[Scanlation] Million Doll – Chapter 16

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For those who are uh… curious… about the stuff in this chapter’s glossary, the idol unit in question is BiS (Brand-new idol Society). They deliberately do controversial stuff like this; their image revolves around taking the ugly side of idols to the extreme.

In other news, more cast info for the Million Doll anime! It defies all of my predictions o_O

Suuko – Kusuda Aina (Nozomi from Love Live)
Ryuusan – Umehara Yuuichirou (Wakasa from Orefuro, En from Boueibu)

Mariko – Itou Miku (Nanako from Locodol, Yuriko from iM@S Million Live, Narumi from Re-Kan!)

Yurino – TBA
Momona – Watanabe Yui (Nao from iM@S Million Live, Mikan from PriPara, Yuri from Teekyuu)
Rina – Iizuka Mayu (Suzune from the upcoming Tamayura movie, various minor roles)

Kuu-nyan – TBA (audition winner)
Kamakura Hinami – Uchida Aya (Kotori from Love Live, Himawari from Vividred)

Key visual for Mariko is to the right. They gave her purple hair…

[Scanlation] Million Doll – Chapter 10

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!CldGzQjY!SQ9Xsx7we9BJ7QbSUfTGA91BvH2rC5sxjdhqp2nPDtE

Another pair of seiyuu for the anime have been announced!

Momona – Watanabe Yui (Yokoyama Nao from iM@S Million Live, Shiratama Mikan from PriPara, Oshimoto Yuri from Teekyuu, Kamijou Rui from Girlfriend Beta)
Rina – Iizuka Mayu (Maekawa Suzune from the upcoming Tamayura movie, various minor roles)

So this is kind of narrowing it down for Itou Miku and Kussun… the only main female characters left are Suuko, Mariko, Yurino, Kuu-nyan (not possible because auditions for her were still open at the time)… oh and I guess Hinami too. I want to know who Mariko will be ~_~

[Scanlation] Million Doll – Chapter 8

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!r5VwwCYI!oimCYZ5TVEr6Qb1vUExCBqY7Ezyx-4Tr45OOySUtBJ0


I actually had a very hard time finding an online video for this song. You can watch the live version in hilariously poor resolution here, from around 1:00 ~ 4:49: http://www.veoh.com/m/watch.php?v=v14896710eZA9aDdZ&quality=1

Next chapter we see Suuko again. Totally forgot she’s the real protagonist, right? Gotta hurry through the next chapters so I can get back to wonderful Mariko…