS3/Vita port is out in late June. I didn’t even realize this series was still going, but seems like they’ve been porting the games to new consoles left and right.

Blade&Soul Chinese closed beta starting on May 7… NA got slated for 2014 but I won’t be surprised if it gets delayed even more to 2015 (and no one will care anymore).

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