Stuff not to import from JAST if you live in Canada

While browsing vndb, I stumbled upon CBSA’s quarterly lists of approved/banned items, which happen to include JAST localized VNs and even magazines like Dengekihime.

Bazooka Cafe [ぷるるんカフェ / Trabulance] Casual Romance Club [放課後恋愛倶楽部 ~恋のエチュード~ / KID & LIBIDO] Come See Me Tonight [私に今夜☆会いに来て / Sekilala] Do You Like Horny Bunnies? 2 [エッチなバニーさんは嫌い?2 / ZyX] Edelweiss Deluxe Set [エーデルワイス / Overdrive] Family Project – Kazoku Keikaku [家族計画 / D.O.] Heart de Roommate [はあと de ルームメイト / Angel Smile] Kana -Little Sister- [加奈~いもうと~ / D.O.] Let’s Meow Meow! [みんなでニャンニャン / Yamikumo-Communications] Private Nurse [プライベートナース / Angel Smile] X-Change [Xchange / Crowd]

Absolute Obedience [絶対服従命令 / Langmaor] Critical Point [臨界点 ~クリティカル・ポイント~ / Sweet Basil] Cosplay Fetish Academy [性愛学園ふぇち科 / Sekilala] Discipline – The record of a Crusade [Active Soft] Fatal Relations [禁断の血族 / C’s Ware] Gibo: Stepmother’s Sin [義母 / Guilty] Heartwork: The Game [Active Soft] Hitomi -My Stepsister- [義妹・仁美 / Mercure] Idols Galore! [召しませアイドル / Sekilala] Lightning Warrior Raidy [雷の戦士ライディ~破邪の雷光~ / ZyX] Lightning Warrior Raidy II [雷の戦士ライディII ~邪淫の神殿~ / ZyX] Little My Maid [リトルMyメイド / Sweet Basil] Jewel Knights Crusaders [ジュエルナイツ・クルセイダーズ / ZeroCool] Pretty Soldier Wars [妖獣戦記A.D.2048 ~真・説・序・章~ / D.O.] Sensei 2 [せ・ん・せ・い2 / D.O.] Slave Pageant [娼女接待 / Ignition] The Sagara Family [相楽さん家の悦楽ライフ♪ / ZyX] Tokimeki Check in! [ときめきCheck in! / Crowd] Tsuki – Possession [憑き / ZyX] Yin-Yang! X Change Alternative [いんやん えっくすちぇんじ おるたなてぃぶ / Crowd]

Looking at the tags it seems like the prohibited ones are generally because of incest/rape, but then Kana Imouto was admissible… I guess they were clear enough that they weren’t blood-related. Although I’m surprised they didn’t just ban it upon seeing the title. Basically, think twice before ordering from JAST’s shop page if you live in Canada…

As far as non-eroge stuff goes, there was a lot of prohibited eromanga and hentai anime. The ‘normal’ manga/anime seemed to all be admissible. Even Kiss x Sis is safe!

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