[Scanlation] Million Doll – Chapter 3

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!SttGXCZb!A53vJjM57X6Zb7mWRNErNmZv4Zcy1e94NIwmCXfL0Xs

Phew, longer chapter this time. Marikooooo (´;ω;`)
Also had to study some 西日本方言 for Itorio’s lines…

Here are the original songs that the ones in this chapter were based off of:

Itorio – 大きい瞳 / Ookii Hitomi / Big Eyes (originally by Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, and Tanaka Reina from Morning Musume.)

Live version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYYpzoxhwLA

Mariko – 目を覚ませ、男なら / Me wo Samase, Otoko nara / If You’re A Man, Wake Up (originally by Shiina Hekiru)

[Scanlation] Million Doll – Chapter 2

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!moNFEDzJ!EJFy0wnhsyAm06Bmx8OJNzy3Ufkv-Q00nkTxo4HDdlY

Mmmm that Mariko. I hope they reveal more of the voice cast soon.

I went to see that Jewel Kiss website, and the result was sort of sad… judging by the videos it seems like they were originally a group of seven, but members have been graduating from the group. According to their blog, as of February they’re down to only three :( I guess that’s pretty common for obscure idol groups though.

Still a long ways to go since there are 56 chapters out and counting. I guess it may be another year before I catch up o_O

[Scanlation] Million Doll – Chapter 1

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!7gdXkKRQ!sC2XTpiOeUXLjdYM5rhtD41hvQFnBiZspJQILlxqVo4

Unfortunately it seems like the uploader for the magazine with Eroge no Taiyou is gone for good, so that project is on hold indefinitely. If I ever get my hands on the tankoubon scans then I’ll resume with those.

In the meantime, I guess it’s time to leave the world of eroge development education(?) and move on to idol education. Because hyping idol series is all I ever do, right?

Million Doll is “yet another idol-themed series” with a twist in that the protagonist/antagonist are not idols, but idol fans. Suuko is a hikikomori-type fan and Ryuusan is an event-going fan. It uses a lot of terminology from the idol fan scene, but there’s a glossary at the end of each chapter to explain things.
It’s also getting an anime adaptation this summer, and so far two cast members have been announced: Kusuda Aina (Nozomi from Love Live) and Itou Miku (Nanako from Locodol and part of StylipS). No info on who’s voicing who, but I’m assuming Suuko will be voiced by Miku and not Kussun, just because the thought of Kussun cursing the over-enthusiastic fans at lives is too hilarious.

I probably spent too much time on this.