Okami HD part 1

Four or five years ago, I played the PS2 version of this game for a bit at a friend’s house. All I remember is that the intro was horribly long so I didn’t even get to play much. It was so annoying that you couldn’t skip it or make the text go faster.

I bought Okami HD on PSN after seeing all of the graphical improvements. My assumption was that they would’ve fixed various gameplay annoyances as well, so I started up the game and was greeted by the horribly long, unskippable intro again… I didn’t time it but internet says that it’s 15-20 minutes long. So I sat through it and read the backstory again. I didn’t mind that much, since I’d forgotten what it was about after all of these years. Intro finally ends, tutorial begins, I try to move with the D-pad only to find out that you can only move with the analog stick. As someone who always uses the D-pad whenever possible, this is kind of annoying but I can get used to it. There might be an option but I haven’t checked yet. This isn’t what I’m here to talk about, though.

Anyway, I’m going through the tutorial, minding my own business and headbutting every jar in sight. After getting Rejuvenation, the trophy icon pops up in the corner of the screen… and I immediately realize that I’m on the wrong PSN account. Of course I want my trophies to register to my main account (and not my JP one), so I exit the game, switch account, and start it up again.


Actually it’s not even done yet. I’m typing up this post as I hold □ down for what feels like an eternity. Hurry up and let me free the village already!!!