GSC Ultimate Madoka 1/8 scale

Price on AmiAmi: ¥10,960
Shipping: ¥5,540
Points discount: -¥316
Total: ¥16,184 = $177.65

Canada customs: $34.87
Real total: $212.52
So I paid $212 for this figure. Actually it’s more than that because Paypal conversion rates are awful.

Here is the really big box that I had to carry home from the post office. Medium pizza box as size reference.
And here are some really lame customs fees.
sigh canada
I kinda got spoiled since I saw the figure in Akiba already. So I knew how stupidly large the box was.
box in a box
Here goes nothing…
I then spent a horribly long amount of time trying to pry Madoka out of her plastic cage without breaking her.
These pointy things are really fucking sharp; don’t get anywhere near them unless you enjoy stabbing needles into your fingers. Today I learned that I don’t.
fuck these spikes
After destroying my fingers, I spent another eternity trying to put her together. Wings (including the little ones on her feet), bow, and arrow all had to be attached. Theoretically it’s not difficult but it’s hard when you have to try not to snap her in half or knock off a few locks of her hair. The bow was the toughest part and it took a while to get it to balance right since the top was so heavy (i.e. I don’t think Madoka would shoot arrows at herself). I will admit that none of the pieces are fully inserted because it was just so much effort and I was afraid she’d break. Just as I was wondering how I was going to get a decent background for these pictures, it turns out that you can take out the one in the box and use it yourself. Very convenient, but the only place where I have that much empty space is my floor.
After that I realized that there was another version of the bow included. I guess this would be the easy-mode assembly version. But it took so much work to get the other one on that I couldn’t be bothered to try replacing it with this one to see how it would look.
Here, have some more horribly blurry pictures!
She sees you.look at how much space that hair takes upgetting that arrow into her hand suckedBase. Her pantsu were plain white, as expectedthese clear wings that fade to white/pink are actually pretty neat
Overall it’s a cool figure but now my pizza is cold. dammit.

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