[Translation] P3D/P5D Official Visual Book – Interview

This actually went a lot more smoothly than I thought it would; perhaps because it’s more of a casual discussion. That said, this post is still 15k words, so prepare for a lengthy read. (Note that even though not all of the actors were present, they did talk about all of them)

OA stuff will get done eventually…

Btw I love Noto Arisa; I miss StylipS :'(

[Translation] P3D/P5D Official Visual Book – Design Notes

Not posting scans/images from the book, but I’ll include reference images from the game websites. I’m pretty sure some of this is already floating around on the internet, but figured I’d put together something comprehensive.

There’s an interview in this but it’s 12 pages long, so… later.

P.S. Why is the cover so slippery? It keeps sliding off when I let go of the book to type ;_;