iM@S first playthrough

Unit members: Haruka, Chihaya, Miki
Songs: GO MY WAY!!, Ai LIKE Hamburger, relations, The world is all one!!, READY!!

Image level: 14 (A)
High score: 60,842 (A)
Total sales: 2,550,955 (B)
Highest chart ranking: 5 (B)
Rollbacks: 0 (A)

Awards: Snow White, Black Pearl, IA Grand Prix (Good ending)
Final rank: B

Felt good doubling Jupiter’s score in the final festival. On the other hand it was sorta depressing to save at the end and have my unit deleted :(

According to the stats it took me 16 hours, which is faster than I expected. I might aim for the true ending next playthrough while mass-collecting outfits. But first, that Iorin extra episode is calling for me…