[Translation] Persona Official Magazine #2018 Interviews – P5A Part 6/7

(Parts 6 and 7 are shorter than the others, about half the length)

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Lyn – P5A OP/ED Vocals
Works with many artists as chorus or guest vocals. She is one of the talented singers backing “Persona Sound.”

Q: Have you watched the anime yet?

Lyn: Yes. Unlike the game where the songs play at impactful times, hearing them around a half-hour block of story gives off a different feeling. It’s like how hit dramas have hit songs! I was happy to see how well they interacted with the show.

Q: How did you react when they asked you to sing the songs?

Lyn: I thought it was going to be difficult work again *laughs*. Both Meguro-san’s songs and Benjamin-san’s (*) lyrics are hard to sing. I’m not great at English, but he uses a lot of words that I’m pretty sure aren’t common vocabulary. They’re difficult to express, but I take it as a challenge.

(*) Benjamin Franklin, who writes the lyrics for many Persona series songs, including P5A’s OP and ED.

Q: Did Meguro-san have any requests for you?

Lyn: There’s one thing I want to say about that. When we were recording the opening theme, I sang one of the verses and Meguro-san suddenly started using percentages to indicate loudness. “This part goes 60%, then 80%, then 90%, then 70%. Please sing those measures like that.” I thought to myself “Oh no, here come the unreasonable requests.” *laughs* But as a professional, I accepted his request and sang. I think I did it right, but the first thing he said after I finished was “Don’t take the numbers literally.” He was the one who used numbers! I said “What am I supposed to do, then?” and everyone burst out laughing *laughs*.

Q: Maybe for Meguro-san, numbers are the best way to describe volume *laughs*.

Lyn: That seems to be the case, but he also said “Please add your emotions to it; the ones that can’t be expressed mechanically.” In the end, he just said the usual “sing it however you like” *laughs*.

Q: Did anything feel different compared to the game?

Lyn: Hmm, I don’t know. For the game, I matched the world that Meguro-san and Benjamin-san had created. In the anime, the protagonist has a name and his personality is more defined, so I thought more about what he would be feeling and tried to include that.

Q: Lastly, a message for the fans!

Lyn: I think the viewers are more enthusiastic than I am, so I don’t think there’s anything more I can say *laughs*. My only hope is that everyone can immerse themselves into this world.

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