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(up to six albums now)

The first thing I noticed here was that the cover is drawn by KEI. Other than that, it’s more or less what I expect from an ALiCE’S EMOTiON CD… not sure what else to say w. Favourite tracks: Cold Rain (why is it so short!?) / Puppet Show / The Beautiful World, Forever World

Alstroemeria Records – DECADE OF EXPOSE
The kind of awesome stuff we’ve already come to expect from ALR. Nothing particularly stood out to me but that just means it’s a solid album overall. Although the NIGHTFALL re-arrange didn’t really sound any different to my untrained ears… but it’s 35 seconds longer than the original so there must be something different w. Ayakura Mei is the best. Favourite tracks: MANIACAL DEGREE / LAPSE

And the teitoku trend continues. This album is interesting because four of the tracks are original compositions and the lyrics in general are all pretty amusing. Saraba Manshin is a dramatic tale of the teitoku journey from cat screen to compass-chan to spending food money on the game; Boku no Himawari is an original composition themed around Mogami’s desire for Hyuuga’s affection; Omohide Haruharu (title parodying the Ghibli film Omohide Poroporo, known in English as Only Yesterday) is another original one themed around Haruna; 321 Daisakusen! is yet another original one, this time talking about how even though kanmusu are so cute, as a responsible teitoku you must hold back your carnal desires… not that doujinshi ever follow that rule. Yasen Shiyo! is the final original piece, themed around Sendai.

EastNewSound – Spectral Rejection
Rewind Amnesia was just so disappointing… but it’s not the first time ENS had a lacklustre album (I’m looking at you, Solitude Blossom). For some reason I always trust them regardless. Seems to be the usual cast, so looking forward to 葉月ゆら’s song most as usual. (no xfd yet)

はちみつれもん – 艦隊ティータイム (Hachimitsu Lemon – Kantai Teatime)
There’s even easy listening and jazz Kancolle! Not really my style… I just thought it was amusing.

Halozy – TOHO R&B HOUSE Party Vol.2
Seems to be lacking one of those “epic” tracks (e.g. LiveActors, Three Magic/Brilliant Colors remixes) but who knows; I might change my mind on that after properly listening to the songs (that happens a lot).

葉月ゆら (Hatsuki Yura) – Gothika3
I’m a pretty big fan of Hatsuki Yura although there are some songs from her that I don’t like. This album is pretty alright though; I’m generally not into this kind of music so I won’t comment much. Futarigoto may as well be an ENS song w. Favourite track: Inochi Mushibamu Ai (the one that doesn’t follow the theme <.<) Pizuya’s Cell – Grand-Guignol
Double Dealing Character music is rolling in… I still haven’t familiarized myself with anything from the game at all. (;・∀・) Took a quick glance at characters and it seems to be musical instruments with a touch of mermaid and werewolf. OK.

Pizuya’s Cell – 金刀比羅宮弐阡四佰 (Kotohiraguu 2400)
→Link to XFD
Here we have some metal Kancolle. Pizuya may have released their usual Touhou CD. but even they have caught the ship daughter virus w. The website for this CD is one of the best I’ve ever seen! Favourite track: Yukizakura ni Miyu

Kancolle instrumental arrange album. I am amused by how many Touhou arrangers are being converted to teitokus w

Silver Forest – TBA
Silver Forest is alive again! ヾ(*・ω・)ノ

More DDC… at this rate I will be relying on re-arranges to familiarize myself with its music w. Anyway it sounds like usual [CZ]YTOKINE fare, i.e. probably worth the time (╹◡╹)

凋叶棕 – 薦 -susume-
Love that Merami and 3L.

I miss Syrufit (´;ω;`)

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