I go by Shini-tan on IRC (Rizon). If you’ve found this blog then you’re probably already aware of my other projects via kouhi.me and so I have no need to mention those. I translate random things.

My hobbies are anime, eroge, JRPGs, MMOs, and translating. I am a jack of all trades, master of none.

The #1 way of contacting me is through IRC.

PSN (EN): Shini-tan
PSN (JP): shimanya-n
(message before friending please)

Twitter: @shininyan


Game Main Name Class Notes
Dragon Nest (NA) Chironya Ice Witch Argenta server
Final Fantasy XIV Miina Hayashi Black Mage Gilgamesh
Guild Wars 2 (NA) Yuki Minakami D/D Elementalist Home server Stormbluff Isle, user ID Shini.8256
Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP) シマにゃん Force/Techer Ship 2
Ragnarok 2 (NA) Shini Magician
Path of Exile Kouhime Witch
TERA Online (NA) Shini Sorcerer Tempest Reach server, RIP Serpentis Isle

If you know a game you think I’ll like, tell me and I’ll probably play it. In like 10 years after I play everything else people told me to play.