A professional review of the Shakugan no Shana III Toy’sworks collection

So this arrived in the mail today. It’s still in stock which sorta implies that there wasn’t much interest in it, but Shana is my #1 waifu and most figures of her don’t appeal to me so I jumped on that preorder instantly. The box contains 12 pieces which cover 9 different types as well as one “alpha” type. What is that alpha type? Read on to find out!

Of course, this would not be a high quality review without pictures. And of course, I don’t own a real camera so instead I will provide photographs taken with my ancient phone’s amazing camera. In my room with unideal lighting conditions. ARE YOU LADY READY?


I’m not really sure what these are. You can write notes on them, I guess? Not like I’d ever use them or even have anything to write on them, but hey, it’s free!

Papercraft bonus that came with the box. Shana-tan’s melonpan, Wilhelmina’s mask, and a snowman. Unlike the memo cards above, these don’t have perforations so you’d have to actually cut them out. I’m sure Shana-tan wants her giant melonpan sofa but like hell I’m gonna put in that much effort. The Cospa papercrafts are great because there’s no scissors or glue required. This on the other hand is disappointing.

Unsurprisingly enough, there are more boxes inside the box. Inside flaps had ads for the Hidasketch and Nichijou collections.

I now have enough bubble wrap to last me years.

Am I supposed to be an assembly line or something? PANTSU SHOTS WERE UNINTENTIONAL I SWEAR

Swimsuit Shana – Water Gun Ver.
水着シャナ 水でっぽうVer.

Too cute for words.

2x Shana – Blazing Hair Ver.
シャナ 炎髪Ver.

As in the box contained two (2) of these. The sword was a pain to align properly through her hair.
Title also fails to mention that her eyes are red too!

Swimsuit Fumina – Swim Tube Ver.
水着史菜 うきわVer.

No one actually cares about her, right? I’m almost certain that the parts in this set are interchangeable, but as much as I’d like to swap a Shana head on there, the sukumizu says Fumina on it :(

2x Shana-tan – Uruchai x3 Ver.
シャナたん うるちゃい×3Ver.

She’s supposed to be sitting on the papercraft melonpan but unfortunately her new master is the laziest human on Earth, so no. Actually that’s probably why she’s throwing a tantrum to begin with…

Swimsuit Yoshida-san – Beach Ball Ver.
水着吉田さん ビーチボールVer.

This is one of the blurriest pictures you’ll ever see, but it’s friggin’ Yoshida so I could not be bothered to retake the photo.

Wilhelmina – Floating Ribbons Ver.
ヴィルヘルミナ たなびくリボンVer.

Ribbons are cool.

School Uniform Fumina – Baby Bird Ver.
制服史菜 小鳥Ver.

Google Japanese IME recognizes このえふみな as 近衛史菜 but 史菜 isn’t an option for ふみな itself. #firstworldproblems

Winter Clothing Yoshida-san – Christmas Eve Ver.
冬服吉田さん イブの日Ver.

dat bucket.

Wilhelmina – “I don’t get paid to cook!” Ver.
ヴィルヘルミナ 慣れない手料理Ver.

The back of the lid says “Extra Large Ramen”. No, you won’t ever need to know this.

Shana-nyan – Ultimate Ver.
シャナにゃん アルティメットVer.

This is the “alpha” type mentioned. It’s not shown anywhere on the site or the box so that’s not the real name, but it’s what I would call it so who cares!

FINAL IMPRESSIONS (does that even make sense??)

Shana-nyan 10/10 would buy again (would not assemble again however)

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