428: Shibuya Scramble – Quiz Answers, Special Episodes, Mean Clean, and Conspiracy Scenarios

As this is post-game content, there will be no spoiler tags.

For some reason this still doesn’t exist on the internet yet for the English release, so for the sake of saving people a lot of effort, here is how to get those elusive last trophies. This assumes you’ve already gotten both the white bookmark (Normal End, 50+ bad endings seen) and the black bookmark (True End), which each unlock a bonus scenario.

The Mean Clean story is available after completing both Suzune and Canaan’s episodes. You must go to each of the following scenes and access the episodes via Tips:

  1. 15:30 Achi – That Guy. The new Tip is “shirt” at the scene with Canaan. Jump to “fellow”.
  2. 16:00 Maria – Taken By the Man with the Cane. The new Tip is “scene of the explosion”. Jump to “other individuals”.
  3. 16:40 Kano – To Nanpeidai. The new Tip is “South Hill”. Jump to “Mean Clean”.
  4. 16:40 Osawa – Pretty Honey’s Response. The new Tip is “mystery”. Jump to “these guys”.
  5. 17:05 Achi – To Endo Electronics. The new Tip is “side of the road”. Jump to “Mean Clean”.

Bonus Content – Quiz answers:

  1. 100
  2. Mii-chan
  3. 5000 yen
  4. Extreme
  5. Bombay
  6. Yamato Health Foods
  7. Au Revoir
  8. Pandemic
  9. Bomb and Arson Squad
  10. Canaan
  11. Side-channel

Special Episode 1-11 are unlocked via the quiz. The rest of them are unlocked using the hints gained from 1-11. This is for the PS4 version; I’m not quite sure what the controls are on PC but you can probably figure it out :) Basically at the noted scenes, the camera pans very slowly and eventually reveals the key combination.

  • 12:00 Minorikawa – Surveillance Cameras. Input →O→→O→ at “I realize I probably got you a bit riled up.”
  • 12:30 Osawa – Frustrations. Input →→→OO→ at “Oh my. Is that really all you have to say, sir?”
  • 12:35 Osawa – A Father Asking for Help. Select answer A, then go to 12:40 Kano – Pincer Attack. Input →→OOO→ at “Wait up!” Make sure to go back to Osawa and change the answer back to B after reading the episode.
  • 13:40 Maria – What to Do with the Cat Suit? Select answer A, then go to 13:50 Achi – Kenji Osawa / Cat. Input →OOO→O at “The cat had both hands stuffed into its pockets […]” Make sure to go back to Maria and change the answer back to B after reading the episode.
  • 14:00 Maria – Getting Rid of the Suit. Input →OOO→→ at “But as I walk along, I start regretting my decision.”
  • 14:20 Kano – The Syndicate’s Goals. Select answer A, then go to 14:20 Osawa – Detective. Input →O→OOO at “Osawa imagined bodies dropping left and right.” Make sure to go back to Kano and change the answer back to C after reading the episode.
  • 14:30 Maria – Some New Pick-up Trick? Select answer B, then go to 14:35 Achi – Losing Sight of Hitomi. Input →→OO→O at “Two guys bullying some frail old man?” Make sure to go back to Maria and change the answer back to A after reading the episode.
  • 15:00 Minorikawa – Should I Tell Them? Select answer B, then go to 15:05 Achi – To the Surveillance Room. Input →O→→OO at “Rather than head directly for the surveillance building […]” Make sure to go back to Minorikawa and change the answer back to A after reading the episode.
  • 15:25 Kano – Hit Me. Input →→O→→O at “Kano could sense the truth of Stanley’s words.”
  • 16:05 Minorikawa – The Stumbling Man. Input →O→OO→ at “If you’re heading to that publishing office again […]”
  • Suzune – Input →OO→→O at “Do you…mind if I ask you your name?”

After reading all special episodes (and obtaining all bad ends in the main game), you obtain the Golden Bookmark which unlocks another hidden scene.

  • 17:35 Minorikawa – A Common Name 2. Select answer B, and then wait for a while without pressing anything. After a while, you’ll hear a voice. When he tells you to “turn the dial”, rotate the right analog stick continuously and you should see a static effect on the screen – keep going until he tells you it’s done. This takes you to the Conspiracy scenario.
  • Go to the last chapter of the Mean Clean story (via 17:05 Achi – Pulling Over). Go to the very last page and you’ll see that the message from Hechimarl has changed. As the capitalized words suggest, input →←↑↓ and you’ll be taken to the True Conspiracy scenario.

14 thoughts on “428: Shibuya Scramble – Quiz Answers, Special Episodes, Mean Clean, and Conspiracy Scenarios

    • Sorry, I have no idea. Assuming he tells you the same thing, maybe spam arrow keys or move the mouse around? It’s kind of finicky even on PS4; make sure you don’t progress the story text further or wait too long before you start turning.

    • Someone on steam forum mentioned that for keyboard user, you can use your mouse scroll wheel.

      But I haven’t tested it myself, I use controller.

  1. I got an achievement for unlocking all 22 Special Episodes. I did Mean Clean, Suzune, and Canaan’s Bonus Episodes, but I can’t seem to get the Golden Bookmark and the Conspiracy scenario isn’t working.

    Any thoughts?

    • According to JP guide, you need to see all 85 bad endings as well. Sorry, I did those as part of my main playthrough so I didn’t realize it was a requirement.

  2. Hello,
    I made true end, the 85 bad endings and the suzune and caanan scenari, but still impossible to make mean clean…. what to do?

    • Are the new tips not showing up at all? The first one is quite a while into the scene (make sure you’re doing them in order). Otherwise I’m not sure; the only prerequisites should be Canaan + Suzune episodes.

      • No new tips at all….
        I’ll try to jump to achi with suzune and jump back to suzune in the same raw, same for canaan.
        Will see after…

  3. the voice where the conspiracy scenario is suppose to come up and you start rotating the right analog, well… that’s not coming up and jazz music just keeps on playing… what gives? Anyone have similar situation?

    • This guide is slightly confusing in that it sends you directly to answer B for “A Common Name 2”. I didn’t have the “Common Name 2” option under Minorkawa at 17:35. First I had to select option A – Suzuki for “A Common Name”, then I got “A Common Name 2”, which I could then select option B – “Nakamura”. Hope this makes sense!

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