[Spoilers] Persona 5 Maniacus – Party Members

The cover says Maniacus in English so I guess it’s Maniacus… Anyway I think the character sections and the interview section would have the most new information; not sure if I’ll do the others yet.

Needless to say this post spoils pretty much everything; DO NOT click in if you haven’t FINISHED the game, etc. Don’t even think about it. Especially if you haven’t played it but are planning on watching the upcoming anime. Seriously, the spoilers are real. (Also I dunno what any of the quotes are in the English version so don’t expect them to match up exactly)

Also I don’t have a scanner so… apologies in advance for the bad pictures. And I know the formatting sucks ;_;

P.S. Of course the bookmark gacha gave me my least favourite party member; I’d ask to trade but anyone that owns this book probably isn’t reading this

[Scanlation] Wake Up, Girls! – Chapter 1


WUG!! This is a new monthly manga series that started in May. The first chapter seems to follow the anime more or less, starting from the part where they do the TV stuff. Not sure if we’ll get anything in the way of new story content, but who knows? Also the art is nice. And it’s WUG so you should read it anyway.

[Scanlation] Million Doll – Chapter 22

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!yktyxDxA!CQ021f8-xl1VrCFjV_tuOIwd8WsR09LlG57fzGGYMOw

It’s Mariko time!

Note that this chapter was originally published last year, and Terashima Yufu actually just made her major debut last month. At any rate I guess I’ll follow the manga and post some of her stuff here too.

Terashima Yufu 1st Single – #ゆーふらいと (#Yu-Flight)

B-Side (Live) – ぜんぜん (Zenzen)

[Scanlation] Million Doll – Chapter 20

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!mk9hhCgT!GcLoCOnhpNNgDotXEoXMD5dLkp0E49cJFq0ZFD_5GJA

Looks like this series is finally getting tankoubon releases; there’ll also be a new story about Hinami split between the first 2 volumes.

As for the anime, Yurino’s seiyuu has been announced as Matsui Eriko (Isuzu from Log Horizon, Kamiya Nao from Cinderella Girls, Mo~tan from Etotama). There’s also a new key visual… looks okay I guess. Somehow Momona doesn’t look silly enough and I didn’t expect Yurino’s hair to be that dark <.< oh well.