Random CDs from Mandarake

Filling in a few gaps in my collection.

– Most of what I wanted was in stock
– Mandarake undervalues customs declarations and marks as gift

– Customs held my package for more than two weeks
– When I left the post office, there was freezing rain and I had to walk home (this isn’t Mandarake’s fault; I just want to complain somewhere)


2ch’s top 40 moe heroines of winter 2013 anime

– Hanayo is the only main Love Live! character that is not on this list (also my least favourite in the show :v)
– Charles is the only main D.C.III character that is not on this list
– The seiyuu that appear more than once are Kanemoto Hisako, Uchida Aya, Mimori Suzuko, and Iguchi Yuka. Oh how times have changed :(