[Scanlation] Eroge no Taiyou Chapter 14

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Sorry for the delay; life is busy. Also, ch15 raws haven’t been uploaded yet so I’m technically not behind anymore!

They posted a super short demo of the game, which turns out to be a doujin game. The demo quality is pretty crappy and all it really does is promote the tankoubon release, but I’ve translated it below the jump anyway. No one is voiced except for a couple of Eriko’s lines… which are by Tamiyasu Tomoe! Not who I would’ve expected. We also find out through the demo that the ponite girl’s name is Kotone :v

– This story is a work of fiction, and has no relation to any real individuals or organizations. Also, there is no support provided for any bugs in this game. –

Beep beep beep…
I wake up. It’s morning.
My name is Kanda Taiyou. I’m a very normal office worker.
This company is called Elicom, and it’s a very normal eroge company with a staff full of young girls.
I work hard here every day in order to become a true eroge creator!

Kanda: …That’s obviously a lie!
Kanda: What’s with that narration!? There’s nothing normal about an eroge company full of female employees! And I’m not trying to become a true eroge creator!
Kanda: What the… It’s as if I’m inside an eroge!
Eriko: You’ve finally noticed, Kanda! Right now, you’re inside an eroge!
Kanda: Eriko-san…!

This girl is Tsukishima Eriko, the president of Elicom. She’s beautiful and talented. She’s also the manager of my harem.

Kanda: Lies! Seriously, what’s with that narration!?
Kiyomi: Kanda-kun, you’re the worst.
Kotone: W-Well, you’re free to imagine whatever you want, but…
Kanda: This is a misunderstanding…!
Mei: And while you’re saying that, you’re actually thinking, “Which girl should I pick for my partner tonight?”…!
Kanda: Huh…?

Choice 1: Mei…?
Choice 2: Partner…?


Kanda: Oh yeah, Mei!
Mei: W-W-What is it!? I’m busy right now!
Kanda: You’re the one who writes the script and decides on direction, right!? That means you’re the one who wrote these weird eroge-like phrases!
Mei: I guess the truth’s out.
Kanda: Cut this out! Why am I the protagonist of an eroge!?
Mei: Jeez…! This is a demo, so please don’t complain about every little thing.
Kanda: Demo?
Eriko: An eroge usually costs several thousand yen, so it’s pretty expensive, right? Developers often create and distribute free trial versions so that users can see what the game is like. (Voice: You’ve finally noticed, Kanda!)
Kanda: I see.
Eriko: Of course, they’re not going to show you everything. It’s usually a few sprites and event CGs, as well as just the first chapter of the story. Depending on the game, sometimes they write a special scenario just for that. (Voice: You’ve finally noticed, Kanda!)
Kanda: I have a question…
Kanda: Your voice doesn’t seem to match up with your messages…
Eriko: …… (Voice: You’ve finally noticed, Kanda!)
Kanda: Is this a bug?
Eriko: No! The voices haven’t been fully recorded yet, so this is the only track that was ready! (Voice: You’ve finally noticed, Kanda!)
Kanda: Isn’t that really weird!?
Eriko: …Then let’s not play the voice at all!
Kanda: And why is the background in black and white?
Eriko: That’s because… we didn’t have any time or budget…
Kanda: Why are you looking away…?
Kotone: The demo is published before the game is released, right?
Kanda: Yeah, to get people hyped up, I guess.
Kotone: So even though the game isn’t complete, the deadline for the demo comes a lot sooner.
Kanda: And…?
Kotone: …Umm…
Kotone: …Even though we made the demo, the necessary images haven’t been coloured yet…
Kanda: Ahh.
Kotone: And I think there are still some bugs.
Kanda: Ahh.
Kotone: And I think there isn’t any music either.
Kanda: So what exactly are you demoing…?
Kotone: S-Sorry!

Kanda: Hey, there’s one of those bugs you were just talking about! Your sprite didn’t disappear! It’s still there!
Eriko: Shut up, it’s just a bug! You’re like an elementary school kid!
Eriko: The author of this manga once made a horrible demo where not a single girl appeared!
Kanda: Wow, that’s terrible! Is that true!?
Eriko: Unfortunately, yes. The game’s sales were a huge failure, of course.
Kanda: As expected…
Eriko: The demo is where an eroge maker’s battle begins! The idea that you can sell a game on good contents alone, even if the advertising is bad, is just a fantasy! Selling a product ain’t a pretty task!
Kanda: What you’re saying sounds good, but in that case, you should’ve prepared this earlier!
Eriko: ……I’m… really sorry……

Hamamura: Eroge no Taiyou Volume 1 goes on sale November 28! You can find it at all bookstores nationwide.
Muramasa: If you’re too embarrassed to buy it in-store, I recommend you order it online.
Hamamura: Hamamura Toshikiri and Muramasa Mikado’s already-published series, “Kaikan Shoujo Knuckles” will be there, too!
Muramasa: I guess it’d be hard to buy something with a title like this at a store…
Hamamura: ……I’m… really sorry……

Choice 1a: Buy it online
Choice 1b: Buy it in-store

November 28! November 28!

Muramasa: Thank you!
Hamamura: Also, this game was made by our old coworkers in order to celebrate our first volume release.
Muramasa: Even though they’re busy with some admirable work, they spent time on the weekends to make it.
Hamamura: I’m so thankful…
Muramasa: If this volume doesn’t sell, we won’t make it to New Year’s…
Hamamura: We won’t be able to eat rice cakes…
Muramasa: What will become of us…?
Hamamura: I wonder…


Kanda: Partner…?

That’s right, I’m the only man in an office with more than ten other young girls. Basically, this is my harem! It’s a total eroge situation.

Kanda: Oh yeah, so what do I do in this eroge world…? I guess it’d be erotic things, right…?
Kanda: In that case, I’ll pick…

Choice 2a: E-Eriko-san!
Choice 2b: K-Kiyomi!



Kanda: E-Eriko-san!
Eriko: Go die!
Kanda: What!?
Eriko: What you’re thinking shows up in the message window, so we can all see it!
Kanda: No way, there’s no eroge where the heroines can read the protagonist’s mind!
Eriko: Who cares, this is sexual harassment, so go die, freak!
Kanda: Huh…!? So I was in the real world after all…?




Kanda: K-Kiyomi!
Kiyomi: Kanda-kun, you haven’t raised the flag for my event yet.
Kanda: Flag…?
Kiyomi: A flag is a variable that controls which part of the program runs. You can think of it like a train, where a flag decides whether it takes the left or right path.
Kanda: I-I see. I’ve learned something new…
Kiyomi: Here’s a diagram.
Kiyomi: Basically, if you want to reach my event, you have to do another event first before the program will go this way.
Kiyomi: If you do, then my flag will be raised, and from that point on my sprites will…
Kiyomi: …be like this.
Kanda: I-I see.
Kiyomi: If you don’t raise any flags, it’ll be game over.
Kanda: Game over?
Kiyomi: Yes, like this:



– This is the end of the demo. Please look forward to Volume 1 for the continuation. –

Voice: Tamiyasu Tomoe
Scenario: Hamamura Toshikiri
CG: Muramasa Mikado
Production/Music: Kamiya Isamu

– Also, all characters depicted in this game are over the age of 21. –

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