[Translation] FFXIV Yoshida Uncensored 2 – Preface & #45

Probably going to be messing with the formatting for the next few posts, but let’s get this started. As you would expect from Yoshi-P, the first column in this book has nothing to do with FFXIV or game development :v

TL note: I completely localized the first paragraph of #45. The JP term is nekama, an abbreviation of “(inter)net” and “okama” (drag queen).

[Translation] FFXIV – Yoshida Uncensored 1


This is the first compilation of Yoshi-P’s biweekly column in Famitsu.

Translating the entire book before posting was giving me anxiety for some reason, so for #2 I guess I’ll post individual stories as I go…

Idk what else to write so I’ll just copy paste my TL note here:

The Japanese title of this book translates to “Yoshida’s Everyday Candid [Stories]”, which is why you will see the word “candid” a lot. I put the title as “Yoshida Uncensored” because that was the English translation shown on Live Letter presentations, making it at least slightly official. Aside from that, this will be a fairly literal translation because of the nature of the subject matter. Some parts have been slightly modified to match Western terminologies (for example, we often refer to the re-release of FFXIV as just “2.0” or “ARR”. Also, Yoshi-P often flips between first-person and third-person, but I changed it to consistently be first-person. Anything not marked with “TL Note” is present in the original book. This book was published in 2016, so there are a few statements that are now out of date.