[Scanlation] Million Doll – Chapter 2

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!moNFEDzJ!EJFy0wnhsyAm06Bmx8OJNzy3Ufkv-Q00nkTxo4HDdlY

Mmmm that Mariko. I hope they reveal more of the voice cast soon.

I went to see that Jewel Kiss website, and the result was sort of sad… judging by the videos it seems like they were originally a group of seven, but members have been graduating from the group. According to their blog, as of February they’re down to only three :( I guess that’s pretty common for obscure idol groups though.

Still a long ways to go since there are 56 chapters out and counting. I guess it may be another year before I catch up o_O

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