Summer 2015 watches

Oh god is it summer already? Watching anime is too hard.

Bold = Watching
Regular = Maybe

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime – Could be nice; not going on must-watch list though because time is limited when I have so much to do in FFXIV :v

Aquarion Logos – Realistically I’m not going to watch this until after I finish Evol.

Charlotte – Can we have AB S2 yet

Cinderella Girls S2 – Yessssssssssssssss

Classroom Crisis – Another one that’s not going on must-watch list because of limited time.

Durarara!!x2 Ten – More Izaya \o/

God Eater – Mmmmm that Alisa.

Million Doll – Mariko is the best idol. Too bad the production quality is terrible :|

Miss Monochrome S2 – Monochrome <3 Non Non Biyori Repeat – I didn’t like the first season as much as anyone else did but I’ll still pick this up.

Prisma Ilya 2wei Herz! – Miyu <3 Shimoneta - Another one that's not going on must-watch list because of limited time. Sore ga Seiyuu! – Could be fun.

Venus Project -Climax- – Doesn’t actually look good but… idols.

Wakaba Girl – Cute.

WORKING!!! – Yamada <3

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