Please give money for AC

AC scratch gets all the fun :(

Miku outfit, Miku hairstyle, Sena butterfly hairclip (comes in 3 colours), voices by Hanazawa Kana and Kadowaki Mai, Mikudayo mag, and Project Diva room posters are the highlights of the Melody On Stage scratch, and the ongoing spring one has hakamas, bath towels, an idol-like singing lobby action, and voices by Iguchi Yuka and Asumi Kana.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% satisfied with my Momoi Halko voice, but if I log in tomorrow and see like 10 Mikus in the lobby I’m going to… uh… actually, that’d be kinda scary.

Also I don’t like this new Easter lobby as much as the previous ones… mostly cause I can barely fit the entire egg on my screen.

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