[Scanlation] Million Doll – Chapter 20

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!mk9hhCgT!GcLoCOnhpNNgDotXEoXMD5dLkp0E49cJFq0ZFD_5GJA

Looks like this series is finally getting tankoubon releases; there’ll also be a new story about Hinami split between the first 2 volumes.

As for the anime, Yurino’s seiyuu has been announced as Matsui Eriko (Isuzu from Log Horizon, Kamiya Nao from Cinderella Girls, Mo~tan from Etotama). There’s also a new key visual… looks okay I guess. Somehow Momona doesn’t look silly enough and I didn’t expect Yurino’s hair to be that dark <.< oh well.

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